Oakland Raiders: 10 Players They Must Consider for 2013

Dallas Davis@SpreadANDTotalCorrespondent INovember 28, 2012

Oakland Raiders: 10 Players They Must Consider for 2013

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    OK, Raider fans. Are you like me? Are you finally fed up with Darren McFadden and his injuries? Do you realize that our defensive secondary is similar to that of a freshman high school team? Are you gripping for a pickup....any free-agent pickup?

    There is hope, my friends. As it stands right now, the Raiders will receive the sixth pick in the 2013 NFL draft. That could go up or down a couple spots depending on how Oakland finishes the season. Unfortunately, it doesn't get so lucky in the second round, as the Bengals take advantage once again of its terrible trade for Carson Palmer.

    Don't get me wrong, I think Carson isn't to blame completely, but the structure of the trade will continue to hurt the Raiders until April of next year.

    Humor me, folks, and let's take a look at some players that I'd love to see in black and silver next season.

1. Manti Te'o: LB, Notre Dame

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    What's not to love about this guy. Heisman hopeful, great heart and a freak of nature on the field. He is taking Notre Dame to the BCS Championship game, and he could leave Notre Dame as a top-10 pick.

    Oakland would likely have to move up another spot or two to snag him, but how special would that be to have this guy lined up alongside Rolando.

    Granted, a CB would be much more effective of a pick in the first round. However, Te'o is worthy and could turn the Raiders defense around.

2. Mike Wallace: Unrestricted Free Agent

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    I can't possibly imagine the Steelers getting rid of this guy, but he literally would be the perfect Al Davis Raider. He's big, fast and can change the complexion of the game.

    These are all reasons leading me to believe that he will probably garner a sizeable contract, but going strictly on facts as of right now, dude is on his way to free agency and doesn't want to talk contract until the offseason.

    He may even get benched next week, which oddly, could be good for the Raiders' hopes to snag him.

3. Dee Milliner: CB Alabama

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    Milliner seems to have some skills that would make him a reliable NFL cornerback. He plays in the mini-NFL, known as the SEC, and is always matched up with some of the best competition in college football.

    It's not known where in the draft he will go, but I want to say the first round. You can never really trust ESPN lately for this kind of information, so who knows, maybe he will slip to the third round. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

    In a three-game stretch, the Raiders gave up 135 points. That is the most of any team since 2004.

    If Oakland doesn't draft for defense, then I have no idea how it would plan on rebuilding.

4. Malcolm Floyd: Unrestricted FA

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    Tall enough to dunk on a goal post, Malcolm Floyd will be a value bin pickup this next season.

    The Chargers have already benched him, and he's probably on his way out next year after a disappointing season.

    Let's not forget that he has some serious potential, and the Raiders could really benefit from his height, even if he doesn't ever play a snap.

5. Marcus Trufant: Unrestricted FA

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    Trufant has been pushed out by a new regime in Seattle that features some cornerbacks that look like basketball players.

    Trufant signed a one-year deal to bring him back for this season, but after not starting for the most part, Trufant is going to be one of those possible bargain-bin type veterans hitting the market next year.

    Is he the best fit? Probably not, but he's better then whatever the Raiders have now, so why not take a shot?

6. Dwayne Bowe: Unrestricted FA

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    Bowe would be my No. 1 addition, but based on feasibility, i.e, the type of money he will require, Oakland won't take the chance on going backwards on its plight to alleviate bad contracts.

    Still, Dwayne Bowe is going to be one of the biggest free-agent weapons on the market.

    I wish Oakland had the ability to sign him next year.

7. Felix Jones: Unrestricted FA

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    With all three of Oakland's running backs hurt during the last couple of games, Jeremy Stewart and Marcel Reece have been asked to pick up the slack.

    Since the Raiders lost Michael Bush, they lack the slash-and-dash offense that made McFadden so much better at what he does. He simply cannot help the fact that he is constantly injured.

    Felix Jones has his own problems, but he could be a good option if he gets pushed out in Dallas.

8. Aqib Talib: Unrestricted FA

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    The Patriots did just trade for the guy, but he's one more suspension away from being dumped in the offseason.

    He is known for being in the right place at the right time, as long as it doesn't include taking Adderall before games.

    My gut tells me the Pats re-sign him, but again, any cornerback help out of free agency would help the Raiders.

9. Wes Welker: Unrestricted FA

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    Let me first say, Welker could be a steal. Often considered a receiver of a system, Welker could be picked up for less than market value.

    Then again, he could be a huge addition for Carson, but only if the Raiders compliment that with a tall receiver of some kind. I'm pretty sure everyone they throw out there could be out-jumped by Allen Iverson.

10. Randy Moss: Unrestricted FA

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    One word, and all Raider fans will agree.