RG3 Passing Football to Circus Elephant Means Rehab Is Apparently Going Well

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 26, 2013

Photo Credit: The Washington Post
Photo Credit: The Washington Post

Don't worry about Robert Griffin's accuracy, because the Washington Redskins quarterback proved he can hit an elephant with a pass recently. 

The Washington Post has it covered when it comes to Griffin's recent trip to a Barnum & Bailey Circus.

First, there is their report on Griffin heading over to the Verizon Center as the circus enjoys The Year of the Dragon, which they describe as, "bringing together 'mystic dragon lore with authentic circus feats.'"

For our purposes, it means Griffin is seen wearing a funny jacket and generally looking like the happiest person in the world at the moment. 

It makes sense, because he also got to throw to an elephant named Kelly Ann. 

The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg handles the specifics of what that entailed. 

“I thought it would take him three or four times, but the professional quarterback showed me up pretty good,” Joey Frisco III, a third-generation elephant handler, told me this week. “I pointed out to him one time what to do, and [on his second try] he threw it up and she caught it. I was like really? Cmon…In between throws, when I was talking to him, it was like he had just missed a pass to one of his receivers — too high! too low! He was already saying in his head what he had to do next time….Usually it takes time for elephants to get used to how someone’s gonna throw, but an NFL superstar quarterback, he knew exactly what to do.”

See, you can't just lob passes at an elephant like Mark Sanchez throwing to pretty much anyone. These things take practice and finesse, which makes it rather shocking RG3 picked it up so quickly. 

If you are wondering how Griffin is actually progressing after his knee injury, ESPN welcomed Dr. James Andrews to speak with Stephania Bell on Friday and stated that the quarterback is "way ahead of schedule." Here is a video breakdown. 

So it seems RG3 is doing better than expected. Thanks, Doc, but we already knew that as proved by Griffin completing a pass to a gigantic pachyderm. 

One of the biggest questions this offseason is whether Griffin could bounce back after an awful knee injury. He is no doubt putting in the work to make an opening day start a possibility. 

If you are looking for good omens, I can't think of any better than hitting an elephant with a successful pass. 


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