Grades for Each San Diego Padres Position Player After First 10 Games

Kevin Goldberg@kevin_goldbergCorrespondent IApril 13, 2013

Grades for Each San Diego Padres Position Player After First 10 Games

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    Let’s face it, the San Diego Padres haven’t been off to a great start. With a measly 2-8 record, a slew of injuries and a plethora of problems, things aren’t looking good for the Padres.

    But not everything is bleak, as some players have been performing quite well.

    Spoiler Alert: the Padres would fail high school.

    All statistics from and Baseball-Reference

1B Yonder Alonso, B+

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    Yonder Alonso has been one of the few bright spots for the Padres this season. In only his second season in the MLB, it’s great to see he’s developed and improved on his rookie campaign.

    In only 10 games, Alonso has 11 hits, two home runs and five RBI, while maintaining a .289 batting average.

    With Petco Park bringing the walls in, Alonso should benefit with a few more home runs this season.

2B Alexi Amarista, D

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    The Padres are unfortunate enough to have to rely on Alexi Amarista as an everyday player. When Chase Headley comes back, Jedd Gyorko should slide over and be the mainstay second baseman.

    In 10 games, Amarista has only three hits with a .115 batting average.

    He’s played pretty solid defense and only has one error on the season. Probably the only reason he didn’t get an F.

SS Everth Cabrera, C+

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    A C+ because he’s done exactly what we thought he’s capable of. Unfortunately, that’s only C+ material.

    Through 10 games, Cabrera's speed has been a valuable asset again. He’s manage to swipe two bases but has also been caught twice. Though his average is a paltry .237, his on-base percentage is .326.

    His power and RBI numbers have never been anything close to average, and his speed and run totals should be suitable for deep fantasy leagues.

3B Jedd Gyorko, B-

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    The highly-touted rookie is a hard player to give a grade to. On one hand, his numbers (.250 average, four RBI and nine hits) aren’t anything to brag about. However, dealing with the pressure of his first year and the inflated expectations is extremely tough.

    His defense, however, is his weak spot. He’s not quick enough to cover a lot of ground, and he’s already committed two errors at third. He also needs to display better patience at the plate and strike out less. 

RF Chris Denorfria, B

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    I think I speak on behalf of most Padres fans when I say we’re all glad to see Denorfria get more playing time and less reliance on Will Venable.

    In nine games, Denorfria has an impressive .435 batting average and a .500 OBP. Still yet to hit a home run, he has five runs and three RBI. Hopefully the Padres will continue giving Denorfria regular playing time and see if he can maintain good numbers throughout the season. 

CF Cameron Maybin, F

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    I’d give Maybin an F- if possible.

    2013 was supposed to be the year Maybin finally puts it all together and shuts the doubters up. But all he’s doing is giving more fuel to the fire. In eight games, Maybin only has a .047 batting average with two hits.

    Maybin has the tools to be the player scouts have predicted, yet year after year he comes up short. We can’t keep making excuses that he’s young and one day he’ll be that guy. 

LF Carlos Quentin, D+

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    Quentin has made headlines recently and might be the first person to get the Padres trending on Twitter. You can check out my thoughts on the brawl here.

    Unfortunately, Quentin hasn’t done much else worth discussing. As the Padres’ “power hitter,” Quentin has zero home runs and only three RBI. His .182 batting average doesn’t stoke fear in opposing pitchers either. 

C Nick Hundley, B+

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    I’ll be the first to admit I’m pleasantly surprised by Hundley so far this year.

    If you follow my articles, you know I don’t think too highly of him and feared the Padres would collapse with our reliance on him. However, it seems when the Padres need a clutch hit, Hundley comes up big.

    Hundley has maintained a .367 batting average through eight games and is one of only three Padre players to have hit a home run.