Breaking Down Ray Lewis' 2013 Super Bowl Cleats

Justin OnslowContributor IIFebruary 2, 2013

Photo courtesy of Under Armour
Photo courtesy of Under Armour

Super Bowl XLVII represents the last time Ray Lewis will take the field in an NFL uniform. It looks like he’s found a little flash to match the occasion.

Under Armour rolled out special cleats for Lewis to wear during the game, emblazoned with all the gold your retinas can handle. The special footwear is apropos for such a highly decorated player, and the inserts won’t let Lewis—or anyone else—forget how much he has done in 17 years in the league.

Let’s take a look at the spikes that will give the boot to all other footwear on Super Bowl Sunday.

*All photos courtesy of Under Armour.


Gold Commemorative Renegade Cleat

Kicks really don’t get any louder than these. Gold from heel to toe with a little purple splashed in for effect, Lewis’ spikes will let the 49ers know where not to venture on the football field. The phrase “he heard footsteps” seems particularly appropriate given the circumstances.


Wow Factor: 10 out of 10

If these spikes become available to the general public, you can count on hordes of football players looking to get their feet in a pair. Even Ravens fans in search of a Super Bowl memento will pay an arm and a leg (well, maybe not a leg) to snag a pair of these gaudy cleats.

Design: 9 out of 10

The inserts alone earn these kicks an eight, but Under Armour probably could have done a little more with the exterior. The gold color is terrific, but other than some purple accents and “Psalms 91” on the toe, there isn’t a whole lot of contrast on the main portion of the cleats.

The purple laces and gold “RL52” on the tongue are nice touches, though, and you can’t fault Under Armour for not adding anything more to them. A few more contrasting elements would take them over the top, but a nine out of 10 is pretty special too.


Overall Swag Grade: 10 out of 10

Either the judges aren’t very good at math or these cleats deserve a 10 despite falling slightly short in the design department. Of all the great story lines for Super Bowl XLVII, we’re talking about spikes.

When it comes to swag, these are the piece de resistance of all great football footwear. Whether or not you’re a fan of Ray Lewis is irrelevant. These cleats bring the hurt.

Win or lose, Lewis is going out on top, and the future Hall of Famer will be doing it in some pretty flashy shoes.