Little Kid Makes Cam Newton Worry About Job in Adorable 'Play 60' NFL Ad

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 23, 2012

Cam Newton better watch out, as there is quite the confident young man ready to take his starting job out from underneath him. 

The "Play 60" video (h/t SportsGrid) should strike fear in the hearts of every last starting quarterback across the NFL.

From Tom Brady to Mark Sanchez—the next big thing is not far behind. 

But while starting quarterbacks may view this commercial as a horror film, the rest of us can enjoy the comedy of an adorable little boy meeting his hero and then flipping the script. 

The ad is meant to remind kids and parents that 60 minutes of play a day is essential to being healthy. In order to make the sentiment all the more memorable, the NFL concocted this clever bit. 

It starts out with the young fan meeting Newton and asking him if he will indeed grow up big and strong like his hero if he plays regularly. 

From there, we have the slipperiest of slopes for the poor Panthers quarterback, who has to agree that the kid could make it to the NFL and be the first pick of the draft.

Things get dicey when he maintains he very well might be the starting signal-caller in Carolina one day. And hey, Cam could even be his backup. Newton's mom could even be his biggest fan. 

So long as the kid's arm strength develops properly, anything is possible.