ESPN NFL Kickoff Goes Nuts with "The Princess Bride" Quotes, as You Wish

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 13, 2012

So, this is pretty much the best thing ever. 

The boys over at ESPN's NFL Kickoff decided to coyly insert a ton of references to the movie The Princess Bride

Thanks to BuzzFeed, we have a little over a minute and a half of quotes that now demand that we bust out the DVD of one of the best films ever made. 

Trey Wingo, Mark Schlereth and Tedy Bruschi break down all of the happenings in the NFL while being careful to throw in some love in the way of a "cliffs of insanity" here and a "pit of despair" there. 

You will even be taken aback by talk of C.O.U.S's, or corners of unusual size, and a gigantic bellow of, "there will be no survivors."

Simply, this is a journalistic marvel to behold. 

Unfortunately, I missed this particular episode but would love to hear from anyone who caught the full thing to sound off if there was any mention from the crew as to what they were doing. 

The impressive part is that they just stick these phrases in like little nuggets for our brain to process, leading to a chuckle seconds after they are stated. 

Still, I would have loved to see Wingo tell Bruschi, "That Rex Ryan, he can 'fuss.'" To which his partner would come back with, "Fuss, fuss...I think he like to scream at 'us.'"

Now if you will excuse me, I will be heading off to watch a movie about a Fred Savage sick day that turned into Peter Falk telling us the granddaddiest of tall tales. 

For the rest of you, have fun storming the castle. 

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