Cleveland Browns: Who Do Fans Want in the First Round of the 2013 Draft?

David DeWittContributor IIIApril 9, 2013

NEW ORLEANS - OCTOBER 24:  A helmet of the Cleveland Browns sits on the turf during pregame before playing the New Orleans Saints at the Louisiana Superdome on October 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
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New Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III must be learning quickly that Cleveland fans bark fiercely and represent a wide-ranging span of opinion.

Desperate for a winner, each fan will profess to know exactly what the team needs to do next to become a contender and end the city's long pro sports nightmare.

There is a reason Cleveland ranks first in the nation in television ratings for the NFL draft. ( The running joke is that each year the draft is Cleveland's Super Bowl.

But to a Cleveland fan the draft is no joke, bubba.

This is serious business. We're rain dancing at this point, dehydrated, cooked, blistering in the exhausting heat of constant losing and desperate for some precipitation of talent.

So what is it exactly that Browns fans want CEO Joe Banner and GM Michael Lombardi—BanBardi, if you will—to do with the No. 6 pick in the 2013 NFL draft?

Looking at the current best-guess depth chart ( there are holes and question-marks, in no particular order, at free safety, cornerback and linebacker on the defense and left guard, fullback, wide receiver and tight end on offense. They also have to settle the kicker situation.

Most of the Browns moves this offseason have provided them flexibility with what to do at No. 6.

So the big question becomes: Who's likely to be available there?

The Kansas City Chiefs, picking first and according to the common wisdom, will likely take an offensive tackle or maybe a defensive tackle.

Most experts in mock drafts on have got DT Sharrif Floyd going to Oakland Raiders at No. 3. And if they're sticking with QB Michael Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles would be smart to protect him with one of the stellar offensive lineman available at No. 4, though CB is also a tangible possibility.

The Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 2 and Detroit Lions at No. 5, for the Browns' purposes, are the real wild cards.

Most Browns fans want the team to nab Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner or Oregon DE/LB Dion Jordan if either are available at No. 6. Some will also make a case for Ziggy Ansah, the DE/LB from Brigham Young. (

The Browns have had or are having private workouts/visits with all three of these prospects ( and via

Both Milliner and Jordan will likely not be there at No. 6.

If both are gone, some think the Browns should go with Ansah, but others say the team should look to trade down, as long as it's not too many spots.

With the new rookie wage scale hitting, trading at the top of the draft became more prevalent in 2012, with four teams moving up in and into the first 10 picks. With the right situation, trades can certainly be expected at the top of the draft in 2013.

If Milliner and Jordan are both gone that means that the first five teams to pick probably left somebody's coveted offensive lineman on the table at No. 6 and that team may very much like to move up.

The furthest most Browns fans would want to see the team trade down to would be No. 12 with the Miami Dolphins and apparently the teams have had that preliminary kind of talk (DawgsByNature).

Ideally, the Browns wouldn't have to slide that far.

But any way, by not trading past 12, the Browns would leave themselves with a shot at a variety of good talent at positions of need.

For instance, safeties Kenny Vaccaro from Texas and John Cyprien from Florida International could be available. Many fans are high on the hard-hitting Vaccaro.

Or, the Browns could build offensive weapons and look for West Virginia WR Tavon Austen, Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson or Notre Dame TE Tyler Eifert there in this trade-down scenario.

Cyprien and Austen are both listed as having had a private workout/visit ( with the Browns while Eifert is listed as having been interviewed at February's NFL Combine.

Browns fans argue endlessly, day after day, about the distinctions between these possibilities and which choice is best to help bring the Browns back into contention.

But under this outline, in every scenario the team would get a top-tier prospect at a position of need.

The Browns have given themselves options. So now it's up to BanBardi to figure out which is the best one.