San Diego Chargers' 2006 Draft: Good, but a Few Wasted Picks

Dustin RoederCorrespondent IMay 5, 2009

PITTSBURGH - JANUARY 11:  Antonio Cromartie #31 of the San Diego Chargers looks on against the Pittsburgh Steelers during their AFC Divisional Playoff Game on January 11, 2009 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Steelers won 35-24. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

It's time to grade the Chargers on their 2006 draft. For grading criteria, if the player made it to the Pro Bowl, he gets an A. If he has started at least 24 games (1.5 seasons) he gets a B. C's are still on the team. D's are still in the NFL. F's are no longer in the NFL. Plus and minuses are subjective.


Round One, Pick 19: Antonio Cromartie, CB, Florida State

He has played in all 48 games, starting 23. He has 12 Ints with two Tds. He was selected to the 2008 pro bowl. Grade A.


Round Two, Pick 50: Marcus McNeil, T, Auburn

He has played in 46 games, starting all of them. He was also selected to the 2008 pro bowl. Grade A.


Round Three, Pick 81: Charlie Whitehurst, QB, Clemson

He got into two games as a rookie, gathering two rushes for 13 yards and a TD. He's still on the roster today. Grade C.


Round Five, Pick 151: Tim Dobbins, LB, Iowa State

Tim has played in all 48 games possible. He managed eight starts in 2008. He will return to a back up role with Merriman coming back from injury, and the drafting of English. He has made 96 tackles with one INT. Grade C+


Round Six, Pick 187: Jeromey Clary, T, Kansas State

Jeromey has played in 32 games, starting 22 of them. Since he started in the playoffs as well, I'm going to grade him with 24 starts. Grade B+.


Round Six, Pick 188: Kurt Smith, K, Virginia

He never made an NFL Roster. Grade F


Round Seven, Pick 225: Chase Page, DT, North Carolina

Chase made the Chargers roster in 2006, then was cut and signed with the Dolphins. He appeared in six games in 2007, gathering five tackles. He is no longer in  the NFL. Grade F.


Round Seven, Pick 227: Jimmy Martin, C, Virginia Tech

He made the Vikings roster in 2006 after being cut by the Chargers. He never played in a game, and is no longer in the NFL. Grade F.


So adding up all of the grade points, just like you would in college (grade x credits). And we'll pretend that the first round is a seven credit class, the second round is six and so forth. The Chargers have 27 credits, with  80.5 grade points. That gives them a GPA of  2.98.

A.J. Smith did a pretty decent job in this draft. Picking a kicker was a waste of a pick, even if that is a sixth round choice.

Kaeding was selected just two seasons earlier. The seventh round choice weren't terrible, but they aren't in the league anymore. Had Smith not picked a third string QB, and wasted those three picks, this draft would have rivaled the Broncos (3.40).

I have done all of the AFC West rankings. The Chargers were the second best in their division, then it was the Raiders(2.70) and Chiefs (2.38).

I will be doing all of the 2006 drafts by team. Check my profile for all of the updates!