Analyzing Pros and Cons of Washington Redskins' Acquiring Darrelle Revis

Dilan AmesCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2013

Current Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.
Current Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.Al Bello/Getty Images

It is no secret that Darrelle Revis is one of the best corners in the NFL today. His athleticism as well as speed and natural coverage ability are what make him an elite player. 

For a team like the Washington Redskins, Revis could be a godsend. The ‘Skins gave up the third-most passing yards last season, along with giving up the second-most passing touchdowns. 

DeAngelo Hall’s departure from Washington seems to be inevitable, and adding in a guy like Revis would more than compensate for the loss of Hall. 

The biggest question regarding a potential trade for the current New York Jets player is whether or not he’s worth it. Surely there is much to gain, but there is also much to lose. 

Weighing out the the pros and cons of bringing in Revis seems like it would be an easy task—with the pros obviously outweighing the cons. 

If a team has a chance to bring in a blue chipper like No. 24 then they should–in most cases. What scares teams the most about Revis isn’t his play on the field so much as the fact that he is coming off of a dreaded ACL injury. 

While it appears that he is recovering well and on schedule, it is not certain that he will the same player he has been over the past few years. 

So, is it worth it for the Redskins to cash out and bring in the lock-down corner? Let’s take a look: 



The obvious benefit of bringing in Revis is his elite ability. Since being drafted in 2007, Revis has 19 interceptions in addition to 294 tackles and three touchdowns. Perhaps his most impressive statistic since coming into the league is his 98 pass-breakups. 

He has arguably been the most dominant player over the past six years. The infamous “Revis Island” moniker is one that he has certainly lived up to. He blankets half of the field rather smoothly and shuts down the NFL’s top receivers with general ease.

By adding in a dependable defender on the backside of the defense, it would open up Washington’s pass rush, which will be re-energized with the return of All-Pro LB Brian Orakpo

Paired with fellow outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan and a decent defensive line rotation, the Redskins have one of the better front-sevens in the league.

The biggest hole in the Redskins’ roster last season—besides the offensive line—was the miserable play of the secondary

Between injuries, suspensions, and simple lack of talent, the Redskins back four left much to be desired. Enter Revis. The former all-american would be a huge upgrade for a needy Redskins defense. Especially with the impending release of Hall, Washington will have a huge need for a top corner. 

It’s almost like a domino effect; Revis would open up the pass rush, and both halves of the defense would allow the Redskins to take more risks offensively. 

Led by rookie sensations Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris, the Redskins offense took a huge step forward in 2012, and could take an even bigger leap in 2013. 

Looking back at the 2012 season for the Redskins, a division championship looks pretty good. The team developed as a whole and definitely started to head in the right direction. 

By bolstering the defense with one of the NFL’s top talents, Washington could possibly go even further next year. 

Now, anything could happen, but it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility. At 27 years of age, Revis is still rather young. 

He is in his prime and would likely contribute in a big way immediately as he would be expected to.  



 The biggest concern about Revis at this point is his knee. Even though it has been reported that he is healing well and is possibly ahead of schedule even, there is always concern with a player coming off of a serious injury such as this. 

Teams may be more hopeful of Revis’ progression given Adrian Peterson’s unreal 2012 campaign following his ACL tear. But, that type of production should not be expected of anyone, no matter how elite of a talent they are. 

Besides his injury, there are other concerns with Revis—his cost. The Jets won’t release him. They know as well as anyone that they can benefit more from a trade. 

For a guy of Revis’ caliber, Washington would likely have to give up a high pick or two along with a player. The guy that makes the most sense in terms of a trade is backup QB Kirk Cousins

Cousins played well when given the opportunity last year and likely caught the eye of several quarterback-needy teams. Near the top of that list are the Jets, a team with a dumpster fire of a quarterback situation. 

Cousins may not end up being the answer for New York, but he is certainly better than what they’ve got. It may take a second- and fourth-round pick along with Cousins in order to obtain Revis. 

With last year’s blockbuster trade between Washington and the St. Louis Rams for RG3, the Redskins have little wiggle room when it comes to bargaining chips. It probably makes more sense to build through the draft even though Revis is a proven commodity. 

Let’s not forget that RG3 is also coming off of an ACL injury, and the ‘Skins would probably like to keep Cousins as insurance in case the former Heisman winner goes down again. 

Another huge deterrence for the Redskins making a move for him is their limited cap room. With a tight leash when it comes to the cap, the Redskins would have to do a lot of restructuring of contracts in order to squeeze Revis in under the cap. 

Revis’ contract voids after 2013, and with his history as a holdout, he may not be worth it. He would require a big contract after 2013, something that the Redskins may not be willing or able to do. 

Another (albeit mild) concern with Revis is his off-field activities.

While he certainly doesn’t have a bad reputation off the field, his recent war of words with Richard Sherman on Twitter could potentially develop into a distraction. 

After all, it is kind of immature for two grown men to go back-and-forth over a social network. However, his level of play likely mutes his recent internet squabbles. 

The fact of the matter is that bringing in Revis could be more damaging than it is beneficial. Not just in what the Redskins would give up, but also the uncertainty of his level of play following his injury. 

We all know Dan Snyder loves to bring in big-name players, but this is one he should avoid.