Warren Sapp Swears On-Air About Overdose of Bill Belichick on NFL Network

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Warning: Video contains naughty words/Warren Sapp things.

Warren Sapp came out of the womb without a filter. 

He doesn’t understand what filters are—he doesn’t use them while speaking or presumably even to strain his coffee. 

With that said, the unrestricted V-8 engine that is the Hall of Fame defensive tackle's mouth rumbled a bit too loudly while idling off-screen on the set of NFL Network Tuesday.

After giving a brief interview with Scott Hansen, Sapp shuffled off-screen and sat down to watch the next segment—a sit-down with former Patriots front office executive Scott Pioli

Naturally, the on-air conversation turned to the veritable feast of draft picks the Patriots have accumulated coming into this year’s NFL draft—and then Hansen said “Belichick.”


That’s when someone—a voice—began revving off-camera, muttering what sounded like some choice words of displeasure about the direction the interview was taking.

Viewers watching at home didn’t fail to hear the swearing, which to Boston Globe’s Greg A. Bedard (and everyone else) sounded a lot like an annoyed (and still mic’d up) Sapp cursing across the set.

Somebody, perhaps Warren Sapp, said "This is the same bleeping segment we had Mike Lombardi do. The bleeping Bill Belichick bleeping angle." tweeted Greg A. Bedard (@GregABedard)

The NFL Network hasn’t issued an apology for the incident yet, but presumably that’s because it believes its viewers should come to expect these kinds of things from Sapp and enjoy them for what they are—Sapp being Sappish.

H/T Ben Koo, AwfulAnnouncing.com

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