Donald Trump Trolls Yankees' Star Derek Jeter, NYC Shuts Down for Few Moments

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Donald Trump Trolls Yankees' Star Derek Jeter, NYC Shuts Down for Few Moments
Photo Credit: Fox News

Trolls, meet your master. 

As if the pain Yankees fans suffered from the ankle injury to Derek Jeter wasn't harsh enough, uber-rich dude and wearer of bad hair, Donald Trump, decided to sound off on Twitter about things like karma. 

It all revolves around the Yankees' captain suffering an ankle injury at just about the worst time for fans. 

Here are a few tweets from a man who cares little about what you think, but would very much like to shovel his opinions in your direction and could be laughing maniacally while doing it. 

He starts off the trolling with this comment, a billionaire's thoughts on a millionaire selling his lavish apartment:


He follows up that gem with a little nugget about Alex Rodriguez, which makes little sense:

Trump then makes a U-turn and doubles back into the land of Jeter admirer:


If you haven't yet heard about Jeter, well, you aren't a Yankees fan, because that fanbase pretty much went into shock on Saturday night when Jeter went down with a horrible injury. 

Al Bello/Getty Images

The shortstop will likely need surgery on his fractured ankle, and it's all because he selfishly sold his apartment at Trump Towers. 

I mean, didn't he know that letting go of his bachelor pad overlooking the city would welcome a horrible fate? 

If you buy something from Trump, you are mandated to hold onto that prized possession for all eternity or else suffer the consequences.

Sort of like what Faust went through. 

With the Yankees down 2-0 in their series to the Tigers, the last thing they wanted to read was an "I told you so" from a man like Trump. 

Not that he cares, because guys who quote themselves on Twitter are in this biz for the Lulz. I imagine he is sitting somewhere right now, puffing on a cigar and sticking pins in his Jeter voodoo doll.

Some people just want to see the Internet burn.

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