Tom Brady and Patriots Enjoyed Turkey After Polishing off Mark Sanchez and Jets

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 23, 2012

I hope everyone enjoyed Thursday night dessert in the form of the New England Patriots feasting on the New York Jets and then bizarrely being asked to eat some turkey. 


NBC brought the players of the game to a table where they were asked to grab a football and a turkey leg from the 6-legged turkey the network had showed the audience ad nauseam throughout the game. 

The excess of food was fitting as the two men joining Tom Brady for a brief feast were the ones who helped on the play of the night, Mark Sanchez's butt fumble. 

As Michelle Tafoya points out, it was Vince Wilfork who shoved Brandon Moore in front of Mark Sanchez who hit his rear end and fumbled the ball. 

At that point, the Pats' Steve Gregory picked up the ball and ran it back to the house. 

There is no other way to describe the debacle of a game other than an utter feasting of the Jets by the Patriots. 

They tore them apart then used their hilarious antics to pick their teeth with. 

So it's fitting and rather hilarious that they literally ate turkey after the game. While the sight of food at this point in the night disgusted me and the rest of the nation who devoured poultry, it pales to what Jets fans must have been feeling. 

Actually, I am sure they turned the channel by this point. 


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