NFL Lines: Spread and Over/Under Predictions for Every Week 11 Game

Darin Pike@darinpikeContributor INovember 15, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO - NOVEMBER 12:  Johnny Knox #13 of the Chicago Bears in action against the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park on November 12, 2009 in San Francisco, California. The 49ers won 10-6.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
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Week 11 of the NFL season isn't exactly chock-full of intriguing matchups with playoff implications, but it is still NFL action. There are also interesting storylines in each game that make them compelling for fans.

Young quarterback royalty will be taking on the old guard in New England, while a team from New York fights off playoff elimination against another squad attempting to stay relevant.

Following is the over and under for every game (via Bovada), along with updated start times and predictions. As always, my predictions were made prior to the release of over/under figures and without consulting the opening spreads.


Game: Miami at Buffalo

When: Thursday, Nov. 15 at 8:20 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 45

Spread: Bills (-3)

Score Prediction: Buffalo 27, Miami 20

Neither of these offenses are bad enough to be considered terrible or proficient enough to be called good. Buffalo is more experienced, though, and it shows in the rankings.

The problem is on the other side of the ball. Miami ranks 28th in passing defense and will likely struggle to keep Ryan Fitzpatrick from having a good game.


Game: Arizona at Atlanta

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 44

Spread: Falcons (-10)

Score Prediction: Atlanta 27, Arizona 13

The Atlanta Falcons will come out strong after their first loss of the season. Look for their defense to step up and move the line of scrimmage into the Cardinals backfield.

Arizona has a good defense of their own, but they are wearing down from spending too much time on the field.


Game: Cleveland at Dallas

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 43.5

Spread: Cowboys (-8)

Score Prediction: Dallas 27, Cleveland 17

The Dallas Cowboys have struggled through a tough opening half of the season, but they've trudged their way to a 4-5 record. I see Dallas going on a run.

Oh, and the Cleveland Browns aren't good. They've lost several close games, but that is the sign of a bad team, not a good one. Perhaps new leadership next season will help the Browns.


Game: Jacksonville at Houston

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 40.5

Spread: Houston (-15.5)

Score Prediction: Houston 28, Jacksonville 7

The Jacksonville Jaguars thought Blaine Gabbert would be their future. He is, at least for now, which should have fans a little concerned.

The Houston Texans are a great example of balance on offense and defense and will be a tough team to beat this season. Jacksonville isn't the type of squad that can do it.


Game: NY Jets at St. Louis

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 38.5

Spread: Rams (-3.5)

Score Prediction: St. Louis 17, New York 10

The New York Jets had a bye week in which they could have made a decision at quarterback. Pick one and run (or pass) with him. Instead, Rex Ryan continued with what looks like a makeshift offense and wastes at least some of his offense's precious time running the Tebow two-step.

Tim Tebow entered the game against the Seahawks, and he didn't fool anyone. His one-step back, one-juke step and then trying to run looked so uninspired that even he couldn't have thought it would work.

The underrated Rams defense will be ready for whichever offense shows up. St. Louis may struggle a bit with the Jets defenders that have criticized Tebow, but the Rams will get the win.

Jets players are anonymously ripping Tebow. Our take: have the guts to put your name on the insults.

— (@CBSSports) November 14, 2012


Game: Green Bay at Detroit

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 52

Spread: Packers (-3.5)

Score Prediction: Green Bay 30, Detroit 24

The Packers have shown the ability to play good defense at times, but they have also surrendered points to elite offenses and the Indianapolis Colts. Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson are finding their game and could turn this contest into a track meet.

The Packers will be tough, even at Ford Field. A healthy Jordy Nelson could be the difference in this game.


Game: Cincinnati at Kansas City

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 43.5

Spread: Bengals (-3.5)

Score Prediction: Cincinnati 31, Kansas City 17

The Cincinnati Bengals had lost four straight and were on the verge of becoming irrelevant in 2012. Then they faced off with the suddenly struggling New York Giants and found their offense.

With a trip to what used to be the toughest stadium in the NFL this weekend, expect the ball to be aired out to A.J. Green early and often. The Bengals have nothing to lose, and lose is all Kansas City has been good at this season.


Game: Philadelphia at Washington

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 43.5

Spread: Redskins (-4)

Score Prediction: Washington 20, Philadelphia 13

A team at 4-6 could possibly win their last six games and back into the playoffs with a Wild Card berth. That same team in the NFC East might even be able to go 5-1 and win the division.

At 3-7, the season is all about figuring things out for next year.

Since the Philadelphia Eagles can't figure out their current season, they might as well look at 2013. At least they still have most of their draft capital available.


Game: Tampa Bay at Carolina

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 48.5

Spread: Buccaneers (-2)

Score Prediction: Tampa Bay 28, Carolina 17

I'm not sure if I was more surprised when I saw the over/under or the spread for this game. This matchup has blowout written all over it. Okay, the spread seems more off.

The Tampa Bay offense has come together, and their balance will be too much for Carolina. The Panthers offense has been decent but not impressive.

I thought I was being generous with the point totals for both teams, and the over/under still came out above my prediction. Tampa Bay is much better than the team that secured a 16-10 win over the Panthers to start the season. 


Game: Indianapolis at New England

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 4:25 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 53.5

Spread: Patriots (-9)

Score Prediction: New England 48, Indianapolis 34

The Indianapolis Colts have been a great story this season. They've already exceeded expectations with rookie quarterback Andrew Luck running the offense. 

It will be tough for Indy to stay with the Patriots, though. New England has been held under 29 points just twice this season, and both of those teams play in the NFC.

Luck will lead some scoring drives, but his defense won't be able to control the high-powered Patriots offense.


Game: New Orleans at Oakland

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 4:25 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 54.5

Spread: Saints (-5.5)

Score Prediction: New Orleans 48, Oakland 34

After back-to-back wins, I thought the Raiders were ready to make some noise in the AFC. Then they lost Darren McFadden and forgot how to play defense.

Their offense should get healthy this weekend, even though the Saints have been slightly more stingy with points the last two weeks. But if the Ravens can drop a double-five on Oakland, what will Drew Brees and the Saints manage?

If one is looking for a value bet, try the over here. Both of these teams are capable of scoring and surrendering almost that many points.


Game: San Diego at Denver

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 4:25 p.m. ET

Over/Under: 48.5

Spread: Broncos (-8)

Score Prediction: Denver 38, San Diego 24

Not much has gone right for the San Diego Chargers this season. The only thing that could have been worse than a 7-6 loss to the Browns would be losing to Kansas City.

Denver, on the other hand, has looked almost unstoppable since their loss to the New England Patriots. The Broncos offense is jelling and getting better by the week.


Game: Baltimore at Pittsburgh

When: Sunday, Nov. 18 at 8:30 p.m. ET

Over/Under: Off

Spread: Off

Score Prediction: Baltimore 27, Steelers 14

It doesn't sound as though Ben Roethlisberger will be available on Sunday night. Lines are suspended on this game until more is known about his status.

Assuming Byron "Windmill" Leftwich gets the start, this game will get ugly.

The Ravens defense is dealing with injuries, but they are strong enough to keep Pittsburgh's trio of runners from going gangbusters. 


Game: Chicago at San Francisco

When: Monday, Nov. 19 at 8:30 p.m. ET

Over/Under: Off

Spread: Off

Score Prediction: Chicago 13, San Francisco 10

Both of the starting quarterbacks in this game suffered concussions last week. Alex Smith has been cleared for non-contact drills and is on track to play, but word is still pending on Jay Cutler.

49ers QB Alex Smith (concussion) cleared for non-contact drills:

— NFL (@nfl) November 15, 2012

This game is a bit of a crap-shoot at this point. Assuming Smith is a go and Cutler's a no, the advantage goes to the 49ers, but barely. The Bears will need a defensive score to win this game.


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