Chicago Bears Draft: Day One Review and Day Two Prediction

Max KienzlerAnalyst IApril 26, 2009

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So, reviewing the Chicago Bears selection on the first day of the draft, they selected ... oh wait, did I miss something? Who did we pick?

Mohamed Massaquoi? Nope, but he went to at the 50th selection, the pick right after us...

Rashad Johnson? No, he hasn't even been selected yet...

William Moore? Not him, either. He went six picks after when we were supposed to select.

Max Unger? No he was selected in the spot we had, but not by us...So that must mean we traded that pick...

...WAIT, DID WE TRADE FOR ANQUAN BOLDIN?? He was supposed to be on the market for a second-round pick and another player or two. Did Jerry Angelo really prove me wrong and turn out to be a superb GM and my new favorite person of all time?

Nope, fake out. We traded our pick to the Seattle Seahawks for a third- and a fourth-rounder this year. Wow, good work, JA.

That is why I waited five hours on the computer, screaming, pleading, begging, cursing, yelling when the Giants and Eagles and Browns all selected receivers. I knew that they were out of the Boldin sweepstakes. I knew we had a chance.

And then I heard we traded and I almost died of happiness assuming it was with the Cards.  But it was not to be...

To be fair however, it was a longshot anyway. But it just angers me that there were players available, that Jerry had expressed interest in, at the No. 49 spot and he wimped out and traded down.

I realize Rashad Johnson is still out there and having the fourth pick in the third round gives us an excellent chance at landing him.

But I refuse to give Angelo any credit because there was no way of knowing that Johnson would not be selected by a team in the 50-64 pick range. It was just luck that he is still there.

And a receiver, Massaquoi, that Angelo thought very highly of was right in front of him. Just waiting. For a man who has basically staked his future on the success of Jay Cutler, you think Angelo would be a little more eager to give his QB some help.

The Bears now have nine selections in the remaining five rounds. Two third round picks, two fourth round picks, two fifth round picks, one sixth, and two seventh. And I know that Angelo has found gems in the later rounds (Berrian, Briggs, Vasher) but he has also botched a lot. And while I don't blame him, many picks in the fifth round or later never pan out for any team, I think that the time for the Bears to continue stepping up and being bold is now. Instead, Jerry took the easy way out.

Now this way, if a late round pick pans out, people will call Angelo a genius. But if none of them amount to much more than a competent back up, nothing will be said because the expectations are now so much lower.

Angelo better man up and Bear down on this second day. Because if you think I am angry now, just wait...

Here is my Bear Mock Draft for Day 2:

68: Lawrence Sidbury - DE - Richmond
99: T.J. Lang - OG - Eastern Michigan
105: Trade this and next years second-round pick for a third and a fourth in the 2010 draft BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT ANGELO DOES!
119: David Bruton - S - Notre Dame
140: Patrick Turner - WR - USC
154: Tony Fiammetta - FB - Syracuse
190: Nate Davis - QB - Ball State
246: Chris Baker - DT - Hampton
251: Bear Pascoe - TE - Fresno State (because its a seventh round pick and the man's name is Bear)