Peyton Manning: Broncos QB Set to Lead Lots of Fantasy Teams to Championships

Tim KeeneyContributor INovember 26, 2012

I'm coming for you, fantasy owner that didn't draft me.
I'm coming for you, fantasy owner that didn't draft me.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Things are only going to get better for Peyton Manning

Considering the extraordinary nature of the Denver Broncos QB's season so far, that's likely a statement that will be met with plenty of "pfffff" noises.

You know the sound. You probably just made it.

First, let's take a look at what Manning has done on the year, just because that will make Broncos fans like me, and I like to be liked. 

Through 11 games, the talented veteran has completed 67.7 percent of his throws for 3,260 yards (296.4 per game), 26 touchdowns (6.4 TD percent) and just eight interceptions (2.0 INT percent). He's averaging 8.0 yards per attempt and despite having an inconsistent run game, he's quickly leaped to nearly the top of the league in most statistical categories.

He's what you would call a top candidate for Fantasy Steal of the Year. 

If Manning keeps up his current pace, he's going to throw for the most yards in his career, the second-most touchdowns, the second-best QB rating and the third-most yards per attempt in his career.

That's simply unbelievable considering not only all of his standout years in Indianapolis, but the fact he's in his first year after nearly having to retire due to freaking four (!) neck (!) surgeries (!!). 

At this point, I'm less impressed with what Manning has done and more nervous that aliens are real and he is one of them. 

And yet, it's still going to get better. 

There is worry that Manning won't be able to stay healthy, but he proved this weekend that he can still take a hit and keep going (via the Denver Post's Mike Klis):

Peyton Manning undergoes concussion test but is cleared. He also had postgame X-rays. No injury. Read more here:…

— Mike Klis (@MikeKlis) November 25, 2012

Manning didn't miss a snap.

There's also worry he'll slow down as the season progresses, but take a look at the defenses he has left to play:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, proud owners of the 31st-ranked pass defense in terms of yards per attempt allowed. At home. Shy prediction? Seven-hundred yards and 12 touchdowns.

The Oakland Raiders, who boast a more respectable 24th-ranked pass defense, but also couldn't get a sack in two-hand touch (31st in sack percentage). A Manning with time is a scary Manning. 

The Baltimore Ravens, who would normally be a tough test, but without Ray Lewis, Lardarius Webb and (potentially) Jimmy Smith, can be exploited.

The Cleveland Browns will actually present the stiffest challenge for Peyton in Week 16, but he'll be at home and should have no problem racking up big totals in what is likely your fantasy championship.

Trading in your league for Manning is probably forbidden by now, but this is more of a warning: One of the league's most dominant QBs is going to be even more unstoppable during the most important time of the fantasy year.

He's going to lead a lot of fake squads to a lot of championships.

Now is the time to start rooting against whoever owns him, or celebrating if you are that lucky fellow.