Is Andrew Luck Already an Elite QB?

Chris TrapassoAnalyst IOctober 7, 2012

In a wildly entertaining, back-and-forth affair, the super-hyped quarterback from Stanford led a raging comeback and beat a former Super Bowl champ from California.

Yup, Andrew Luck beat Aaron Rodgers.

That means something.

But does it mean Luck is elite?

Let's see.

Looking at the No. 1 overall pick's stats through four games (Week 3 bye), it's clear: Luck is not elite, or even close.

He is completing a relatively disappointing 54.2 percent of his passes and has seven touchdowns to five interceptions. His 77.1 QB rating isn't fantastic either.

Indianapolis is an even 2-2.

Just the facts, Colts fans.

Now, is Luck oozing with the potential to be elite, and be elite very soon? Absolutely.

You have heard about his ideal measurements and listened to analysts sing the praises of his football IQ, arm strength and ability to consistently deliver passes with laser-like accuracy.

Sure, all that makes Luck a prime candidate to be billed as an elite signal-caller, but something else should lead us to believe Luck is bound to slide into the prestigious classification of quarterbacks.


You know what I mean.

That was made blatantly obvious in Sunday's win over the Green Bay Packers.

He threw it 55 times and completed 31 passes for 362 yards with two touchdowns and an interception.

More specifically, Luck tossed his only pick in the fourth quarter, amid the comeback effort. Typically crushing for a rookie.

How he responded was elite.

Luck held it together, led his team to the go-ahead field goal and then answered a Rodgers touchdown pass with the game-winner that capped an elite 80-yard drive.

Right now, it'd be unfair and downright wrong to prematurely slap the elite label on Andrew Luck. He has played in four professional games.

But is he well on his way to the elite designation, moving toward that designation at a much swifter pace than any young quarterback we've witnessed in recent memory?

What do you think?