Ray Edwards Is Now a Boxer, Knocks out Chubby Guy Without Laying Glove on Him

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 12, 2013

Perhaps if Ray Edwards were in front of me with boxing gloves on, and he threw a punch that barely missed, I might be inclined to hit the ground and figuratively wave the white flag. 

To be knocked out and not hit by Ray Edwards must be far better than being knocked out after being hit by Ray Edwards. 

A tip of the virtual hat to Deadspin for spotting what has to be in the Hall of Fame of flops, right next to Blake Griffin and Manu Ginobilli's finest works. 

The former NFL player who was released by the Atlanta Falcons in November has taken to boxing, if you can call whatever this is boxing. 

It all goes down in West Fargo, North Dakota, a place where a Ray Edwards boxing match is something of a must-see event. 

The two come together in an image not unlike Ivan Drago about to take on Justin Bieber, if Bieber were far older, balder and more chubby. 

From the start, our man behind the camera is incensed, because he has put in a whole workweek in West Fargo and he has come to see blood spilt. He offers, "what is he waiting for?" To which the answer is, we have no idea. 

Edwards kind of sits back like he is Little Mac waiting for King Hippo to charge so he can get out of the way. 

Our diminutive fighter finally closes his eyes and throws some punches, and that's when Edwards remembers the boxing maneuver known as punching. 

He throws one right uppercut that seems to miss the man wearing American-flag boxing shorts completely. 

The rush of air must have been enough for him to say, "screw it," and he goes down like Manny Pacquiao. 

Our man behind the camera offers, "this is a pretend." To which we offer, no. This is real life, and it's amazing. 


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