Best Photos from Super Bowl XLVII

Ryan Klocke@@RyanKlockeBRFeatured ColumnistFebruary 4, 2013

Best Photos from Super Bowl XLVII

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    From the national anthem to the coin toss to the halftime show to the actual 60 minutes of football, the Super Bowl is a visual feast. There's enough color and emotion to make for countless timeless photos. 

    Everything is crazier for "The Big Game," and the images coming out of New Orleans show just that. A blackout (seriously!), Beyonce reuniting with her old group and, oh yeah, a 34-31 tense-a-thon that had even non-Niner and Baltimore fans nearly falling off their couches with anticipation. 

    With photographers in every cranny of the Superdome and the burdens of the past—developing film, slow Internet, etc.—long gone, the newswires are cranking out historical snapshots as fast as they can hit "Upload."

    Here are some of the best from an epic game. 

This May Never Happen Again

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    As you may have heard once or twice (or 10-thousand-bazillion times), this game features two brothers coaching against one another (and as such, are chatting on the sideline during pregame warmups).

    Regardless of how "played out" some think this story is, the fact it happened is pretty darn cool. 

Just Amazing

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    What else needs to be said about the Jennifer Hudson and Sandy Hook Elementary School chorus collaboration. 

Well, That Lasted a While

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    Anyone who took the under on the national anthem prop bet knew their money was going down by the time Alicia Keys belted out the Star Spangled Banner's first five words. Still, B/R Swagger's lead writer gave it high marks. 

Yes Joe, That Was a Good Start

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    Can't argue with throwing a touchdown pass on your first possession. 

Poetry in Motion (Kind Of)

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    That may be a bit of an overstatement for something as simple as a made field goal from under 40 yards out. Actually, for many 49ers fans, it isn't when considering David Akers' struggles leading up to this game. 

Not What Ravens Fans Wanted to See

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    Nobody likes to see a player have to leave the field with an injury scare, and that especially ringed true for Ravens fans as Ed Reed jogged off late in the first quarter. 

Think These Guys Are Excited?

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    While many not in the know will spout tired cliches about the Bay Area and its sports fans (we're the wine-and-cheese crowd, etc.), the bottom line is that SF fans know how to have a good time. Take this bro-filled pyramid, for example. 

Good Effort, Vernon

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    Vernon Davis was making plays early in the game. 

Jim Harbaugh Making the 'Jim Harbaugh' Face

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    There may not be a better coach in all of sports for crazy facial expressions than Jim Harbaugh. 

Time for a Quick Congrats

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    Dennis Pitta having a quick embrace after hauling in a one-yard TD pass to give the Ravens' lead a bit more cushion in the second quarter. 

Cary Williams Looks Angry

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    Calm down, bro. 

Not so Fast, Kicker

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    The Ravens were this close to getting a first down on that fake field goal. Luckily for Baltimore fans, the Ravens still did plenty of scoring in the first half. 

Ed Reed Sure Looks OK

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    So much for that slide a few back of him running off the field—Reed looked fine here intercepting Kaepernick. 

Tough Break

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    LaMichael James made an awesome spin move right before losing this football. It's obvious, but the Ravens defense is superior to Pac-12 defenses. 

Obligatory Ray Lewis Photo No. 1

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    Like him or not, he's got to be in here. 

By a Foot

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    Jacoby Jones with a falling-down catch that became a 56-yard TD pass to put the Ravens ahead 21-6 at halftime. 

Jacoby Jones Catch, Part 2

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    Chris Culliver is not a popular man among 49ers fans right now. 

Leaping Away

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    Ray Rice vaults his way downfield in the first half. 

Stage Is Set

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    Interesting set for the Beyonce halftime show. 

'Crazy in Love'

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    Beyonce belting out her smash hit (sans Jay-Z) to kick off the halftime show—a performance that was well received in the B/R newsroom (aside from being sans Jay-Z). 

To the House

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    Now that's the way to start a half. I guess a 108-yard TD return isn't bad. (Originally scored for 109 yards and a postseason record, BTW). 


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    Everyone knew this was coming. Still, the reunion was a nice touch to a solid show. 

Into the Darkness

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    This is about as odd/eerie/funny/surprising as it gets. But San Francisco fans are used to this kind of thing

Half-Light, Half-Dark

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    Again, crazy. 

Tedd Ginn Making Moves

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    He's not always been a fan favorite for 49ers faithful, but his big third-quarter punt return may definitely help change some minds. 

Crabtree Going for Extra Yards

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    Yards-after-catch have been Michael Crabtree's calling card this season, and his third-quarter score was no different. 

Joe Smiling Away

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    Joe Flacco had plenty of reasons to smile in the first half. 

Making a Play

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    Anquan Boldin making a play (on 49ers fan favorite—not—Chris Culliver). 

Lucky David, Real Lucky

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    After missing a very makable field goal, as he has been wont to do all season, Akers was granted a major gift (like Nintendo 64-for-Christmas major gift) when he was "ran into," resulting in a five-yard penalty and a redo. 

Walker Raising His Stock

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    A free agent entering the offseason, 49ers No. 2 tight end Delanie Walker has made some eye-opening plays (on special teams as well). Potential future teams, take note. 

The Other Brother Can Make Faces Too

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    They're not as good as Jim's reactions, but John is no slouch either when it comes to making for a good "reax" shot. 

Obligatory Ray Lewis Photo No. 2

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    Regardless if he's preening for the cameras or not (which he is), Ray Lewis is a photographer's dream for facial expressions. 

Kaep in the Shadows

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    An NFL quarterback making his 10th career start standing idle on the sideline of the Super Bowl because of a power outage. I'll bet everything in my wallet (even my sandwich cards!) that this will never happen again. 

Kaep Doing His Trademark Pose

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    Finding a lane, Kaepernick riled up many in the B/R newsroom with his 15-yard TD scramble that put the 49ers within two. Then he "Kaepernicked." Lame? Yeah. But if I had arms that jacked, I'd probably draw attention to them as well. 

Boldin Is Good

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    Really, really, really, really, really good. (And man, what a gutsy throw/catch/play on 3rd-and-inches). 

Frank Gore Is a Beast

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    Stating the obvious here.

So Close...

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    Michael Crabtree just misses what would have been an epic 4th-and-goal conversion. We'll save the "was it holding or not debate" for the NFL Feature Columnists here at B/R. 

Smart Play, Ravens

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    Taking that safety? Heads up, clock-eating stuff by the elder Harbaugh. 

He Looks Happy

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    Just a tad... 

So Does This Dude

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    Confetti angels, anyone? 

Obligatory Ray Lewis Photo No. 3

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    Tears. Of course there's tears. 


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    Yeah, this can't be enjoyable. (On a side note, public transportation out of San Francisco should be a lot of fun Sunday night). 

Flacco's Big Moment

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    Contract talk aside, Flacco probably feels like millions of dollars right now. 

Jim Harbaugh Is Slightly Intimidating

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    I don't think he liked his picture being taken at this moment. Well, he's the kind of person who probably never likes his picture being taken...but still. 

The Postgame Handshake

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    Not the greatest photo, but a necessary one. Everyone wanted to see how the two bros would embrace after the game. Well, here ya go. 

Ed Reed, Enjoy the Moment

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    Regardless of who you root for, if you're a fan of football, you should probably appreciate this guy's greatness. 

Championship Swag

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    A replica of this towel is probably already for sale online. With crazy mark-up, of course. 

Yes, That Power Outage Actually Happened

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    We interrupt all the photos of the Ravens looking happy to remember, one last time, that there was a power outage, at the Super Bowl, which messed with the biggest sporting/television event of the year, and almost became the scapegoat for a 49ers' come-from-behind victory. 


Enjoy the Moment, Ravens

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    But really, the reason Baltimore gets to party Sunday night is because they were the better team. And that's coming from someone who wore a 49ers hat into work today. Congrats to the Ravens for playing a heck of a game.