NFL Week 6 Preview: Biggest Stories and Games to Watch

Tim KeeneyContributor IOctober 10, 2012

INDIANAOPLIS, IN - OCTOBER 7: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers is sacked by Moises Fokou #58 of the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 7, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Colts defeated the Packers 30-27. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Fun fact: 96 percent of all Week 6 NFL games are expected to be decided on the final possession. 

Another fun fact: 68 percent of all stats are made up. 

OK, so those numbers might be slightly fabricated, but according to Covers, only one NFL game this week has a spread of over seven points. Additionally, an amazing 10 games have a spread of four points or less.

In other words, it's about to be a crazy, unpredictable week. Call in sick to church. Call in sick to your spouse. Call in sick to whatever it is that might get between you and a TV this week, because you don't want to miss all the NFL action.

Let's take a look at the top storylines. 


The Rematch

No one in San Francisco wants to hear about last year's NFC Championship. The 49ers were so close to the Super Bowl, but then Kyle Williams...yeah, OK, he blew the game. Sorry. I won't go into details.

Fortunately for Niners fans, revenge is a delicious dish. I don't think that's how that line technically goes, but I do know that San Franciscans will agree with me after their team avenges last year's loss.

And like the Hulk, avenge they will.

San Francisco's defense is somehow better than last year's version, Alex Smith is no longer just a game manager and the Giants' pass defense couldn't stop Charlie Brown from throwing the ball on them. Most importantly, this is still the inconsistent, regular-season version of the Giants.

New York does have a menacing defensive line and offense capable of moving the ball quickly, but the 49ers are the more complete team and should achieve Level One revenge.  


Brady's First Trip to Seattle

Tom Brady, who was injured the last time New England made the trip to Seattle back in 2008, will experience his first trip to CenturyLink Field. Tom Brady will also experience what loud truly is. 

There's no offense in the NFL that is more dangerously versatile than New England's. Not only is Brady as efficient as ever through the air with Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski and Brandon Lloyd serving as weapons, but the Pats can run the ball with ease, too.

One play, they'll hit you with a four-wide receiver set. The next, it's two or three tight ends and they'll run it down your throat.

This could be the week, however, where all of that dominance is put on hold. 

In addition to being at or near the top of the NFL in pretty much every defensive category, the Seahawks will have the pleasure of playing in front of their home crowd, which is arguably the loudest in the league. Need proof? The 'Hawks are first in the NFL in sacks per game at home (4.5) and just 14th on the road (2.3).

It looks like we'll finally get to find out if a deaf Tom Brady under pressure is as good as a comfortable Tom Brady with all of his senses. 


Can Aaron Rodgers Survive?

You might be thinking, "oh, yeah, it will be interesting to see if Rodgers can survive Reliant Stadium with a win against the undefeated Houston Texans." No, I mean literally survive.

The Packers are the second worst team in the NFL at protecting the quarterback and the Texans, led by J.J. Watt and a menacing front seven even without Brian Cushing, are the fourth best team at getting to the quarterback.

Rodgers could be spending a lot of time on his back in this one. 

Nonetheless, it's hard to count out arguably the best QB in the league. Despite having precisely 0.4 seconds to get rid of the ball, A-Rod will find a way to make this Sunday Night matchup of complete opposites more than interesting. 


Monday Night Battle for the West

With all due respect to the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs—so, pretty much none—the AFC West is a two-horse race. 

Peyton Manning looks like the 2004 version of Peyton Manning, and as a result, has the Denver Broncos moving the ball with ease. The San Diego Chargers, meanwhile, are just as capable of eating up yards.

You know, as long as they figure out that Ryan Mathews is greater than Jackie Battle in every way possible. In fact, one-half of Ryan Mathews is greater than Jackie Battle. 

Moreover, both of these defenses have shown the propensity to give up a lot of points. This might not be the most intriguing Monday Night Football of all time, but there will be loads of scoring and plenty on the line as the winner will put itself in the early driver's seat in the division.