NFL Draft 2013: Should the Cowboys Draft NC State Quarterback Mike Glennon?

Jason Henry@thenprojectCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2013

MOBILE, AL - JANUARY 26:  Mike Glennon #8 of the North squad drops back to pass against the South squad during the Senior Bowl at Ladd Peebles Stadium on January 26, 2013 in Mobile, Alabama.  The South won the game 21-16.  (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Stacy Revere/Getty Images columnist Calvin Watkins mentioned that the Dallas Cowboys should consider drafting altitudinous quarterback Mike Glennon out of North Carolina State.

Glennon is 6’7,” 225 pounds with a strong arm ready for NFL defenses. He can be inconsistent, and will take some time to develop, but his talent and potential is good enough for some quarterback-starved NFL teams to consider drafting him.

But should the Cowboys?

Jones isn’t ready to cede that Romo isn’t the right quarterback for the Cowboys. In speaking on the NFL Network, he gave full support to his starting quarterback (h/t Jon Machota, The Dallas Morning News):

He’s naturally a glass half-full guy, so he’s fired up about what we can do. I’ll tell you this, I really would hate to be sitting here talking about getting better, and starting fresh at quarterback and not having Romo. He’s a big part of what we got to go with…

There is our answer about replacing Romo in the present, so where do we stand with the future?


Mike Glennon’s Ability

I’m not sold on Glennon’s NFL readiness. He has the right size to be a successful NFL quarterback, but watching his pocket presence, footwork and decision making when the Wolfpack played rival Florida State, he has a ways to go before he can attack an NFL defense with strength and confidence. 

He brought his team back from a 16-point deficit against FSU, but as NC State made their slow march toward victory with a steam-powered comeback, he almost gave the game away with a few bad throws.

In the game’s final quarter, the Wolfpack were down by just six points with 27 seconds remaining.

Glennon is in the shotgun on FSU’s 3-yard line.

As the ball is snapped and Glennon takes it, he is flushed from the pocket to his right. Once on the run, he thinks that he sees receiver Quintin Payton open in the back left corner of the end zone.

Because he is in college, he can get away with this throw, but Glennon decides to chuck the ball across his body to the back of the end zone toward Payton where at least two Florida State defenders are waiting.

As Payton tries to come back and make a play on the ball, FSU cornerbacks Xavier Rhodes and Tyler Hunter both tip the ball before an air-twisting Payton gets his finger tips on it.

Luckily for Glennon, the ball fell harmlessly to the ground, and NC State lived to fight another down.

Once he actually enters the NFL, he will know not to make a throw of that nature; otherwise he and his team will be punished for it because it will become a turnover.

I also saw Glennon back up at least 10 yards deep into his own backfield a few times. He did step into the pocket to avoid the rush, but once his mind started to run about how much time he had before the posse came to get him, he would just back up and eventually throw the ball away.

To attack Florida State’s defense, Glennon used checkdowns, underneath routes, screens and getting his running backs out in the flats to win. I’m sure this was part of the team’s game plan due to something that was revealed on game film, but I did not see many deep throws from him.

For the night, Glennon threw 55 passes for 259 yards. That’s not even a five-yard-per-pass average, which tells me how the team went after the ‘Noles defensive backfield.

Yet with the steady picking on FSU’s secondary, Glennon was never a balanced force against them. He completed a lot of passes underneath, but he left plenty of plays on the field because he misread a defense or made a bad throw.

The Wolfpack ended the game with 18 third-down attempts and five conversions. Glennon will have to improve his ability to keep drives alive and throwing beyond the first-down marker when it is 3rd-and-long.

Overall, I like his potential. He has been compared to the Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan by Russ Lande of the National Football Post, which may not be so bad considering the Falcons just went to the NFC Championship Game.

In regard to Ryan, they both panic a little when pressured and can make bad decisions.

Once Glennon is drafted, he’ll have to work on reacting to stress up the middle, his decision making when pressured and flushed, taking the sack and living another down and using his arm as a weapon.

He has a cannon on his right shoulder, so he will use his arm strength to try to bail himself out of a bad situation.

That will have to stop.


Cowboys Fit

Do the Cowboys want another quarterback with questionable decision-making skills in the future? Better yet, is Dallas prepared to bring an even hotter spotlight over Romo if they choose to pick Glennon?

While they decide, Glennon is busy trying to prove that he is a first-round pick. If he does creep into the first round or the high second, he immediately comes off of the board for the Cowboys.

Even if Jerry Jones really likes Romo and wants him to stay, the team will be forced to look at replacements sometime soon. Romo is 32 years old and has 10 years of NFL wear on his body.


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