Football Fans Are All Over Tebowmania with Tebowing Patriots T-Shirts

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 13, 2013

Feeling just a tad bit exhausted from all the ongoing Tim Tebow football coverage? Try to ignore all the New England Patriots Tebowing T-shirts then.  

ESPN's Darren Rovell reports the newest craze (annoyance?) are these fancy shirts that feature the Patriots' logo doing a gesture that is roughly as trendy as Zubaz pants and ska music. 

If you are unfamiliar with that pose, you are indeed a lucky individual. You missed one heck of a couple of years that featured every last football fan getting down on one knee to pose like Tebow. 

Tebowing then begat Griffining, which then begat Kaepernicking

On Tuesday, the New England Patriots signed the free agent quarterback. As we have learned, he is that special athlete who comes with far more than his athletic talents. 

He will enter camp with the tremendous hype and media coverage that began in Denver and washed over the New York Jets. 

In fact, it's already started, because Bill Belichick seems to be just a little tired about your incessant need to know every last item tied to Tebow

While Belichick has heard enough about football peripherals, it's clear fans cannot get enough of Tebow, and they now have new shirts to proclaim that adoration. 

Although, I wonder how long these particular shirts will be available. Steve Annear of Boston Magazine reports the Tebowing Patriots swag is available by way of eBay and are among the more expensive Tebow-themed apparel being sold at the moment. 

"Matching the prayer pose with the Patriots logo, shirts of Tebow “Tebowing,” with New England colors and themes in the mix, are now selling on eBay for $17 a piece..."

Brian Lewis of The NY Post reported back in 2012 that Tebow trademarked his famous pose in an effort to control the paraphernalia that was becoming ubiquitous around the Internet. 

He even stated that the pose was just his own personal way to stay grounded and wanted it to remain that way:

I knew it was something that was cool for me in the past; but it’s not something I do as Tebowing. It’s something I do that’s prayer for me and it got hyped as Tebowing. I think one, more to control how it’s used as well. Make sure it’s used in the right way.

We have had our fun with Tebow in the past, but he remains one of the more classy individuals in sports. Still, that will not stop fans from trying to profit from a famous pose. 

As Annear reminds, "The company Cubby Tees made a Tebow shirt that said “MY Jesus,” the athlete’s lawyers sent a cease and desist, ordering them to stop selling the clothing."

We imagine the shirts that are apparently not sanctioned by the NFL will meet the same fate shortly. Still, we don't see Tebowmania dying anytime soon. 


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