2013 NFL Mock Draft: Full 7-Round Mock with First-Round Analysis

Brandon ReddingContributor IIIDecember 15, 2012

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Full 7-Round Mock with First-Round Analysis

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    The NFL season is not quite over, but the end is getting closer as we speak.  This means one thing. Draft day is quickly approaching and it is never too early to have a quick mock.

    This seven-round mock is based on projected round as of Saturday.  Things will change, of course, but we can go ahead and get a glimpse as to what can happen. 

1. Chiefs: Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

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    We need to be real for one second.  It is painfully obvious the Chiefs need a quarterback.  I think it should be obvious that the Chiefs will not rely on finding a quarterback in later rounds.  Geno Smith may not have the hype of an Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. But he is by far the best option in the draft.  

    The Chiefs can't go on with Matt Cassell and Brady Quinn running the show, and we see no viable option in the upcoming free agent market unless they can snatch Joe Flacco from Baltimore, which is doubtful. 

    I think going No. 1 overall may be a little high for Smith. We could see the Chiefs trade back with a team like the Dolphins or Titans. But if they keep the pick, they have to take Smith.  

    He can make all the throws at the next level and has excellent pocket awareness. The big plus is his incredibly low turnover rate. He has a 40-6 touchdown-to-interception ratio, which should carry over to the next level.  

2. Jaguars: Jarvis Jones, Linebacker, Georgia

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    The Jaguars need help in a lot of areas, actually in all areas.  The highest need may be quarterback. Sorry,  Jag fans, Blaine Gabbert is not the answer.

     If the Chiefs do not take Geno Smith, look for the Jaguars to possibly jump on him.  Outside of the quarterback position, the Jaguars next need interior linemen and linebackers.  

    Jarvis Jones is by far the top option for an outside linebacker in the draft.  Jones has excellent quickness and reminds me of Jerod Mayo with better pass-rush skills.  Jones should be starting Week 1 and could well end up as Defensive Rookie of the Year and possibly be an immediate Pro Bowl selection. 

3. Raiders: Dee Milliner, Cornerback, Alabama

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    The Raiders' pass coverage this season has been utterly embarrassing.  Ron Bartell and Shawntae Spencer have been dreadful. Dee Milliner should be a no-brainer for the Raiders. 

    Milliner brings a talented skill set to the next level and should be able to make an immediate impact.  Milliner needs to work on his man-coverage skills. But in zone coverage, you will not find another corner in the draft who can play it as well as Milliner.  

4. Cardinals: Luke Joeckel, Offensive Tackle, Texas A&M

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    The first four weeks of the season, it appeared the Cardinals were destined to be a surprise playoff contender. But their lack of talent has caught up with them.  Their quarterbacks have been dreadful and may be the worst in the league. But as bad as the quarterbacks have been, the offensive line has been worse.

    Luke Joeckel makes excellent sense for the Cardinals and is a team-changer with his ability.  All you have to do is watch tape of Joeckel to see he is the runaway top offensive lineman in college football.  I project Joeckel as a left tackle at the next level, but I think he could handle the right side as well.  

5. Titans: Chance Warmack, Offensive Guard, Alabama

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    It is rare to see a guard so highly rated on draft boards, but it is also rare to see a guard like Chance Warmack.  He has been an anchor for the Alabama offensive line his whole career and should be a top-10 pick. 

    The Titans are in major need of an offensive line overhaul and getting your interior anchor would be a step in the right direction.  

    Warmack brings an amazing skill set to the position and has the athleticism to dominate interior defensive linemen at the NFL level.  I see no weaknesses in Warmack. I certainly think he will be a Titan in 2013. 

6. Eagles: Manti Te'o, Linebacker, Notre Dame

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    The Eagles have the opportunity to get one of the most widely publicized and talented defensive players in quite a long time.  The Eagles need outside linebackers, but being able to land Manti Te'o, an inside linebacker, would go a long way for a team trying to rebuild as quickly as possible.

    This is not a knock on DeMeco Ryans, but Te'o is head and shoulders more talented.  I do think there will be a bit of a learning curve for Te'o, but his awareness and knack for finding the ball will lead him to glory in the NFL.  

7. Panthers: Star Lotulelei, Defensive Tackle, Utah

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    The Panthers' defensive line has underwhelmed all season, so finding a star for the middle will be their No. 1  priority come draft day.  Sione Fua has been decent, but Dwan Edwards is not a starter in the NFL and Lotulelei should be able to fill that hole. 

    Lotulelei brings excellent athleticism to the defensive tackle position and provides excellent skills against the run.  His pass rush will be a work in progress, so don't expect him to be the next Geno Atkins. He's more like Haloti Ngata. 

8. Lions: Bjoern Werner, Defensive End, Florida State

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    The Lions could well lose the majority of their defensive end rotation in 2013, so finding replacements is top priority.  The Lions also need help in the secondary, but it is a little early for that when considering who is left on the board. 

    Bjoern Werner has more upside than any other defensive end in the draft. But in the same breath, I do not expect him to be a major sensation right away. I like to compare him to Quinton Coples, who will be good in a couple of years, but is still raw and adjusting to the increase in speed and size at the NFL level.  

9. Bills: Barkevious Mingo, Linebacker, LSU

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    The Bills' linebacking corps has been dreadful in 2012. Finding someone to come in and make an immediate impact will be high on the to-do list.  

    Barkevious Mingo has played defensive end this season at LSU. But I project him as an outside linebacker at the next level.  Mingo has not been as productive in 2012 as projected, but he has tremendous upside and elite size for the position.

     He has an amazing burst off the edge and should be able to wreak havoc in opposing backfields right away.  

10. Chargers: Taylor Lewan, Offensive Tackle, Michigan

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    The San Diego Chargers have been among the worst in pass protection this season, so being able to find their future left tackle  should rank among their most important needs.  

    Taylor Lewan has tremendous ability at the position and ranks just a step below Luke Joeckel.  If Joeckel somehow dropped this low, the Chargers will snatch him up, but I do not see that happening.  Lewan should become a stalwart in the NFL and make an immediate impact for the Chargers.  

11. Saints: Damontre Moore, Defensive End, Texas A&M

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    The Saints have struggled mightily in 2012 and their defense should shoulder most of the blame.  The Saints will be looking for upgrades at all three levels on defense, so I expect them to take the best available defensive player, no matter the position.  

    Damontre Moore brings a rare ability to play defensive end or linebacker in any system.  I see him as more of an end for the Saints.  I think he will need a few weeks to get his feet under him at the next level, but he will become one of the best very quickly.  

12. Dolphins: Jake Matthews, Offensive Tackle, Texas A&M

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    The Miami Dolphins have shown flashes of brilliance this season, but they are an extremely young team and the needs are plentiful.  I do not expect Jake Long to return in 2013, so finding his replacement will be priority if Ryan Tannehill wants to be successful in Miami. 

    I am uncertain if Jake Matthews will leave school. But if he does, he should find a spot in the draft anywhere between the middle to late part of Round 1. The Texas A&M offensive line was impressive this season. When you protect the quarterback who wins the Heisman, you know you are good.

    Matthews is not quite up to the Luke Joeckel level, but is extremely athletic and should be able to start right away.  

13. Browns: Sam Montgomery, Defensive End, LSU

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    The Browns are a rising organization and have played extremely well over the last half of the season.  There are some upgrades they need, but the most important will be at defensive end.  Frostee Rucker is a rotational guy, but I do not think he is a starter at this point in his career, and I think Jabaal Sheard has come back down to Earth after an amazing rookie season. 

    Sam Montgomery has been a solid college player for the last two seasons.  While he may not have the pass- rushing ability of teammate Barkevious Mingo, he should be able to provide excellent toughness and grit against the run and still rack up a few sacks in the NFL.

    Don't be surprised to see Montgomery drop a bit come draft day, but he should still be a first-round selection. 

14. Jets: Matt Barkley, Quarterback, Southern California

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    The Jets may finally realize that Mark Sanchez is no longer the answer.  Sanchez is a good quarterback, but  a change of scenery will probably do him some good. So I think it is time for the Jets to make a change. Sorry, Tim Tebow fans, he will not be the starter.  

    Matt Barkley is cut in the same mold as Sanchez, but I think he has a better chance of success in New York. Barkley has experience, starting at USC since he was a freshman. I think he can be a top-15 quarterback in the NFL, but you may have to be patient.  

15. Buccaneers: Johnathan Hankins, Defensive Tackle, Ohio State

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    The Buccaneers have been extremely inconsistent on the defensive line over the last few years, so finding a stop-gap up the middle will make them a better unit. 

    Hankins is a force in the run game and I think he can turn into a Cullen Jenkins-type player.  He looks a little raw for the NFL right away, but should be able to suffice while he learns the game and adjusts to the size and speed of the NFL.  

16. Rams: C.J. Mosley, Linebacker, Alabama

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    The Rams have been inconsistent all season.  There are higher needs than linebacker for the Rams, but being able to land Mosley should convince them take one in the first round.  

    He brings a Dont'a Hightower style to the game.  He is a bit raw, but should be able to help the Rams'  linebacking corps, which has been mediocre.  I do not see Mosley as a pass-rusher, but he should be an excellent linebacker in pass coverage and be able to make tackles all over the field.

    Don't be surprised to see Mosley moved to inside Linebacker at some point.  

17. Vikings: Sheldon Richardson, Defensive Tackle, Missouri

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    The Vikings have been a surprise this season, but they have holes to fill if they want to reach the playoffs.   The Williams Wall has been broken up and their rush defense has not been the same since.  

    Sheldon Richardson is a guy who looks a bit raw on tape, but he also has an exorbitant amount of strength and should handle smaller or weaker interior linemen right away.  Playing alongside Jared Allen should help as well.  

18. Steelers: Eric Fisher, Offensive Tackle, Central Michigan

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    The Steelers are aging quickly.  They need help in many areas, including holes on their offensive line, mainly at tackle. They need to draft someone to help with pass blocking and keep Ben Roethlisberger healthy. 

    Eric Fisher is a bit of an unknown, but come draft day, you will hear more and more about him.  He may not bring anything elite to the table, but he does bring toughness and excellent quickness that should hold up well in the brutal AFC North.

    This is an obvious selection for the Steelers here. 

19. Cowboys: Jonathan Cooper, Offensive Guard, North Carolina

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    This is the year for guards in the NFL draft. We may see two or three taken in the first round.  The Cowboys offensive line has been plain awful. If they think Nate Livings is the answer at guard, I implore you to actually watch tape on him.  He is amazingly bad.  

    Jonathan Cooper brings elite athleticism to the position and is just a small step below the level of Chance Warmack.  Cooper could easily go higher in the draft, but I think he fits best with the Cowboys here.

20. Rams (Via Redskins): Eric Reid, Safety, LSU

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    The Rams will get a second selection in the draft and I think improving the secondary is warranted.  The Rams' safeties have not been spectacular this season and I think some protection in that area will be an area of focus. 

    Eric Reid is one of those guys who could go higher with a good combine or drop off the board altogether.  He has excellent instincts for the position, but I think he overplays and tries to do too much from time to time.  He should be the first safety off the board, but look out for Matt Elam if he declares.  

21. Bears: Tyler Eifert, Tight End, Notre Dame

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    The Bears have bigger needs than a tight end, but filling those needs in this part of the first round would be a serious reach.  The Bears have not been stable at tight end since Greg Olsen departed, so this pick should be used to provide Jay Cutler with more targets. 

    Tyler Eifert has excellent hands and can catch any pass thrown to him. But to become elite, Eifert will have to improve as a blocker, a skill the Bears need from their tight end.

    Eifert is similar to Jermaine Gresham as a receiver and should be the first tight end off the board.  

22. Bengals: Matt Elam, Safety, Florida

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    You are hearing it here first.  The Bengals will make the playoffs this year.  They will beat the Steelers in Week 16 and the Ravens in Week 17.

    If they can keep their core players together, the Bengals are a young team that is destined for many fruitful years.  They do need help in the secondary, although signing Chris Crocker midway through the season has been a major blessing.  Safety and linebacker are their two main areas of need, and I think they will go with the best on the board depending on position. 

    Matt Elam could go either way about entering the draft, but I think if he grades out as a first-rounder, he should leave Florida.  Elam could overtake Eric Reid as the top safety in the draft. But if he were to fall to Cincinnati here, there is no question the Bengals will take him. 

23. Seahawks: Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, California

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    The Seahawks have been stellar this season, more so than anyone predicted.  Russell Wilson has also been a pleasant surprise. But the one thing he lacks is a true No. 1 wide receiver. 

    Keenan Allen should be able to fill that role in the Seattle system and could make an early impact.  The position truly lacks a dominant presence this year in the draft, but Allen is head and shoulders above the rest, as far as NFL talent is concerned.

    The one issue I see is durability.  The injuries this season have dropped his stock a bit. But if he can get healthy, he should be able to provide an instant boost to the Seahawks.  

24. Colts: Johnthan Banks, Cornerback, Mississippi State

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    The Colts have had trouble developing corners for a few years now. I say it is time they draft a true No. 1 corner. 

    Johnthan Banks is the second-best corner in the draft and has all the tools to become one of the best in the game.  The one knock I see is his ability to change directions, which will hurt him against receivers like A.J. Green, but he excels at everything else.

    He is physical, fast and plays with a chip on his shoulder.  The Colts need Banks and need him badly. 

25: Giants: Xavier Rhodes, Cornerback, Florida State

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    The Giants have had injury after injury in their secondary and it has shown with their inconsistent pass coverage.  Prince Amukamura has been a bust so far, and I don't think he will ever be as good as a first-round selection should be. 

    Xavier Rhodes is a solid overall cornerback.  He does not do anything exceptionally well, but he plays hard and can become a very good player in the NFL.  He will have to work on a few issues and get more physical, but he should be the third overall corner taken. 

26: Ravens: David Amerson, Cornerback, N.C. State

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    The Ravens are on the decline defensively due to age and injuries, but still can be a force to be reckoned with.  The Ravens need playmakers on defense, mainly at linebacker, safety and corner.  Ladarius Webb is a tremendous talent, but injuries are a major concern for him.

    David Amerson may jump Xavier Rhodes as the next corner taken, but he fits the Ravens' style with his ball-hawking skills.  Amerson looked rough at the beginning of the season, but really came on near the end.

    He should be a first-round selection.

27. Packers: Lane Johnson, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma

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    The Packers' offensive line has been plagued by injuries, so I think they will take a shot on a lineman with high upside. 

    There may not be an offensive lineman in the draft with higher upside than Lane Johnson.  Prior to the season, Johnson was not even in a discussion about being drafted. Now he is mentioned as a late first-rounder or early second-rounder.

    Johnson is raw, but has amazing upside as a run-blocker.  He will need to work on pass blocking, but I see him in the Sebastian Vollmer mold.  

28. Texans: Tavon Austin, Wide Receiver, West Virginia

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    The Houston Texans have a need at receiver to complement Andre Johnson.  Johnson has had a bit of a down year and it is due to the lack of a second option. 

    Tavon Austin figures to be more a slot receiver in the NFL But that position is quickly becoming a major part of every offense.

    Austin brings home-run ability to every down and could be the fastest guy in the draft.  He will have to work on his receiving skills at the next level, and I think he will need to become more passionate to be a success.

    In Austin, the Texans may have found the next Wes Welker. But he could also be the next Dexter McCluster.

29. Falcons: Jesse Williams, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

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    The Falcons desperately want a tight end. So if Tyler Eifert falls this far, they will grab him. But I don't think Zach Ertz is a first-rounder. Plus, I think he will actually stay at Stanford.

    Defensive tackle has been a bit of a problem for Atlanta with injuries and not great production.  I expected Corey Peters to be elite, but injuries have hurt him the last two years. 

    Jesse Williams will be a bit of a work in progress, but should eventually be a solid, above-average defensive tackle.  He will have to get quicker for the NFL, but he has room to grow.  

30. Broncos: John Jenkins, Defensive Tackle, Georgia

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    The Broncos have been stellar this season in all aspects of the game, but their main weakness is the defensive tackle position.  

    John Jenkins is a massive mountain of a man and is excellent in rushing situations.  Jenkins moves well for his size, but is not a great defender in passing situations. He reminds me of Casey Hampton and should warrant a first-round grade.  

31. 49ers: Sharrif Floyd, Defensive Tackle, Florida

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    I could see the 49ers and Broncos flip-flopping their picks here, but I think Floyd brings a ton to the table. He  could decide to stay one more year in college and that could be the smart thing, but he has a ton of upside.

    He will have to add a little bulk at the next level, but his frame should allow for it.  Floyd could become a very good player down the road. He makes a ton of sense for San Francisco. 

32. Patriots: DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver, Clemson

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    The Patriots could lose Wes Welker and Julian Edelman to free agency this offseason, leaving Brandon Lloyd as their only feature receiver guaranteed to return.  Finding a a complement and future No. 1 will be important for Tom Brady and company. 

    DeAndre Hopkins does not get the hype that Keenan Allen, Robert Woods and Tavon Austin get, but he has the tools to be an extremely talented receiver at the next level.  He reminds me of Nate Burleson, only maybe a little better coming out of college.

    He will need to show up every game, but I think maturity and practice will help him. 

Second Round

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    33. Chiefs: Alex Okafor, Defensive End, Texas

    34. Jaguars: Tyler Wilson, Quarterback, Arkansas

    35. Bengals (Via Oakland Raiders): Chase Thomas, Linebacker, Stanford

    36. Cardinals: Ryan Nassib, Quarterback, Syracuse

    37. Titans: T.J. McDonald, Safety, Southern California

    38. Eagles: Jordan Poyer, Cornerback, Oregon State

    39. Panthers: Desmond Trufant, Cornerback, Washington

    40. Lions: Logan Ryan, Cornerback, Rutgers

    41. Bills: E.J. Manuel, Quarterback, Florida State

    42. Chargers: Bennett Jackson, Cornerback, Notre Dame

    43. Saints: Forfeit Pick

    44. Dolphins: Terrance Williams, Wide Receiver, Baylor

    45. Browns: Forfeit

    46. Jets: Robert Lester, Safety, Alabama

    47. Buccaneers: Kenny Vaccaro, Safety, Texas

    48. Rams: Dallas Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Tennessee

    49. Vikings: Justin Hunter, Wide Receiver, Tennessee

    50. Steelers: Giovani Bernard, Running Back, North Carolina

    51. Cowboys: Oday Aboushi, Offensive Tackle, Virginia

    52. Redskins: Tony Jefferson, Safety, Oklahoma

    53. Bears: D.J. Fluker, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

    54. Bengals: Barrett Jones, Center/Guard, Alabama

    55. Seahawks: Kyle Long, Offensive Tackle, Oregon

    56. Dolphins (Via Indianapolis Colts): Jamar Taylor, Cornerback, Boise State

    57. Giants: Khaseem Greene, Linebacker, Rutgers

    58. Ravens: Kevin Minter, Linebacker, LSU

    59. Packers: Eddie Lacy, Running Back, Alabama

    60. Texans: Brian Winters, Offensive Tackle, Kent State

    61. Falcons: Jordan Reed, Tight End, Florida

    62. Broncos: Dion Jordan, Defensive End, Oregon

    63. 49ers: Baccari Rambo, Safety, Georgia

    64. Patriots: Arthur Brown, Linebacker, Kansas State

Third Round

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    65. Chiefs: Robert Woods, Wide Receiver, Southern California

    66. Jaguars: Kawann Short, Defensive Tackle, Purdue

    67. Raiders: Ezekiel Ansah, Defensive End, BYU

    68. Cardinals: Larry Warford, Offensive Guard.Kentucky

    69. Titans: John Simon, Defensive End, Ohio State

    70. Eagles: Aaron Murray, Quarterback, Georgia

    71. 49ers (Via Panthers): Andre Ellington, Running Back, Clemson

    72. Lions: Quinton Patton, Wide Receiver, Louisiana Tech

    73. Bills: Morgan Breslin, Defensive End, Southern California

    74. Chargers: Mike Glennon, Quarterback, North Carolina State

    75. Saints: Sylvester Williams, Defensive Tackle, North Carolina

    76. Dolphins: Zac Dysert, Quarterback, Miami (OH)

    77. Browns: Da'Rick Rogers, Wide Receiver, Tennessee Tech

    78. Jets: Montee Ball, Running Back, Wisconsin

    79. Buccaneers: Brandon Jenkins, Linebacker, Florida State

    80. Rams: Nico Johnson, Linebacker, Alabama

    81. Vikings: Jamie Collins, Linebacker, Southern Miss

    82. Steelers: Datone Jones, Defensive End, UCLA

    83. Cowboys: Landry Jones, Quarterback, Oklahoma

    84. Redskins: Shayne Skov, Linebacker, Stanford

    85. Dolphins (Via Chicago Bears): Khaled Holmes, Center, Southern California

    86. Bengals: Marcus Lattimore, Running Back, South Carolina

    87. Seahawks: Stepfan Taylor, Running Back, Stanford

    88. Colts: Ryan Swope, Wide Receiver, Texas A&M

    89. Giants: Gabe Jackson, Offensive Guard, Mississippi State

    90. Ravens: Tyler Bray, Quarterback, Tennessee

    91. Packers: Aaron Dobson, Wide Receiver, Marshall

    92. Texans: Jonathan Bostic, Linebacker, Florida

    93. Falcons: Mike Gillislee, Running Back, Florida

    94. Broncos: Cobi Hamilton, Wide Receiver, Arkansas

    95. 49ers: Sean Porter, Linebacker, Texas A&M

    96. Patriots: Leon McFadden, Cornerback, San Diego State

Fourth Round

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    97. Chiefs: Brennan Williams, Offensive Tackle, North Carolina

    98. Jaguars: Tank Carradine, Defensive End, Florida State

    100. Raiders: Christine Michael, Running Back, Texas A&M

    101. Cardinals: Jordan Hill, Defensive Tackle, Penn State

    102. Titans: Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Cornerback, Connecticut

    103. Eagles: Jordan Matthews, Wide Receiver, Vanderbilt

    104. Panthers: Alvin Bailey, Offensive Guard, Arkansas

    105. Vikings (Via Lions): Matt Scott, Quarterback, Arizona

    106. Bills: Gerald Hodges, Linebacker, Penn State

    107. Chargers: Denard Robinson, Wide Receiver, Michigan

    108. Saints: Zeke Motta, Safety, Notre Dame

    109. Dolphins: Terry Hawthorne, Cornerback, Illinois

    110. Browns: Ray Graham, Running Back, Pitt

    111. Jets: Everett Dawkins, Defensive Tackle, Florida State

    112. Buccaneers: Johnathan Franklin, Running Back, UCLA

    113. Rams: Mario Benavides, Center, Louisville

    114. Vikings: Kiko Alanso, Linebacker, Oregon

    115. Steelers: Trevardo Williams, Linebacker, Connecticut

    116. Cowboys: Shawn Williams, Safety, Georgia

    117. Redskins: Markus Wheaton, Wide Receiver, Oregon State

    118. Bears: Omoregie Uzzi, Offensive Guard, Georgia Tech

    119. Bengals: Chris Harper, Wide Receiver, Kansas State

    120. Seahawks: Chris Gragg, Tight End, Arkansas

    121. Colts: Rick Wagner, Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin

    122. Giants: Kenjon Barner, Running Back, Oregon

    123. Ravens: Travis Long, Linebacker, Washington State

    124. Packers: Adrian Bushell, Cornerback, Louisville

    125. Texans: Brandon Williams, Defensive Tackle, Missouri Southern State

    126. Falcons: D.J. Swearinger, Safety, South Carolina

    127. Broncos: Lonnie Pryor, Fullback, Florida State

    128. 49ers: Braxston Cave, Center, Notre Dame

    128. Buccaneers (Via Patriots): Robert Alford, Cornerback, Southeastern Louisiana

Fifth Round

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    129. Chiefs: DeVonte Holloman, Linebacker, South Carolina

    130. Jaguars: Rashard Hall, Safety, Clemson

    131. Raiders: Malliciah Goodman, Defensive End, Clemson

    132. Cardinals: Marc Anthony, Cornerback, California

    133. Titans: Abry Jones, Defensive Tackle, Georgia

    134. Eagles: Lerentee McCray, Linebacker,Florida

    135. Panthers: Joseph Fauria, Tight End, UCLA

    136. Lions: Hugh Thornton, Offensive Guard, Illinois

    137. Bills: Xavier Nixon, Offensive Tackle, Florida

    138. Chargers: Dennis Johnson, Running Back, Arkansas

    139. Saints: Tavarres King, Wide Receiver, Georgia

    140. Dolphins: Kevin Reddick, Linebacker, North Carolina

    141. Browns: B.W. Webb, Cornerback, William & Mary

    142. Jets: Margus Hunt, Defensive End, Southern Methodist

    143. Buccaneers: Oscar Johnson, Offensive Tackle, Louisiana Tech

    144. Rams: Duke Williams, Safety,Nevada

    145. Vikings: Ryan Lacy, Cornerback, Utah

    146. Steelers: Conner Vernon, Wide Receiver, Duke

    147. Cowboys: Sio Moore, Linebacker, Connecticut

    148. Redskins: Michael Buchanan, Defensive End, Illinois

    149. Bears: Josh Boyd, Defensive Tackle, Mississippi State

    150. Bengals: Will Davis, Cornerback, Utah State

    151. Seahawks: Cornelius Washington, Linebacker, Georgia

    152: 49ers (Via Indianapolis Colts): Josh Evans, Safety, Florida

    153. Giants: Ryan Otten, Tight End, San Jose State

    154. Ravens: Phillip Thomas, Safety, Fresno State

    155. Packers: Micah Hyde, Cornerback, Iowa

    156. Texans: Johnny Adams, Cornerback, Michigan State

    157. Falcons: Corey Fuller, Wide Receiver,Virginia Tech

    158. Broncos: Rex Burkhead, Running Back, Nebraska

    159. 49ers: Brad Sorensen,Quarterback, Southern Utah

    160. Redskins (Via Patriots): Chris Jones, Defensive Tackle, Bowling Green

Sixth Round

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    161. Chiefs: Graham Pocic, Center, Illinois

    162. Jaguars: Lavar Edwards, Defensive End, LSU

    163. Raiders: Zaviar Gooden, Linebacker, Missouri

    164. Cardinals: Zach Sudfeld, Tight End, Nevada

    165. Vikings (Via Titans): Demontre Hurst, Cornerback, Oklahoma

    166. Eagles: Daimion Stafford, Safety, Nebraska

    167. Panthers: A.J. Klein, Linebacker, Iowa State

    168. Lions: Aaron Mellette, Wide Receiver, Elon

    169. Bills: Zach Line, Fullback, Southern Methodist

    170. Chargers: Tyrann Mathieu, Cornerback, LSU

    171. Saints: Travis Bond, Offensive Guard, North Carolina

    172. 49ers (Via Dolphins): Nick Becton, Offensive Tackle, Virginia Tech

    173. Browns: Etienne Sabino, Linebacker, Ohio State

    174. Jets: Michael Williams, Tight End, Alabama

    175. Buccaneers: Rodney Smith, Wide Receiver, Florida State

    176. Rams: Kerwynn Williams, Running Back, Utah State

    177. Redskins (Via Vikings): Dalton Freeman, Center, Clemson

    178. Steelers: Cory Grissom, Defensive Tackle, South Florida

    179. Cowboys: Branden Smith, Cornerback, Georgia

    180. Redskins: Jarred Holley, Safety, Pitt

    181. Bears: Theo Riddick, Running Back, Notre Dame

    182. Bengals: Manase Foeketi, Offensive Tackle, West Texas A&M

    183. Seahawks: Anthony Rashad White, Defensive Tackle, Michigan State

    184. Dolphins (Colts): Devin Taylor, Defensive End, South Carolina

    185. Giants: John Wetzel, Offensive Tackle, Boston College

    186. Ravens: Bruce Taylor, Linebacker, Virginia Tech

    187. Packers: Jeff Baca, Offensive Guard, UCLA

    188. Texans: Marquess Wilson, Wide Receiver, Washington State

    189. Falcons: Marcus Davis, Wide Receiver, Virginia Tech

    190. Broncos: Kenneth Tate, Linebacker, Maryland

    191. 49ers: Jake Stoneburner, Tight End, Ohio State

    192. Bengals (Patriots): Sean Renfree, Quarterback, Duke

Seventh Round

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    193. Chiefs: Jordan Kovacs, Safety, Michigan

    194. Jaguars: Josh Johnson, Cornerback, Purdue

    195. Seahawks (Via Raiders): Quinn Sharp, Punter, Oklahoma State

    196. Cardinals: Sam Brenner, Offensive Guard,Utah

    197. Titans: Montori Hughes, Defensive Tackle, Tennessee-Martin

    198. Browns (Via Eagles): Bradley McDougald, Safety, Kansas

    199. Raiders (Via Panthers): DeVonte Christopher, Wide Receiver, Utah

    200. Lions: Sanders Cummings, Cornerback, Georgia

    201. Seahawks (Via Bills): Alex Hurst, Offensive Tackle, LSU

    202. Chargers: Michael Mauti, Linebacker, Penn State

    203. Seahawks (Via Saints): Dustin Hopkins, Kicker, Florida State

    204. Dolphins: Rod Sweeting, Cornerback, Georgia Tech

    205. Browns: David Bass, Defensive End, Missouri Western State

    206. Jets: Nick Clancy, Linebacker, Boston College

    207. Patriots (Via Buccaneers): Knile Davis, Running Back, Arkansas

    208. Rams: Russell Shepard, Wide Receiver, LSU

    209. Cardinals (Via Vikings): Brian Schwenke, Center, California

    210. Steelers: Travis Kelce, Tight End, Cincinnati

    211. Dolphins (Via Cowboys): Tyrone Goard, Wide Receiver, Eastern Kentucky

    212. Redskins: Travis Johnson, Defensive End, San Jose State

    213. Buccaneers (Via Bears): Shamarko Thomas, Safety, Syracuse

    214. 49ers (Via Bengals): Caleb Sturgis, Kicker, Florida

    215. Buccaneers (Via Seahawks): Matt Furstenburg, Tight End, Maryland

    216. Eagles (Via Colts): Brandan Bishop, Safety, North Carolina State

    217. Giants: Braden Hansen, Offensive Guard, BYU

    218. Ravens: Cameron Lawrence, Linebacker, Mississippi State

    219. Packers: Travis Howard, Cornerback, Ohio State

    220. Texans: Anthony McCloud, Defensive Tackle, Florida State

    221. Falcons: Greg Blair, Linebacker, Cincinnati

    222. Eagles (Via Broncos): Dan Buckner, Wide Receiver, Arizona

    223. 49ers: Miguel Maysonet, Running Back, Stony Brook

    224. Patriots: Matt Summers-Gavin, Offensive Tackle, California