Oakland Raiders News: None, But The Media Will Find Something

Rob CalongeAnalyst IMarch 24, 2008

After completing the DeAngelo Hall trade and resigning their Exclusive Rights Free Agents, the Raiders weren't expected to make anymore headlines until draft day nears.  With the tradition of silence that surrounds the franchise, Raider Nation will have slim pickings when it comes to the daily news cycle right?  Don't count on it.

Over the past week, I've read dozens of posts, blogs, and fellow BR writers' articles detailing the false, and in many cases irresponsible, reporting of the Raiders.  Although I don't necessarily feel that this is only commonplace with the Raiders, one only needs to enter the realm of political reporting to see that, I can't completely rule out that it's not conspiratorial to some demented respect.

Out here on the west coast, it's common for ALL fans to resent the reporting and slights perceived by the nations' leader in sports, BSPN...uh, err, ESPN.  Sorry east coasters, you're going to have to take my word for it when it comes to east coast bias.  It exists, even BSPN acknowledges it from time to time.  What you may not know, unless you live in the Bay Area, is that there is a very real bias against not only the Raiders, but the A's too by the local media.

Let's go back to my original premise about the news cycle.  Today, the only news to come out of Oakland is the signing of QB Erik Meyer.  Who?  Yeah, that's what I thought too, but they do need more than two to start the season.  So, I guess you think I got that tidbit from the local newswire right?  That's where I should've gotten it, but instead I got it from the Oakland Raiders website, under 'transactions'.

While going to my favorite Raider sites to get my fill of Raiders News, I came across an article written by the infamous Raider Hater himself, Monte Pool of Inside Bay Area.  The title of the article was, Silence from Raiders is Deafening.  So what's the story?  Here's part of it:

Speaking of DeAngelo Hall -

"Through his first four days as a Raider, the 24-year-old cornerback has seen the halls of the Alameda facility and parts of the Bay Area but spent not a minute conveying his joy to the general public.

Which might have something to do with the live grenade that is Lane Kiffin's status."

So, for Three Card Monte the story is how the Raiders didn't have a press conference for Hall and as you can see, he's back on the Lane Kiffin is getting fired bandwagon.  This is what infuriates Raider Nation.  Stories that pound the Raiders with no quotes, no proof, and usually no facts.  Don't believe me?  Read this quote from his 'story'.

"Kiffin has been mute about the Great Gear flap, wherein he opted not to wear his customary Raiders attire while coaching at the Super Bowl."

Super Bowl?  Even after being told the error early this morning, it's still not fixed.  Oh well, maybe Monte is still patting himself on the back on his favorite bar stool and boasting how he really put the screws to the Raiders today.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with well thought out criticism, but the article goes above and beyond criticism to downright hatred.

The real story should be that the Raiders signed a once promising young QB which is listed in Wikipedia with this:

" His 166.5 career passing efficiency rating set a record for I-AA quarterbacks with at least 400 completions. In 42 games, he passed for 10,261 yards, with 84 TD passes against just 17 INTs. Posted 65.7 percent passing accuracy, completing 721-of-1097. His career interception percentage (1.5) also is a Division I-AA record."

Today the national media has been releasing news about players who've been franchised that aren't showing up to off season conditioning programs because they can't.  I guess you can't work out with the team if you're not under contract which a player franchise tagged isn't, unless he has signed the tender.  Guess which Raider that describes.

So instead of getting the type of coverage on a new signing like Raider Nation should, they'll likely be hearing about how Asomugha is not working out with the team and throw in some sort of false report that he's not happy about not having a contract or something.  I wouldn't be surprised if I saw that tomorrow.  Would you be?