2013 NFL Draft Grades: Breaking Down Most Head-Scratching Picks of Each Round

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April 26, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Kyle Long speaks during a Chicago Bears press conference announcing him as their first-round selection at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports
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The 2013 NFL Draft is complete, with all selections made and being analyzed by teams and fans right across the globe. And like every year, some picks seemed to make a lot more sense than others did.

That's not to say necessarily that those head-scratching picks were bad, per se. It's just to say that we didn't see them coming and that there might have been other options worth pursuing at the time of which these selections took place in the draft.

Read on and see the a full breakdown and grades of the most head-scratching picks from each round of the draft this year, as well as full team grades also. 


2013 NFL Draft: Most Head-Scratching Picks of Each Round

1st Round—Travis Frederick, C/G by Dallas Cowboys

Like every year, the first-round threw up a number of interesting picks and selections this year, but none were more head-scratching than that of the Dallas Cowboys, who grabbed Wisconsin lineman Travis Frederick with their 31st overall pick.

It's not necessarily the selection of Frederick that I'm not a fan of (though I don't rate him as high as some did)—it's the fact this was their first-round pick.

There were so many other strong players on the board at the time who could have filled a major need for Dallas. What's more, it was more-than-likely that the Wisconsin lineman would still have been around in the second-round for them to pick, if they desperately wanted him at the franchise.

They reached too high to get a player that wasn't even the best at his position.

Grade: D


2nd Round—Geno Smith, QB, New York Jets

After another season of struggling through Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, the New York Jets came into the draft expected to grab a quarterback at some point. 

Geno Smith was a possibility if he dropped that far in the first round, but after passing him by, it seemed the Jets had other plans in mind—only to come back and draft him in the second-round and stun all those who thought they were all set at QB.

For value, I love this pick. Smith isn't a world-class quarterback, but he is still an excellent guy to have under center. To grab him in the second-round is already a steal, and to grab him with the 39th overall pick is a great bit of business from New York.

Smith is an instant upgrade on both Tebow and Sanchez, and whilst the Jets are still a few pieces short on offense, it's definitely a step in the right direction.

Grade: A


3rd Round—Mike Glennon, QB by Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Glennon was a real underrated prospect heading into the draft this year, with his strong throwing arm and good mechanics making him a very good backup quarterback and potential starter later on. And whilst it was somewhat of a surprise that the Bucs picked him up, I'm a big fan of this move.

Josh Freeman has shown he can be brilliant, but he's also shown some serious inconsistencies in his game, and picking up Glennon is a reminder of the need to be consistent this year in Tampa Bay.

The Bucs have some great offensive pieces that thrive when Freeman is in a good rhythm, and grabbing Glennon will only help that. His strong arm will benefit from learning off Freeman and will have him poised to be a very good QB in the future.

The third-round wasn't a reach for Glennon's draft stock either.

Grade: A-


4th Round—Johnathan Franklin, RB by Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers did an excellent job picking up Eddie Lacy in the second-round this year, with that pick one of the biggest steals of the entire draft class.

Why they needed to go and pick up another running back, then, with their fourth-round pick is bizarre. Especially given that the guy they did select—Johnathan Franklin—isn't even necessarily the greatest prospect, and doesn't appear to have the brightest future in Green Bay as a result.

Obviously Ted Thompson has seen something he likes, but there were better prospects on the board at the time for the Packers. With Lacy already selected, the Packers didn't need another running back, and the one they did get, wasn't even the best around—making this one of the less-inspired selections.

Grade: C+


5th Round—Caleb Sturgis, K by Miami Dolphins

Why did Miami draft a kicker in the fifth-round of the NFL Draft?

Even if he's the next David Akers, it's hard to see a kicker going this early in the draft as being the best selection—regardless of where he might have been on big boards and what the projections surrounding his playing future might have been.

The Dolphins still had plenty of holes to fill in their team, and they missed out on some serious talent here by wasting their pick on a kicker in the fifth-round.

Who, in all likelihood, could still have been there in the seventh-round.

Grade: C


6th Round—Spencer Ware, RB by Seattle Seahawks

I didn't mind the move by the Seahawks to nab Christine Michael with the final pick of the second-round. However, when they followed that up in the sixth-round by selecting another running back, I couldn't see how it made any sense for Seattle.

Running back isn't exactly a position of need for the Seahawks, and Ware isn't exactly the greatest running back in the draft this year. I mean, it wasn't like Seattle couldn't afford to let him pass here.

Ware's production at LSU decreased over the years thanks to a good core of running backs. And given that Kerwynn Williams was still on the boards, if Seattle really needed another back, they should have looked to him instead of the LSU running-back.

Grade: C


7th Round—Mike Catapano, DE by Kansas City Chiefs

Let's finish off on a positive note here, and I really liked the move by Kansas City to snap up Mike Catapano with their final pick of the 2013 draft.

The Princeton defensive end is a great pass-rusher who has shown skills both inside and outside of the tackles. He has excellent athleticism and talent off the edge, and once he bulks up a bit, could become a key player in the Chiefs' 3-4 defense.

Few seventh-round draft picks are expected to have that sort of impact in their first year, but Catapano certainly has the talent to do so. Look for him to emerge as a great squad player and rotational pass-rusher when the Chiefs' starters need a break.

Grade: A



2013 NFL Draft: Grades for Every Team

New York Giants B
Dallas Cowboys C-
Philadelphia Eagles B
Washington Redskins B+
Pittsburgh Steelers B+
Baltimore Ravens A-
Cleveland Browns C+
Cincinnati Bengals A+
Green Bay Packers A+
Detroit Lions B
Minnesota Vikings A-
Chicago Bears C+
Houston Texans B
Indianapolis Colts C
Tennessee Titans B
Jacksonville Jaguars B
Atlanta Falcons B-
New Orleans Saints B
Tampa Bay Buccaneers B-
Carolina Panthers B+
Denver Broncos C+
Kansas City Chiefs B-
Oakland Raiders A-
San Diego Chargers B
Arizona Cardinals A
Seattle Seahawks B+
San Francisco 49ers A+
St. Louis Rams A-
New England Patriots B-
Buffalo Bills C+
Miami Dolphins B-
New York Jets C+


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