Rounds 3-7 Of The Cleveland Browns' Draft

Samuel IngroAnalyst IApril 26, 2009

Day two of the NFL draft has come and gone, to many Browns fans dismay, no blockbuster trades were made. Braylon Edwards, Brady Quinn, and Derek Anderson are all still Cleveland Browns. Hopefully this will come as an ego check to Edwards that nobody wants a receiver who complains and can't catch a ball. I would look for him to try and raise his stock this season with it being a contract year.

In the previous two articles, I tackled the first and second round's of the Cleveland Browns draft. In this one I'm focusing on the final four picks in day two of the draft.

Having no picks in the third, fifth, or seventh rounds, I'll start with the No. 4 pick in the 4th round.

At No. 104 the Cleveland Browns select:

-ILB Kaluka Maiava, USC

Kaluka was the 4th linebacker out of Southern Cal. Scouts who visited Maualuga, Cushing, and Matthews all left impressed by Maiava and he was coveted by many other teams. While his resume isn't as impressive or high profile as his USC peers, he amassed a solid career by working hard and always being in the right place. In 2008 he picked up 66 tackles and was the Rose Bowl defensive MVP. Expect him to back up D'Qwell Jackson and Eric Barton in the 09-10 season.

Onto the sixth round...

At No. 177 the Cleveland Browns select:

-CB Don Carey, Norfolk State

Knowing Cleveland was plagued by a less than average secondary last year, this pick should be no surprise. Carey was heavily scouted while at workouts and while at Norfolk State. Sticking with the trend, Carey is a very intelligent person as well as a hard worker on the field. He turned down Yale for Norfolk, due to it being more financially friendly. He put up good numbers while being named first team All-MEAC in 2008.

At No. 191 the Cleveland Browns select:

-CB Coye Francis, San Jose State

With another pick to strengthen the secondary, Coye Francis is arguably one of the most underrated cornerbacks in the draft. At 6 feet and 185 pounds, Francis started his career at Ohio State for two seasons before transferring to San Jose State his junior year. Due to transfer rules, he was forced to sit out until his senior season where he set out to impress. He amassed 69 tackles and three interceptions his senior year on his way to earning 2nd team All-WAC honors. Had it not been for only having one full season under his belt, its unlikely he would have fallen to us this late in the draft.

At No. 195 the Cleveland Browns select:

-RB James Davis, Clemson

In 2007 he was ranked as a second round draft pick, but he chose to finish school, behind a weak quarterback and struggling offensive line. Half of the "Thunder and Lightning" dual RB attack, he rushed for 3,751 yards and 47 touchdowns over four seasons. Provided the Browns offensive line does it's job, expect big things from the Browns running game next year.

All in all, I'd say we had a pretty successful draft, filling the holes in our offensive line, receiver core, secondary, and running game. I wouldn't rule out the Browns signing another player or two out of the remaining undrafted class. There's still some talent and maybe some unknown surprise options out there, Josh Cribbs went undrafted as well. Some the players I have my eye on are:

QB Graham Harrell of Texas Tech, QB Brian Hoyer of Michigan State, RB Arian Foster of Tennessee, WR Jordan Norwood of PSU, WR Quan Cosby of Texas, and OL Alex Boone of OSU.