2013 NFL Mock Draft: Final 7-Round Predictions

Michael Schottey@SchotteyNFL National Lead WriterApril 25, 2013

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Final 7-Round Predictions

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    In this year's draft class, only one thing is certain: No one knows what is going to happen once the draft starts.

    Each year, it's impossible to predict exactly what is going to happen, but this year is even more enigmatic. Without an elite quarterback prospect available, the teams at the top of the draft are desperately trying to trade down but aren't finding any suitors. With so many blue chip offensive linemen, we could see as many as three tackles and two guards drafted in the first 15 picks (maybe even the first 10)!

    Once the Kansas City Chiefs are on the clock, the rubber will meet the road on months of preparation and countless hours of film study. Yet, the game is just beginning as teams look to wheel, deal and steal before they reveal who their picks will be.

1. Kansas City Chiefs—Luke Joeckel (OT Texas A&M)

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    The Chiefs want to move down—that's no surprise to anyone—but anyone who might be a suitor is thinking the exact same thing they are. Why move up so far for Joeckel when Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson are such a similar caliber of prospect?

    Yet, the Chiefs could do much worse than this pick. With the selection of Joeckel, Branden Albert is almost certainly on his way out of town (perhaps for a 2013 draft pick). Andy Reid gets his franchise left tackle and extra picks to boot.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars—Geno Smith (QB West Virginia)

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    The Jaguars are throwing up lots of smoke screens about this pick—smokescreens that are effective because this team has so many needs. Could the Jaguars go offensive line? Sure, but drafting a right tackle (or a left tackle moving Eugene Monroe to right tackle) seems like a luxury pick. Could the Jaguars go defense? Absolutely, as Gus Bradley looks to recreate the defense he had in Seattle.

    Still, no pick is going to make as big of an impact—both short-term and long—as drafting a franchise quarterback. Blaine Gabbert is not the guy. Geno Smith can be.

3. Oakland Raiders—Star Lotulelei (DT Utah)

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    Lotulelei has been one of the top defensive prospects since early fall, but various bumps and stock shifts have sent him up and down the fickle boards of the media. NFL teams don't operate like that, however, and Lotulelei should end up going a lot higher than the flavors of the month that some experts have in this spot.

    The monster tackle from Utah will step in and redefine the Raiders defense from Day 1.

4. Philadelphia Eagles—Dion Jordan (OLB Oregon)

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    With Chip Kelly's new offense being installed in Philadelphia, a lot of eyes are on the defensive side of the ball to see if they'll be able to keep pace with an up-tempo attack. It doesn't matter how many points the offense puts up if the defense fails to keep opponents from putting up one more.

    Jordan steps in as an outside linebacker for the Eagles and offers solid pass-rushing ability, but even more in terms of coverage and pursuit.

5. Detroit Lions—Eric Fisher (OT Central Michigan)

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    This has been the pick on my mock drafts since January, and I believe the only thing that could change it is a trade up from someone who wants to snag Fisher first. With Fisher installed at left tackle to protect Matt Stafford's blind side, Riley Reiff moves to either right tackle or right guard and solidifies two gaping holes currently in the Lions starting lineup.

6. Cleveland Browns—Dee Milliner (CB Alabama)

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    Cornerbacks take a while to get used to the NFL. Luckily for Milliner, he'll get to start opposite Joe Haden and deal with No. 2 wide receivers instead of the Calvin and Andre Johnsons of the world. Milliner isn't the perfect cornerback prospect, but if he's able to play with the same physicality he showed at Alabama with the speed he showed at the combine, he could be close.

7. Arizona Cardinals—Lane Johnson (OT Oklahoma)

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    Johnson is the last of the elite tackle prospects in this class, so he could end up going a pick or two higher to teams looking to leapfrog the Cardinals. If he falls to them, though, look for them to run (not walk) to turn in their card. With Johnson protecting Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald might actually get a few decent passes thrown his way in 2013.

8. Buffalo Bills—Cordarrelle Patterson (WR Tennessee)

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    The Bills could still take a quarterback here (or, more likely in a trade down)—even with the addition of Kevin Kolb. With no trades in this mock, they go receiver and pick up an awesome weapon to put across from and complement Stevie Johnson. Patterson's deep-field ability, straight-line speed and ability to put up yards after the catch will make whoever is throwing passes in Buffalo really happy.

9. New York Jets—Ezekiel Ansah (DE Brigham Young)

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    The Jets need a pass rush like Tim Tebow needs a one-way ticket out of LaGuardia. It's going to be tempting to trade up to take Milliner as replacement for Revis Island (Milliner Peninsula?), but the cornerbacks aren't going to matter for Gang Green unless they can get some pressure up front.

    Ansah is a freak athlete, and some Jets fans will compare him to Vernon Gholston. The comparison isn't fair, however, because Ansah is already more of a natural pass rusher than Gholston ever was. Yet, this is a bit of a boom-or-bust pick, so fans may still have room for concern.

10. Tennessee Titans—Chance Warmack (OG Alabama)

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    The Titans don't need Chance Warmack quite as desperately after bringing in Andy Levitre from Buffalo, but one can imagine Jake Locker and Chris Johnson just pounding the table for more help on the interior of the offensive line.

    Warmack might be the best player in the entire draft and would make an immediate impact in both the run and the pass game. CJ might actually get 2K again with Warmack around.

11. San Diego Chargers—Tavon Austin (WR West Virginia)

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    This is a perfect example of a player the Chargers don't "need" but one they could certainly use. Austin might be the best offensive weapon in the entire draft, though "receiver" may not adequately describe his true impact on the game. Austin could be one part Percy Harvin and one part Darren Sproles—a walking mismatch.

    He'd give the Chargers offense an element it hasn't had in years and a lot more excitement than the current roster holds.

12. Miami Dolphins—Bjoern Werner (DE Florida State)

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    The Dolphins are looking to make an impact in a big way this offseason with so much money spent in free agency, stadium improvements to fund and a general manager on the hot seat. Werner's stock has fallen a bit in media circles as of late, but he's a legitimate stud as a pass rusher and should get even better as he continues to learn the game. Across from Cameron Wake, he could grab double-digit sack totals sooner rather than later.

13. New York Jets—Jonathan Cooper (OG North Carolina)

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    A dream scenario for the Jets would be a top receiver falling here, but Cooper is a solid consolation prize. Remember the "butt fumble?" A talented interior lineman like Cooper could go a long way toward making sure that sort of thing never happens again. The Jets have tons of work to do putting that offense back together, but starting with an elite lineman is a good place to start.

14. Carolina Panthers—Sharrif Floyd (DT Florida)

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    This is a bit of a dream scenario for the Panthers, as a player many think is worthy of a top-10 selection (note: I do not believe that) falls to them at a position they desperately need help at. Floyd looks the part of a stud tackle but needs to continue to develop his game to make a bigger impact. Meanwhile, he takes up a lot of space in front of the Panthers' talented linebackers so they can make even more big plays.

15. New Orleans Saints—Barkevious Mingo (OLB Louisiana State)

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    Mingo is another player others are much higher on. The problem isn't a lack of talent, but rather a lack of size. With so little bulk on Mingo's frame, it's likely he ends up as a rotational or situational pass-rusher and doesn't see a lot of work on run downs—at least, early on in his career. That said, the Saints need pass-rushers in the new Rob Ryan defense, and the local prospect fits nicely.

16. St. Louis Rams—Keenan Allen (WR California)

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    The Rams put a great defense together in Jeff Fisher's first year in St. Louis, but this team isn't going anywhere until it starts putting more talent around Sam Bradford. The Rams have lots of one-dimensional receivers, but Allen is a multi-tool threat who can work between the hashes and has the ability to win jump balls down the field as well.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers—Alec Ogletree (LB Georgia)

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    Alec Ogletree is a bit of a weird fit no matter where he ends up. Many teams will wish he was a little bit bigger and others will wish he was a little bit more of a pass rusher. Still, he's been productive in a pro-style 3-4 defense and has the toughness that teams like the Steelers crave. He needs to learn to shed blocks a little better, but aggressiveness is not an issue.

18. Dallas Cowboys—Kenny Vaccaro (S Texas)

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    The Cowboys moved on from Rob Ryan's defense this offseason and brought in Monte Kiffin to bring the Tampa 2 to Dallas. Part of the Tampa 2's philosophy—the two-deep safety play—is going to be awfully problematic with the Cowboys' current personnel. Vaccaro has the ball skills and the range to shine in that type of offense and the ability to keep everything in front of him.

19. New York Giants—Tank Carradine (DE Florida State)

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    The Giants are known for their near-addictive need for pass rushers, but with Osi Umeniyora headed to Atlanta, hurting an already lackluster pass rush last year, the Giants may need even more help along the defensive line. Yes, the Giants have a lot of holes on their roster, but improving up front has to be mission No. 1.

20. Chicago Bears—Arthur Brown (LB Kansas State)

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    The Bears defense looked elite at moments last season but took a huge step back when it counted. Now, they'll have questions to answer everywhere but cornerback as they also look to install a new offense and better protect Jay Cutler. Brown could play a number of linebacker positions, but in the end, I think he steps in as Brian Urlacher's successor and gives the Bears front a lot of stability.

21. Cincinnati Bengals—D.J. Fluker (OT Alabama)

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    The Bengals aren't looking to pay Andre Smith what he wants, so why not grab Fluker, who can have all of the impact and fewer headaches? The Bengals are a defensively built team, and any step back in their ability to run the ball and control the clock could seriously change the dynamic and send things spiraling out of control. Fluker keeps them on the track to success.

22. St. Louis Rams (From Washington)—Sheldon Richardson (DT Missouri)

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    The Rams just brought Michael Brockers on board last season, so pairing him with another first-round tackle might seem like a luxury. Yet, on a defense that is so close to great, the ability to add another fantastic pass rusher and create even more chances for that secondary is too good to pass up.

23. Minnesota Vikings—Xavier Rhodes (CB Florida State)

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    The Vikings already has some questions in the secondary and now have lost Antoine Winfield to the Seattle Seahawks. (Seriously, who don't they have now?) Rhodes can't "replace" Winfield, but he's a physical specimen to put across from Chris Cook and keep opponents from taking advantage of the perimeter.

24. Indianapolis Colts—DeAndre Hopkins (WR Clemson)

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    Hopkins may or may not fall on draft day thanks to some off-the-field incidents in Indianapolis that may or may not have happened (Hopkins denies he was involved). If he falls past the Colts, however, it will be a huge mistake on their part. Reggie Wayne may have looked ageless at times in 2012, but Hopkins will be Andrew Luck's favorite target for a very long time.

25. Minnesota Vikings—Datone Jones (DT UCLA)

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    While the Vikings would love a receiver here, they get another "best player available" type pick at a position where they could really use an upgrade. Fred Evans and Letroy Guion aren't making anyone forget about Pat Williams. Jones gives the Vikings another havoc-creating body up front and helps them stop the high-octane offenses of the NFC North.

26. Green Bay Packers—Eddie Lacy (RB Alabama)

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    This is one of those picks that almost makes too much sense. The Packers have a great passing offense but can't run the ball, and defenses know they can tee off on Aaron Rodgers—increasing his sack totals and decreasing his chances of getting another Super Bowl. Adding a tough-nosed, but dynamic runner could seriously help the Packers offense. Ted Thompson flirted with adding Steven Jackson in free agency, and Lacy could be a great consolation prize.

27. Houston Texans—Kevin Minter (LB Louisiana State)

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    Brian Cushing makes up for a lot of bad play in the Texans' linebacking corps, and J.J. Watt keeps the entire defense running smoothly even when everything else goes wrong. As the Texans saw last year, it's time for a little more talent—especially up the middle. Minter is the best inside linebacker in this year's draft class and can help clean up anything that gets to the second level. He's not Cushing, but the two will be a fantastic pair.

28. Denver Broncos—Matt Elam (S Florida)

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    The Broncos are going to put up a lot of passing yards next season after the addition of Wes Welker to an already great passing attack. Now, they have to make sure they can stop teams from doing the same to them. While Denver has some good safety prospects on the roster, none are sure things. Of course, neither is Elam, but he'll add an outstanding physical hitter and add a new dimension to the Broncos secondary.

29. New England Patriots—Jarvis Jones (DE/OLB Georgia)

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    The Patriots have been putting together a much better defense in the past couple of seasons and are starting to dominate the AFC East on both sides of the ball. Possessions shut down by the Pats defense means extra possessions for Tom Brady and the offense. The Patriots still need more talent at all three levels of the defense, though, and Jones would be a great hybrid player who can play with his hand up or in the dirt.

30. Atlanta Falcons—Tyler Eifert (TE Notre Dame)

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    Look, I know Tony Gonzalez is coming back.

    That doesn't matter. Period.

    The draft is not about 2013. The draft is about the next decade. Gonzalez might be back for one year, but Eifert can be a dynamic addition to this offense for a long time to come. Plus, the Falcons can certainly use Eifert and Gonzalez together (and Roddy White...and Julio Jones...and Steven Jackson).

    If a football team is only 22 starters and "backups," this is a stupid pick. If an NFL team is full of mismatches, subpackages and rotations, this pick is a no-brainer.

31. San Francisco 49ers—Jamar Taylor (CB Boise State)

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    The 49ers' front seven could not be a much more impressive unit. The back seven, on the other hand, could certainly use some work. Without Dashon Goldson (now with the Buccaneers), the problem could be even worse in 2013. The Niners need guys who can cover to give their pass-rush time to get to the passer. Jamar Taylor is the best cornerback no one is talking about. He's physical, athletic and has great ball skills. He'll step in as a key player for the Niners' next playoff run.

32. Baltimore Ravens—Desmond Trufant (CB Washington)

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    The Ravens' best cornerback—Lardarius Webb—was injured last year, and the best cornerback they had—Cary Williams—isn't a Raven any more. As Joe Flacco and company try to repeat, they're going to need someone who can cover across from Webb. Trufant may have some of the cleanest man coverage ability in the entire draft.

Round 2

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    33. Jacksonville — Damontre Moore — DE Texas A&M

    34. San Francisco ( from KC) — Zach Ertz — TE Stanford

    35. Philadelphia — E.J. Manuel —  QB Florida State

    36. Detroit — Margus Hunt — DE SMU

    37. Cincinnati (from Oak) — John Cyprien — S Florida International

    38. Arizona — Tyler Wilson — QB Arkansas

    Cleveland's Pick Exercised in Supplemental Draft

    39. New York Jets — Ryan Nassib — QB Syracuse

    40. Tennessee — Manti Te'o — LB Notre Dame

    41. Buffalo — Matt Barkley — QB USC

    42. Miami — Menelik Watson — OT Florida State

    43. Tampa Bay — Jesse Williams — DT Alabama

    44. Carolina — Larry Warford — OG Kentucky

    New Orleans' Pick Forfeited (Bountygate)

    45. San Diego — Terron Armstead — OT Arkansas Pine-Bluff

    46. St. Louis — Johnathan Franklin — RB UCLA

    47. Dallas — Sio Moore — OLB UConn

    48. Pittsburgh — Markus Wheaton — WR Oregon State

    49. New York Giants — Jordan Poyer — CB Oregon State

    50. Chicago — Kyle Long — OT/OG Oregon

    51. Washington — Eric Reid —  FS LSU

    52. Minnesota — Robert Woods —  WR USC

    53. Cincinnati — Sylvester Williams — DT UNC

    54. Miami (from Ind) — D.J. Hayden — CB Houston

    55. Green Bay — Barrett Jones — OC/OG Alabama

    56. Seattle — Justin Pugh — OG Syracuse

    57. Houston — Quinton Patton —  WR La Tech

    58. Denver — Sam Montgomery —  DE LSU

    59. New England — Justin Hunter — WR Tennessee

    60. Atlanta — Alex Okafor — DE Texas

    61. San Francisco — Johnathan Hankins — DT Ohio State

    62. Baltimore — Jordan Mills — OT La Tech

Round 3

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    63. Chiefs (2-14) — Giovani Bernard —  RB North Carolina

    64. Jaguars (2-14) — Darius Slay — CB Mississippi State

    65. Lions (4-12) — Aaron Dobson —  WR Marshall

    66. Raiders (4-12) — Johnthan Banks — CB Miss State

    67. Eagles (4-12) — Philip Thomas — S Fresno State

    68. Browns (5-11) — Tyler Bray — QB Tennessee

    69. Cardinals (5-11) — Travis Frederick — C Wisconsin

    70. Titans (6-10) — Kawann Short — DT Purdue

    71. Bills (6-10) — Bacarri Rambo — S Georgia

    72. Jets (6-10) — Da'Rick Rogers — WR Tennessee Tech

    73. Buccaneers (7-9) — Travis Kelce — TE Cincinnati

    74. 49ers (From CAR) — Trevardo Williams — OLB UConn

    75. Saints (7-9) — John Jenkins —  DT Georgia

    76. Chargers (7-9) — David Amerson — CB NC State

    77. Dolphins (7-9) — Stepfan Taylor — RB Stanford

    78. Rams (7-8-1) — Shamarko Thomas — S Syracuse

    79. Steelers (8-8) — Montee Ball — RB Wisconsin

    80. Cowboys (8-8) — Alvin Bailey — OG Arkansas

    81. Giants (9-7) — Khaseem Green — OLB Rutgers

    82. Dolphins (From Chicago) — Jamie Collins — OLB Southern Miss

    83. Vikings (10-6) — DJ Sweringer — S S Carolina

    84. Bengals (10-6) — Ryan Swope — WR Texas A&M

    85. Redskins — Robert Alford — CB SE Louisiana

    86. Colts (11-5) — David Bakhtiari — OT/OG Colorado

    87. Seahawks — Vance McDonald — TE Rice

    88. Packers (11-5) — Corey Lemonier — DE/OLB Auburn

    89. Texans (12-4) — Dwayne Gratz — CB UConn

    90. Broncos (13-3) — Brian Schwenke — C Calfornia

    91. Patriots (12-4) — Logan Ryan — CB Rutgers

    92. Falcons (13-3) — Blidi Wreh-Wilson — CB UConn

    93. 49ers (11-4-1) — Terrence Williams — WR Baylor

    94. Ravens (10-6) — Marquise Goodwin — WR Texas

    95. Texans (Compensatory Selection) — Brandon Williams — DT Missouri Southern

    96. Chiefs  (Compensatory Selection) — Zaviar Gooden — OLB Missouri

    97. Titans (Compensatory Selection) — Mike Glennon — QB North Carolina State

Round 4

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    98. Jacksonville Jaguars — Gavin Escobar — TE San Diego State

    99. Kansas City Chiefs — Matt Scott — QB Arizona

    100. Oakland Raiders — Kiko Alonso — LB Oregon

    101. Philadelphia Eagles — Brian Winters — OG Kent State

    102. Minnesota Vikings (From Detroit) — Jon Bostic — LB Florida

    103. Arizona Cardinals — J.J. Wilcox — SS Georgia Southern

    104. Cleveland Browns — Stedman Bailey — WR West Virginia

    105. Buffalo Bills — Earl Watford — OG James Madison

    106. New York Jets — T.J. McDonald — FS USC

    107. Tennessee Titans — Tyrann Mathieu — CB LSU

    108. Carolina Panthers — B.W. Webb — CB William and Mary

    109. New Orleans Saints — Leon McFadden — CB San Diego State

    110. San Diego Chargers — A.J. Klein — LB Iowa State

    111. Miami Dolphins — Chris Harper — WR Kansas State

    112. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Landry Jones — QB Oklahoma

    113. St. Louis Rams — Chase Thomas — LB Stanford

    114. Dallas Cowboys — Joseph Randle — RB OK State

    115. Pittsburgh Steelers — Montori Hughes — DT Tennessee-Martin

    116. New York Giants — Dallas Thomas — OT Tennessee

    117. Chicago Bears — Jordan Hill — DT Penn State

    118. Cincinnati Bengals — Kevin Reddick — LB North Carolina

    119. Washington Redskins — Hugh Thornton — OG Illinois

    120. Minnesota Vikings — Jelani Jenkins — LB Florida

    121. Indianapolis Colts — Sean Porter — LB Texas A&M

    122. Green Bay Packers — Jordan Reed — TE Florida

    123. Seattle Seahawks — Andre Ellington — RB Clemson

    124. Houston Texans — Brennan Williams — OT North Carolina

    125. Denver Broncos — Marcus Lattimore — RB South Carolina

    126. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (From NE) — Cornelius Washington — DE Georgia

    127. Atlanta Falcons — Josh Boyd — DT Mississippi State

    128. San Francisco 49ers — Reid Fragel — OT Ohio State

    129. Baltimore Ravens — Vinston Painter — OT Virginia Tech

    130. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Selection) — Shawn Williams — SS Georgia

    131. San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection) — Tavarres King — WR Georgia

    132. Detroit Lions (Compensatory Selection) — Will Davis — CB Utah State

    133. Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Selection) — Le'Veon Bell — RB Michigan State

Round 5

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    134. Kansas City Chiefs — Dion Sims — TE MSU

    135. Jacksonville Jaguars — Ricky Wagner — OT Wisconsin

    136. Philadelphia Eagles — John Simon — DE/OLB Ohio State

    137. Detroit Lions — Lawrence Okoye — DT/DE  INT

    138. Seattle Seahawks (From OAK) — Akeem Spence — DT Illinois

    139. Cleveland Browns — DeVonte Holloman — LB South Carolina

    140. Arizona Cardinals — Christine Michael — RB Texas A&M

    141. New York Jets — Sanders Commings — CB Georgia

    142. Tennessee Titans — Oday Aboushi — OT Virginia

    143. Buffalo Bills — Nick Kasa — TE Colorado

    144. New Orleans Saints — Zac Dysert —  QB Miami of Ohio

    145. San Diego Chargers — Ace Sanders — WR/KR South Carolina

    146. Miami Dolphins — Jeff Baca — OG UCLA

    147. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Gerald Hodges — LB Penn State

    148. Carolina Panthers — Tony Jefferson — FS Oklahoma

    149. St. Louis Rams — Josh Evans — FS Florida

    150. Pittsburgh Steelers — William Gholston — DE MSU

    151. Dallas Cowboys — Ty Powell — LB Harding

    152. New York Giants — Cobi Hamilton — WR Arkansas

    153. Chicago Bears — P.J. Lonergan — C LSU

    154. Washington Redskins — Aaron Mellette — WR Elon

    155. Minnesota Vikings — Malliciah Goodwin — DE Clemson

    156. Cincinnati Bengals — Tharold Simon — CB LSU

    157. San Francisco 49ers (From IND) — Duke Williams — SS Nevada

    158. Seattle Seahawks — Josh Boyce — WR TCU

    159. Green Bay Packers — Brandon McGee — CB Miami

    160. Houston Texans — Kenny Stills — WR Oklahoma

    161. Denver Broncos — Keith Pough — LB Howard

    162. Washington Redskins (From NE) — Michael Buchanan — DE Illinois

    163. Atlanta Falcons — Johnny Adams — CB Michigan State

    164. Cleveland Browns (From SF) — Lavar Edwards — DE LSU

    165. Baltimore Ravens — Jeff Tuel — QB Washington St

    166. Miami Dolphins (Compensatory Selection) — Levine Toilolo — TE Stanford

    167. Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection) — Lerentee McCray — LB Florida

    168. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Selection) — Jasper Collins — WR Mount Union

Round 6

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    169. Jacksonville Jaguars — T.J. Barnes — DT Georgia Tech

    170. Kansas City Chiefs — Cody Davis —  FS Texas Tech

    171. Detroit Lions — Etienne Sabino — LB Ohio State

    172. Oakland Raiders — Earl Wolff — SS North Carolina State

    173. San Francisco 49ers (From Phi) — Denard Robinson — WR Michigan

    174. Arizona Cardinals — Everette Dawkins — DT Florida State

    175. Cleveland Browns — Brad Wing — P LSU

    176. Oakland Raiders (From Ten) — David Bass — DE Missouri Western

    177. Buffalo Bills — Bennie Logan — DT LSU

    178. New York Jets — Ryan Spadola — WR Lehigh

    179. San Diego Chargers — Kenjon Barner — RB Oregon

    180. San Francisco 49ers (From Mia) — Devin Taylor — DE South Carolina

    181. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Conner Vernon — WR Duke

    182. Carolina Panthers — Eric Herman — OG Ohio

    183. New Orleans Saints — Eric Martin OLB Nebraska

    184. St. Louis Rams — Sean Renfree — QB Duke

    185. Dallas Cowboys — Jeff Locke — P UCLA

    186. Pittsburgh Steelers — Chris Gragg — TE Arkansas

    187. New York Giants — Mike Catapano — DE Princeton

    188. Chicago Bears — Matt Furstenburg — TE Maryland

    189. Minnesota Vikings — Colby Cameron — QB LA Tech

    190. Cincinnati Bengals — Dennis Johnson — RB Arkansas

    191. Washington Redskins — David Quessenberry — OT San Jose St

    192. Indianapolis Colts — Joe Kruger — DE Utah

    193. Green Bay Packers — Chris Faulk — OT LSU

    194. Seattle Seahawks — J.C. Tretter — OG Cornell

    195. Houston Texans — Caleb Sturgis — K Florida

    196. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (From Den) — Kyle Juszczyk — FB Harvard

    197. Cincinnati Bengals (From NE) — Ryan Griffin — QB Tulane

    198. Atlanta Falcons — Quinn Sharp — P Oklahoma State

    199. Baltimore Ravens (From SF) — David King — DE Oklahoma

    200. Baltimore Ravens — Terry Hawthorne — CB Illinois

    201. Houston Texans (Compensatory Selection) — Ryan Otten — TE San Jose State

    202. Tennessee Titans (Compensatory Selection)   Marcus Davis — WR Virginia Tech

    203. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Selection)   Travis Bond — OG North Carolina

    204. Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection) — Marquess Wilson — WR Washington St

    205. Oakland Raiders (Compensatory Selection) — Jake Knott — LB Iowa State

    206. Pittsburgh Steelers (Compensatory Selection) — Dustin Hopkins — K Florida St

Round 7

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    207. Kansas City Chiefs — Nicholas Williams — DT Samford

    208. Jacksonville Jaguars — Stansly Maponga — DE TCU

    209. Oakland Raiders — Kwame Geathers — DT Georgia

    210. Philadelphia Eagles — Khaled Holmes — C USC

    211. Detroit Lions — Edmond Kugbila OG Valdosta State

    212. Philadelphia Eagles (From CLE) — Joseph Fauria — TE UCLA

    213. Minnesota Vikings (From ARZ) — Kerwynn Williams — RB Utah State

    214. Minnesota Vikings (From BUF) — Xavier Nixon — OT Florida

    215. New York Jets — Steve Beauharnais — LB Rutgers

    216. Tennessee Titans — Tourek Williams — DE Florida International

    217. Miami Dolphins — Mike Purcell — DT Wyoming

    218. Philadelphia Eagles (From TB) — Nickell Robey — CB USC

    219. Arizona Cardinals (From CAR) — Garrett Gilkey — OT Chadron State

    220. Seattle Seahawks (From NO) — Zach Rogers — WR Tennessee

    221. San Diego Chargers — Dayne Crist — QB Kansas

    222. St. Louis Rams — Braxton Cave — C Notre Dame

    223. Pittsburgh Steelers — Brad Sorensen — QB Southern Miss

    224. Miami Dolphins (From DAL) — Brandon Jenkins — DE Florida State

    225. New York Giants — Jake Stoneburner — TE Ohio State

    226. New England Patriots (From CHI) — Michael Mauti — OLB Penn State

    227. Cleveland Browns (From CIN) — Vince Williams — LB Florida State

    228. Washington Redskins — Zac Stacy — RB Vanderbilt

    229. Minnesota Vikings — Steve Williams — CB California

    230. Indianapolis Colts — Rodney Smith — WR Florida State

    231. Seattle Seahawks — Armonty Bryant — DE East Central

    232. Green Bay Packers — Zeke Motta — SS Notre Dame

    233. Houston Texans — MarQueis Gray — QB Minnesota

    234. Denver Broncos — Rontez Miles — FS California—Penn

    235. New England Patriots — Tanner Hawkinson — OT Kansas

    236. Atlanta Falcons — Matt Stankiewitch — C Penn State

    237. San Francisco 49ers — Adrian Bushell — CB Louisville

    238. Baltimore Ravens — Charles Johnson — WR Grand Valley State

    239. Philadelphia Eagles (Compensatory Selection) — John Lotulelei — OLB UNLV

    240. Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection) — Ray Ray Armstrong — SS Miami

    241. Seattle Seahawks (Compensatory Selection) — Herman Lathers — OLB Tennessee

    242. Seattle Seahawks (Compensatory Selection) —  Aaron Hester — CB UCLA

    243. Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Selection) —  Will Compton — ILB Nebraska

    244. Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Selection) —  Wes Horton — DE USC

    245. Detroit Lions (Compensatory Selection) — Sam McGuffie — WR/RB Rice

    246. San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection) — Josh Kline — OG Kent State

    247. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Selection) — Josh Johnson — CB Purdue

    248. Tennessee Titans (Compensatory Selection) — Knile Davis — RB Arkansas

    249. Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Selection) — Alex Carder QB Western Michigan

    250. Miami Dolphins (Compensatory Selection) —  Micah Hyde — CB Iowa

    251. Cincinnati Bengals  (Compensatory Selection) — Quinton Dial — DT Alabama

    252. San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection) —  Lonnie Pryor — FB Florida State

    253. New York Giants (Compensatory Selection) Jordan Rodgers — QB Vanderbilt

    254. Indianapolis Colts (Compensatory Selection) — Miguel Maysonet — RB Stony Brook

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