Weekly Rant: Larry Bowa, What Are You Doing?

Marshall CupelliContributor IApril 2, 2008

Larry Bowa Just Sit Down!

This Monday Larry Bowa third base coach for the LA Dodgers was ejected and suspended three days for arguing against the fact he was told to stay in the coach’s box and having to wear a helmet.


Now Larry, what's wrong man? So, you have to stand in the little white box. Bowa, listen to me—the rule was made for your safety. You wear a helmet for protection from possible balls or bats coming strait at you. A double-A coach was killed last year by a foul ball, are you really going to argue a rule for you’re safely and disrupt the game after that? Throwing the water cooler and cussing out the umpire is not the way to handle it. You should know better!



The design for the New York Giants' Super Bowl rings just came out, and wow—they are nothing short of beautiful. It will have 1.5 carats of diamonds plus will depict three super bowl trophies and the New York Giants logo. Shaun O’Hara the New York Giants center and one of the players in the group that helped design the ring said that he wanted a ring that could be seen 10 tables away. I say after their impressive victory over the Patriots they deserve it.


Brian McNamee former personal trainer and current accuser of Roger Clemens is auctioning of all of his Clemens Memorabilia. All of the proceeds will go towards McNamee’s Juvenile Diabetes Charity. He even had the balls to sign some of the items him self noting after his signature “Ly 0” as in zero lies. Now for a man who got an online degree and some how got a gig being a personal trainer for professional athletes I believe has hit an all time low even if it is for a good cause.

In regards to all the Brandon Marshall news, Jay Cutler said that he had it with all the drama “Yeah he’s not my favorite person right now”. It’s about time someone stepped up and told Brandon to straiten up. Marshall who had his breakout season last year still could use some work and this foolish injury will just hold him back. Cutler a young and upcoming quarterback in this league needs a #1 target that he will not have to worry about getting in trouble all the time. This could also be a turning point for Cutler with him stepping up and taking some authority on the matter plus being a leader. Both Marshall and Cutler are growing, one faster than the other.

Why, Jerry Jones, would you want to bring in another player with attitude problems? Pacman I believe is worse than what T.O. was. What if Jones does not fit in well in the locker room? What if he gets into trouble at a bad time like before a playoff game (the Cowboys barring injury will be there)? Is it really worth it? You already have a solid secondary with Roy Williams and Terence Newman. Save you money because you have other needs to fill, like adding some youth at wide receiver.


P.S. “Feed The Children”? Who is he trying to fool?

Losing is a way of life

The Pirates gave me a heart attack this past Monday in the bottom of the ninth. Ahead 9-7 with two outs Mark Teixeira popped out to left center for what most would think would be an easy out. Well for the pirates it apparently was not so easy and a miscommunication between Jason Bayand Nate McLouth ended up with a ball on the ground and a two-run lead blown. The pirate eventually won almost blowing another lead in the 12th.


I hope I have more to look forward to this season from my favorite team—yes, the Pittsburgh Pirates.