Raiders News: Another Camp Quarterback Added but NOT Due to Russell's Weight

Rob CalongeAnalyst IMarch 25, 2008

What happened to all of that salary cap space that was supposedly eaten up by the CRAAAZY spending spree that Al Davis and company have been on?

Unfortunately, I don't have access to Mr. Davis' checkbook register or his accounting books.  If I did have access to any of it, I probably wouldn't tell you anything anyway for fear of losing that access. 

The reason why I ask though is because I keep hearing and reading that the Raiders are either at the cap, or over it.  As always, I can't see that any of that is true. 

The last time the Raiders were in REAL salary cap trouble, they were still accounting for the ill-fated Larry Brown contract.  My guess is that Mr. Davis learned back then how to balance that checkbook of his.

In case you haven't heard, the Raiders signed another QB today...or should I say re-signed?  According to the transaction log, Jeff Otis has been signed again. 

According to his Wikipedia page, he was signed one day short of exactly one year since the last time the Raiders signed him.  How's that for consistency?  Here's what Wikipedia says about his college career:

"He played for the Columbia Lions[2] in his NCAA career. Jeff ranks second in the All-Time Columbia University passing list with yardage of 4,666 and pass completions 429. Jeff was the starting role for the Lions in 2003. Jeff was responded by finishing third in the league in per game passing average at 255.2 yards per contest. Jeff was named an outstanding player for the Lions. Jeff ranked seventh in Division I-AA in completions per game, and finished third on Columbia University's all-time single-season list with 217 completions. Jeff rated fourth on the school's single-season touchdown list with 17 and third in total offense with 2,675 yards."

With this signing, the Raiders have now signed two Div II college quarterbacks in the same number of days.  It's not uncommon for the Raiders to bring several QB's in before the start of the preseason, so this probably doesn't rate as huge news.  At least it's something to chew on for the day.

Russell Sighting 

Something interesting happened at the Oracle when the Lakers came calling upon the Warriors.  Russell was courtside.  After the rumors of him pushing 300 pounds, I expected to see a guy that looked more like Terdell Sands rather than what I did see, a semi-svelt big guy.

If you've read any of my past articles, then you know that I don't approve of the lack of true reporting that we often see in the media today.  That's why I was interested to see if anyone would have the courage to write about how good Russell actually looked, despite what they've actually reported so far. 

No such satisfaction was obtained.  Raider Nation can take heart in knowing that their young gun is working and staying in shape.  According to some reports, Knapp has said that he's been in the facility for several weeks now working out and studying everything he can.

If the Raiders have found the right formula of talent, they may have also found the right men to lead this team for years to come.  With players like Asomugha, Fargas, Morrison, Howard and Russell, the Raiders have marquee players who put in the extra time to get better. 

That is a big difference from the C-Wood/D-Russ/J-Porter days where players mostly relied on their abilities to make up for their lack of study.

Letter to the reader:

Thanks for all of the support.  I've been reading your posts and have really enjoyed them.  I'm so glad that many of you have voiced your opinions about the truth and fairness in journalism. 

One thing is sure, Raider Nation is alive and well!  The most visited articles have been Raider articles on Bleacher Report.  While I can't speak for everyone here at BR, I'd like to take this time and promise to continue to give you honest and objective reporting. 

I can't promise to always be good at it though, but I'll continue to bring my lunch pale and put in the work.  If you're looking for truth, honesty, and fairness, you've come to the right place.  While you may not always agree with me, you can count on the words to be as objective as possible.