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  2. Pence Hopeful to Return by Year's End

  3. Without Injured Pence, Giants' Pulse Weakens

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  5. Pence took 20 swings off tee today, it didn't go well. Oblique injury is worse than Giants first thought, it's going to be a while.

  6. Hunter Pence's recovery from his oblique injury is proceeding gingerly. He said he took 20 "extremely light" swings Monday #SFGiants

  7. http://t.co/i8I28lHXZS - Pence working back slowly from oblique injury: http://t.co/wwzP02eyYn

  8. Giants trade for outfielder Alejandro De Aza, build bench depth, freak me out about Pence http://t.co/VRAiXy9Tn9 http://t.co/cEF99gNQkq

  9. Reality: No Pence/Panik, Posey slump, weak rotation, Duffy pressing. Twitter/talk radio: "ADRIANZA ADRIANZA ADRIANZA." #sfgiants

  10. ... Hunter Pence on the field at AT&T one more time, Leake solidifying his marriage to #sfgiants, Adrianza getting a hit, Craw's 20th (more)

  11. Posey's ankle is stiff, needed a day off. Bochy said nothing new with Pence, he thinks he'll play this month but can't say for sure.

  12. PREGAME NOTES: The latest on Posey, Crawford and Pence ... Plus, who called Hudson's shot? http://t.co/Xbe9r7vzM8

  13. http://t.co/i8I28lqn8k - Without injured Pence, Giants' pulse weakens: http://t.co/CnZ65sRUNp

  14. Blanco hurt during slide in LA, Bochy said it'll be a while. Acknowledged that Aoki, Blanco, Pence may not have enough time to return.

  15. Aoki, Blanco and Pence could be done for the year. What that means for another outfielder and the offseason plans: http://t.co/NErgJYXFAj

  16. Bochy said Crawford's oblique is fine, calf is much better. He's closer to returning. Pence has had a good couple days of rehab.

  17. Crawford hits off a tee today, Pence should hit off a tee tomorrow. Staff discussing possibility of Susac having surgery.

  18. Pence will take dry swings (without a ball) today. Bochy said at some point, despite what Pence wants, it might be smarter to shut him down.

  19. Bochy said staff is now hopeful that Pence can be back for last homestand of the season.

  20. Giants manager Bruce Bochy said RF Hunter Pence is taking "dry swings." Best hope, Bochy said, is for Pence to return for last homestand

  21. Early #SFGiants notes on Crawford, Pence, Panik, Hudson ... and Andres Torres (!!!): http://t.co/BAqS9fS0as

  22. http://t.co/i8I28lHXZS - Pence improving, could play late this season: http://t.co/Djg7TmL93V

  23. I was told we wouldn't see Williamson as long as #sfgiants were still fighting for '15, but at the time they expected Pence back.

  24. Bochy says he thinks there is a chance Aoki might play final week of season. Nothing new on Pence or Blanco.

  25. Bochy said Crawford won't be restricted at all. Nothing new with Pence, Aoki or Blanco.

  26. Some early #SFGiants notes for ya: Tim Hudson says he’s OK for next start; also Pence, Aoki updates: http://t.co/29AvubxoEH via @sfchronicle

  27. What was the latest message from Pence? Per Brown, "Miracles can happen. You never know. Keep playing hard."

  28. Bochy doesn't expect Belt, Blanco, Aoki and Pence to play again this year.

  29. Bochy now saying he would be shocked if Belt or Pence plays again this season. Same for Aoki and Blanco.

  30. Bochy said Pence, all concussion patients being shut down. #sfgiants

  31. Pence still not swinging a bat, Bochy said he'll be good for spring training after plenty of rest. Oblique strain.

  32. I asked if Pence loss this year had impact on team like Posey's in 2011. Bochy said yes. #sfgiants

  33. #SFGiants won't wave white flag till they're eliminated. But they're throwing in the towel on Pence, Belt. Story: http://t.co/bOMhRXYaFy

  34. The Giants went 34-18 when Pence played this year. He's likely done, along with Belt, Aoki and Blanco. The news: http://t.co/waAkS1TKZY

  35. Giants' Bochy doesn't expect Pence to play again this season http://t.co/nhbDwfMEnI http://t.co/tn0E9MTRwJ

  36. Season over for #sfgiants' Pence, Belt, Aoki, Blanco. The story: http://t.co/3TvcKy6ugB via @sfchronicle