Hunter Pence Lives Dangerously, Ditches Sunglasses and Loses Ball in Sun

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Hunter Pence Lives Dangerously, Ditches Sunglasses and Loses Ball in Sun
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Hunter Pence might need some help on the proper use of sunglasses. 

The Dodgers and Giants opened play on a sun-drenched Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. It was the kind of day that mandated some sun-shielding eye wear if you were ever going to skirt any amount of pop-fly disaster. 

Well, Pence flew too close to the sun and got burned, dropping a routine fly ball in the sixth inning, producing one of the first bloopers of the season. 

In case you missed it, @gidget (h/t Larry Brown Sports) provided this GIF of Pence using his hands to shield a bright sun when the sunglasses on his head may have proved far more useful. 

Photo Credit: @gidget Twitter

As Larry Brown Sports points out, MLB Memes was quick to the trigger in making light of Pence fighting a futile battle against the sun. 

Photo Credit: MLB Memes

Of course, this is just a silly moment from game one of 162. The San Francisco Giants will soon get their World Series rings and Pence will again hold his head high. 

Still, Giants fans are crossing their fingers that Pence can somehow bounce back from the time he spent with the team last season. 

In 59 games with the eventual champs, the outfielder hit .219, striking out 60 times in 219 at bats. His two errors in that time helped him produce a -0.6 defensive WAR, according to ESPN

The Giants proved they are stacked enough to win a title with Pence struggling. However, I have to think they might ask him if he wouldn't mind actually wearing his sunglasses. 

I mean, they look great sitting atop his hat, but they work wonders at shielding the eyes from the sun. Or so I have heard. 

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