With The NFL Draft Approaching, What Will Happen?

Brant Houghton@BCash_MoneyContributor IApril 24, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 29:  Vernon Davis is drafted sixth overall pick by the San Francisco 49ers at the 2006 NFL Draft on April 29, 2006 at Radio City in New York City.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

With the upcoming draft hours away, there is so much confusion in the football world right now, you could mistake it for a soap-opera.

For instance, the whole Detroit Lions ordeal. The consensus is that the Lions will draft quarterback Matthew Stafford. But, the Lions have said that they want to sign their pick before the draft. There have been leaks within the organization that there is nothing that can stop the Lions at getting Stafford with the #1 overall pick. 

If Stafford would go to the Lions at #1, then the frenzy for Mark Sanchez would begin. Sanchez is rated the #2 quarterback among many critics. He can make all of the throws, and is mobile. Also, another stat that just keeps on getting bigger, more and more teams are looking to add that true #1 quarterback. The list keeps getting bigger with the New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins, and Denver Broncos, all reportedly interested in Sanchez.

Also, the Arizona Cardinals have lowered their original offer for star receiver Anquan Boldin. They reportedly were asking for a 1st and a 3rd round pick and other considerations. Now, all that the Cardinals want is a 2nd round pick and other considerations. 

This news has sparked multiple teams interest. The Philadelphia Eagles, and Baltimore Ravens are the teams that are considered "interested", while other teams have just called the Cards to inquire about him.

Boldin says that he wants out of Arizona after the Cards failed to give him a contract extension. Whether that will happen remains to be seen. Other teams that are in need of a receiver are trying like crazy to get him, but the Cards may try to re-sign him after all.

Also, adding to the drama is the New York Jets quest for a quarterback. The Jets are reportedly interested in Mark Sanchez, but it was long believed that Sanchez would not fall that low. So, the Jets were thought to be interested in quarterback Josh Freeman, but now, reports say that they will not pick him. Instead, if they cannot get a hold of Sanchez, they will draft a receiver. Possibilities are Percy Harvin, or Darrius Heyward-Bey

All of this drama started with one simple trade at the end of last week. When the Buffalo Bills traded Jason Peters to the Philadelphia Eagles for a 1st round pick, that changed the outcome of the draft by itself. The Bills are now looking for both a pass-rusher, and an offensive lineman. The Eagles main priority now is to just get the running back that they want. Knowshon Moreno. 

So, with all of this in mind, be ready for a hectic, and trade filled first day of the draft. Many teams will try to move up to get the one player that they all desire, Mark Sanchez. Only one team will get him. That means that the teams that missed out will have to alter their whole draftday plans. That also means plenty of teams that will miss out on their player even though they were not involved in the quarterback mess. 

Remember this, frantic teams equal unhappy teams.