6 Late-Round Prospects Who Would Be Perfect for Tennessee Titans

Chad Minton@@chad_mintonCorrespondent IApril 9, 2013

6 Late-Round Prospects Who Would Be Perfect for Tennessee Titans

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    A lot of attention always gets paid to the first two rounds of the draft, and rightfully so. However, the Tennessee Titans will also have plenty of opportunities to make an impact in the latter part of the draft.

    With all of the offseason moves the Titans have made, they can go so many different ways over the first three rounds of the draft, which should make for an exciting draft day for Titans fans.

    The Titans mainly need to add depth with these late-round prospects who will be on the board since they were so busy in free agency.

    If the Titans can add some key depth in these late rounds, then there's a good chance that they can make a return to the postseason in 2013.

Sheldon Price, CB, UCLA

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    The Titans could try for Dee Milliner in the first round, but they also could choose to wait until late in the draft and get a steal.

    Getting Sheldon Price in the late part of the draft could easily end up being a huge steal. Price has great size for the position and is strong in both man and zone coverage.

    He's also exceptional in his ability to help stop the run.

    The Titans have needed a guy who is solid in man coverage, and Price could easily be that guy in the future.

    Alterraun Verner is entering his final year of his contract, so the Titans may need to foresee losing a starter and adding some quality depth with a promising prospect like Price.

Ace Sanders, WR, South Carolina

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    The Titans need a few more playmakers on offense, and they have the freedom to do that now that they've addressed so many needs in free agency.

    Ace Sanders is a guy who could add firepower to both the passing game and in kick-return duties. He's elusive and has exceptional speed, even though he didn't showcase that very well in the NFL Scouting Combine.

    If the Titans want to add a guy who could simply increase their chances of making that one big play that can instantly turn a game around, then Sanders may be that guy.

    Sanders has a lot of doubters wondering if he can be anything more than a kick-returner in the NFL, and that's why he may slip to the fifth round or later. He'd be worth the gamble if the Titans want to take him. They could catch lightning in a bottle by picking him up, and that's worth the risk.

Matt Scott, QB, Arizona

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    The quarterback position may not be a glaring need for the Titans, but it's still worthy of some attention late in the draft.

    Jake Locker could be entering a make or break year, and Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't figure to be anything more than a backup plan in case Locker goes off the tracks.

    That leaves Rusty Smith, and he just doesn't seem to have what it takes to last in the NFL for very much longer.

    It wouldn't be a terrible idea to get a smart player like Matt Scott, who has plenty of tools to become a good quarterback with time. He's not an immediate starter by any means, but he's a strong suitor to be a developmental project for a team that can afford to be patient at the position.

    The Titans aren't in need of a starter for 2013 or even 2014. However, you want as much depth as possible in case Locker doesn't work out.

A.J. Francis, DT, Maryland

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    Defensive tackle is another position where the Titans could afford to add some depth late in the draft.

    There were be numerous defensive tackle prospects available, but A.J. Francis is a big, powerful guy who could turn out to be a solid draft pick.

    Francis has experience playing in different systems and also has nice athleticism for his size.

    He'll probably be available as late as the seventh round if the Titans want to add a bulky run-stopper to their arsenal and increase their depth at the position.

David Quessenberry, OT, San Jose State

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    Versatility is always a good thing when looking at draft prospects, and David Quessenberry brings that to the table on the offensive line.

    Quessenberry has great quickness to handle a lot of different types of pass-rushers and also played very well at the Senior Bowl.

    He does need to improve on his strength to really excel in the NFL, but that's really the only red flag when looking over Quessenberry's potential at the next level.

    The Titans could get Quessenberry in the fifth round or later and really solidify the offensive line for 2013.

Mike Gillislee, RB, Florida

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    The Titans look good at running back for now, but how certain is it that Chris Johnson will be there long-term?

    They did add Shonn Greene in free agency to give Johnson some help, and that should help balance out the rushing attack for next season.

    It's uncertain if this duo will last for too long, and that's why drafting another running back makes some sense as long as it comes later on in the draft.

    Mike Gillislee isn't going to last past the fifth or sixth round. Someone will bite on all of his talent before it's all said and done.

    If the Titans choose to be that team, then they'll be getting a guy who has superb vision and is great at breaking tackles.

    His major downside is his ability to be good in pass protection, which is important for the Titans at this point.

    However, this wouldn't be a bad move for the Titans. He could easily get a large chunk of the snaps and be productive if either Johnson or Greene were to unfortunately fall to injuries.