British Teens Have Only Slightly Heard of This NFL You Speak Of

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 26, 2013

Some of you might have issues with the finer details of cricket or rugby. Well, some British teenagers recently had difficulty relaying just what this crazy NFL thing might be. 

A tip of the hat to Off the Bench for spotting a memorable video illustrating the massive cultural divide that remains between this nation and our wonderful neighbors across the pond. 

The video is easy to understand even if some of the intricacies of our country's most popular sport are a tad difficult to grasp. 

It starts with one girl offering that the Super Bowl is a baseball event, a statement that brings a huge smile to this hardball aficionado's heart. 

Not to worry, because some fans know exactly what's going down with that crazy American football. David, our pal who is also something of a Florida Gators super-fan, is locked into what the Super Bowl is all about. 

And might I just offer that the "National Football Legion" is vastly superior to the "League" we are forced to enjoy. Now I will go on living, knowing there is a much better use of the letter "L" in our beloved NFL. 

This is actually a fairly cool experiment that gives some insight into how one might view a sport with only a passing interest. 

As for my description of cricket: It's a silly sport wherein grown men with beaters try to be the first to grab the snitch before the opposition scores with the quaffle.

Wait, that might be something else.


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