2013 MLB Draft: 3 Prep Sleepers Who Will Fly Up Draft Boards by June

Mike Rosenbaum@GoldenSombreroMLB Prospects Lead WriterOctober 20, 2012

2013 MLB Draft: 3 Prep Sleepers Who Will Fly Up Draft Boards by June

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    Taking a break from my usual postseason and Arizona Fall League coverage, I thought that I'd offer a quick take on some up-and-coming prospects in the 2013 draft class.

    Although the actual draft is still more than seven months away, this is the time of year when scouts begin to build and prioritize their follow list in anticipation of the spring season.

    So, here's a look at three high school prospects whose stock will increase by draft day.

Jared Brasher, RHP, Pell City HS (Ala.)

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    Virtually unheard of before this summer, Brasher is a 6’2”, 200-pound right-hander from Pell City High School, Alabama. The right-hander has a mature but athletic build that should allow him to add strength. He has impressive arm speed that yields fastballs in the 88-93 mph range and has scraped 94.

    The right-hander mixes in a changeup and curve, but can struggle with his release point and arm slot on both pitches. However, it's not overly concerning and something that can easily be corrected with sufficient instruction. 

A.J. Bogucki, RHP, Boyertown HS (Penn.)

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    Bogucki, a 6’3”, 195-pound pitcher, has a slender but athletic build that’s highly projectable.

    Long on the back side, the right-hander has a loose, whippy arm from a three-quarters slot that allows him to generate downward movement on his 88-92 mph fastball. He also throws a slider that features late, downer bite, as well as a curve with solid pace and shape.

    As he fills out and grows into his frame, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bogucki is sitting low- to mid-90s by next June.

Seth Martinez, RHP, Sunrise Mountain HS (Ariz.)

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    Over the past year, Martinez, an Arizona State commit, has seen his fastball velocity steadily increase as he’s begun to grow into his projectable 6’3”, 180-pound frame.

    The right-hander uses his lower half well for a player his age, as he explodes toward the plate while showcasing a loose, fluid arm. His fastball was up to 91 mph this summer while his slider has tight spin and a late break.

    Martinez will definitely be an interesting pitcher to follow next spring and should start moving up the draft board.