Raiders' Mike Goodson Gives Hope for Menacing All-Black Helmet

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 5, 2013

Photo Credit: Mike Goodson Instagram
Photo Credit: Mike Goodson Instagram

On Tuesday, Raiders running back Mike Goodson posted this image to Instagram.

You all can now collectively freak out over this brilliant take on the Raiders' persona.

In a sports world ready to take on just about any alternate jersey, the Raiders need an all-black helmet among their usual classics.

But while Goodson has piqued our interest with the photo he posted of the all-black Oakland Raiders helmet, we should probably place it into the pile of things that are too good to be true. 

B/R sadly agrees with FanSided writer Josh Sanchez that this may be a concept that Goodson or someone he knows came up with. 

If the Raiders were going to drop this kind of change on the NFL, something tells me they would have released it on a grander scale than the 25-year-old's Instagram feed. 

Still, we love it. 

If you consider that the Warriors just took the court in T-shirts and the Steelers have decided at times to dress like a team of bumblebees, then you will see how muted these things are by comparison. 

Sanchez gave one suggestion: The logo would fare better with a silver background, much like the one seen on this particular throwback

Then again, there is always the idea of making the helmet a matte black finish, as someone suggested in a Reddit thread on this very helmet. 

The point is, we probably will not get to see these helmets in a game anytime soon, so go wild, fine denizens of the Internet. If we are going to remake one of the more classic looks in the NFL, then we might as well go all the way. 


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