Oakland Raiders: The Messege Al is Giving Us

greg pitschSenior Analyst IMarch 19, 2008

  So many of us want to predict the draft, but seem to not be following any reports, or indications as to what we still need.  The biggest example I can clearly see, is with my team, the Oakland Raiders.

  If you are still whining about Vernon Gholston, or Glenn Dorsey, even Sedrick Ellis, and how we NEED them.  There are several things you are not noticing as of late.  We just signed TWO Defensive Tackles, two Wide Receivers, an Offensive Tackle, a Safety, and re-signed our decent running back, by the name of Justin Fargas.

Tommy Kelly and William Joseph, DT.  I know these are not top draft picks, hell Kelly wasn't even drafted, but these two will be able to "slow down" the running game, making it easier for the DB's and LB's to make tackles.

meaning. We will not be taking either Sedrick Ellis, nor Glenn Dorsey.

Javon Walker and Drew Carter, WR.  This will open up the playbook for Russell, giving him two new valid receivers to throw to.  We will be able to utilize the gift that god gave him.

 meaning. The only WR we will see in this draft will be in the 4th or 5th rounds, if there are any good ones left, we will have to wait and see.

Kwame Harris, OT.  This addition shores up our zone run blocking scheme that we started to implement last year.  He will be a great addition, and improve our ability to stretch run plays for more yardage.

meaning. Jake Long will not be coming to the Oakland Raiders.

Gibril Wilson, S.  Wilson is a good tackler, and will be used to crowd the line of scrimmage, when we are noticing run formations.  He has the ability to hit runners, or break up passes over the middle. Mixed with Michael Huff and the LB core that we have, the middle should be well plugged.

meaning. Vernon Gholston and Keith Rivers are out of the question.

Justin Fargas, RB.  He was a strong runner for us last season, but he is injury prone, due to the hits he squares up to, instead of avoiding.  Will be a big plus, but will probably see less than 20 carries a game.

meaning. The Running Back position could be volitile, if Fargas gets injured early.

 The latest almost certain acquisition to the Oakland Raiders is DeAngelo Hall.  He will give us the Secondary we have been waiting for, making it nearly suicide to throw to the outsides, Leaving the middle of the field to throw the ball.  With the man to man coverage by these two, our LB's will have more chances to blitz, to create sacks and turnovers.  We will be able to bring Wilson up to the line to put eight in the box, to shut down their run game.  If the other teams are afraid to throw into our coverage, we will be able to predict the run better, therefore being more aware of how to stop it.

Plus the fact that aside from San Diego, our division is pass happy, giving us the opportunity to get a slaughter of turnovers. With McFadden we will be able to capitolize off these mistakes, and win more ballgames. Last year we had 14 INT's and came away with points on how many of them?  Not to mention we threw 20 INT's because therew was no valid check-down receiver for our mixture of Quarterbacks.

Our defense is already gotten major upgrades over the offseason.  Come April, I think we give Russell a RB to grow with.  Imagine Russell and McFadden in the backfield together in their prime.  Along with a defense that holds most opponents under 14 points per game.  This is no longer a guessing game.

Al Davis will take Darren McFadden, whether you think its the right move or not, and once you see this defense as well as the offense take the field, you will be kissing Al's pinky super bowl ring, thanking him for not taking a Defensive Lineman in the first round.