Dallas Cowboys: Can MSU's Le'Veon Bell Be the Perfect Backup to DeMarco Murray?

Rob BrownCorrespondent IApril 3, 2013

Bell was the Spartans' primary running back, as well as their kick and punt returner in 2012.
Bell was the Spartans' primary running back, as well as their kick and punt returner in 2012.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Thanks to the highly praised statistics, dramatic mistakes and a huge paycheck, Tony Romo has become the most polarizing player in the NFL. Cowboys fans and those opposing them can sit around the bar for hours arguing whether or not he’s worth the headache or just an over-hyped signal-caller. But one thing most fans can agree on—he needs a better running game.

As good as RB DeMarco Murray is, he has already missed nine games in his two NFL seasons. In order to fill-in for Murray the Cowboys have had to line up a plethora of running backs that you wouldn’t want carrying your groceries across the parking lot. Felix Jones, Phillip Tanner, Lance Dunbar, Sammy Morris and Chauncey Washington have all tried to step up but couldn't get the job done.

With Jones out the door to free agency and Dunbar and Tanner still on the roster, the Cowboys should look to draft a primary backup for Murray.

Enter Michigan State’s Le’Veon Bell.

The former Spartans running back carried the load for his team last season earning 1,793 yards and 12 scores on 382 carries.  He showed great lower body strength breaking through tackles as well as great agility in the open field.  His 6’1”, 230-pound frame makes scouts compare him to the likes of Steven Jackson or LeGarrette Blount.

Like everyone else, Bell has his flaws. He’s not as explosive as Jones once showed in his early seasons in Dallas. Some scouts even question his toughness.

How can you question the toughness of a guy who carried the ball 382 times and gained 951 yards after contact in 2012?

Regardless, the Cowboys had a private workout with Bell, and he will be back to Valley Ranch next week when the team invites 30 draft prospects.

Although Bell shouldn’t be their first-round draft pick, he definitely is a player the Cowboys should keep an eye on. If you want to help the offense and Tony Romo, then you have to stop letting him throw so much and give it to capable backs. Murray is one back, Bell can be the other.