Philadelphia Eagles: 7 Reasons Michael Vick Stays Starting QB Despite Slow Start

Zachary Arthur@Zach_ArthurSLCCorrespondent IIOctober 3, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles: 7 Reasons Michael Vick Stays Starting QB Despite Slow Start

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    Michael Vick's performance throughout the first four games of the regular season has been shaky at best, but his starting job isn't in jeopardy.

    The Philadelphia Eagles have one of the league's top-10 records at 3-1 and are currently leading the NFC East.

    Pretty amazing when you consider how poorly Vick has played.

    He has only thrown for four touchdowns, but that isn't why people are scared—the concern comes from the six interceptions.

    Nick Foles had a preseason of a lifetime, so there have been questions about when Philadelphia was going to pull the trigger on Vick and take a shot on Foles?

    Not so fast.

    Vick's job is safe, so let's take a look at seven reasons as to why he will remain as the starting quarterback.

Take a Look at Their Record, They're Winning

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    The most important thing for a team to do in the NFL is to win football games.

    That's exactly what the Eagles are doing.

    Philadelphia has won three of it's first four games by a total of four points. Their nail-biting victories aren't good for Andy Reid's health, but they are pretty good for his job.

    The exact same thing can be said about Vick.

    He isn't playing well, but he is still leading his team to victories. Not every quarterback can say that right now.

    Luckily, there doesn't seem to be a rule about how pretty wins have to be. He has played below what people expect out of him, but he'll be the starter if the team keeps winning.

Vick Hasn't Been Sidelined Yet

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    Check your watches and rewind your televisions.

    It's hard to believe, but Michael Vick is going into Week 5 of the regular season without an injury serious enough to put him on the sideline.

    Having a world of talent doesn't mean much when you're injury prone. Vick has consistently missed time, so it's not out of the question for people to feel like he's going to get hurt sooner or later.

    He has taken 11 sacks through four weeks, and countless other hurries and knockdowns have forced Vick to take an unnecessary beating. It only takes watching one game to wonder how he's going to get up from a hit...or the one that takes place three plays later.

    If he's healthy enough to play, then it's going to be hard for the Eagles to start Foles instead of Vick.

    It's just not in Philadelphia's best interest and they know that.

The Only Experience That Nick Foles Has Under His Belt Is in the Preseason

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    Why start a rookie quarterback that doesn't have any regular season experience in place of a man that has his team winning games?

    Exactly, there's no answer for it.

    There's no denying that Foles has a promising future. His preseason games were full of NFL throws, and he displayed signs of leadership in every game.

    That still isn't enough for him to take over as the starter.

    Vick isn't playing his best football, but he isn't doing anything bad enough to warrant an immediate quarterback switch. It would be ridiculous to throw Foles into Vick's role when there isn't any real reason for the change.

    Don't expect Foles to be coming onto the field anytime soon.

Andy Reid's Job Is on the Line

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    Jeff McLane, writer for, talked about what took place at the "annual state of the Eagles press conference" before the season:

    "Coach Andy Reid's Eagles need to improve this season, and a second straight 8-8 finish would be unacceptable," the team's owner, Jeffrey Lurie, said.

    Lurie did not quantify how much Reid's team would need to improve this season. But the owner did say several times that another .500 campaign was "unacceptable."

    Reid has been the head coach of the Eagles for 14 seasons—the NFL's longest active coach—and he's not going to throw a rookie on the field just because Vick is playing poorly.

    His job is too important for him to make that kind of a decision.

    If the Eagles are winning, then Reid isn't going to make a move that turns the attention back on himself.

    It just isn't a smart thing to do.

The Eagles Need Vick for Their Next Two Games

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    The rest of Philadelphia's schedule is difficult, but let's narrow the view and take a look at the next two weeks in particular.

    Philly plays the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions before a bye week in Week 7.

    Both the Lions and Steelers have great defenses that will put incredible amounts of pressure on the quarterback. There's only one man on the Eagles roster that should be playing quarterback in these next two games, and that man is Michael Vick.

    Going into their bye week with a record of at least 4-2 will be crucial towards the Eagles' success for the rest of the season.

    Vick gives them the best chance for that to happen.

There Have Only Been Four Games Played, Vick Still Has Plenty of Time

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    Vick hasn't played good football, but the Eagles are only a quarter of the way through the season.

    There is still a lot of time for him to turn it around.

    Philadelphia should be feeling confident in their starting quarterback. Nobody will tell you that Vick is new to the NFL and the highs and lows that come with it, so we really shouldn't expect to see him panic about his performances.

    He's a 10-year NFL veteran that has been more than successful, so let's give him some time to figure everything out.

    This past week's performance against the New York Giants is already proof that his game is slowly coming together.

    Vick had his first game without a turnover and was able to throw a 19-yard touchdown to DeSean Jackson before the end of the first half. He also didn't hesitate to take off and run when needed, racking up 49 yards on six carries.

    Philadelphia isn't going to panic about how he has played and neither is Vick, himself. There's too much time left in the season to start worrying right now.

Michael Vick Is Still a Fan-Favorite

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    Philadelphia Eagles fans are still in love with Michael Vick.

    Sure, the fans are upset with how he's played and feel like he's better than what he's demonstrated, but that's Philadelphia for you. The city will always raise questions about anything that could make their team better.

    That's the beautiful thing about it though.

    The fans know that he is a great player and know that he is capable of providing a jaw-dropping moment anytime he touches the football. They also know that he gives Philadelphia the best chance at winning games.

    Philly fans are critical for sure, but they are also very educated on their teams.

    When the fans are happy, the Eagles are happy, so keeping Vick as the starter is clearly the right move.