Ryan Williams: Beanie Wells' Injury Doesn't Make RB Smart Week 4 Fantasy Start

Ian Hanford@Ian_HanfordFeatured ColumnistSeptember 26, 2012

GLENDALE, AZ - SEPTEMBER 23:  Running back Ryan Williams #34 of the Arizona Cardinals rushes the football against the Philadelphia Eagles during the NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadium on September 23, 2012 in Glendale, Arizona. The Carindals defeated the Eagles 27-6.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells has been placed on injured reserve, according to NFL.com reporter Gregg Rosenthal, but that doesn't mean you need to insert new Arizona starter Ryan Williams into your fantasy football team's starting lineup right away.

If Williams' 83-yard performance against the Philadelphia Eagles last week has you chomping at the bit to play him, just relax.

His time will come, but Arizona's Week 4 matchup against the Miami Dolphins doesn't favor Williams in the slightest.

Miami is currently No. 3 in the league at defending the run, allowing less than 65 rushing yards per game.

They held the Houston Texans to 83 rushing yards in Week 1. They followed that up by shutting down Darren McFadden and the Raiders' ground game to 23 yards. Last week, the New York Jets had 88 total rushing yards.

The Cardinals are 3-0, but it's not because of their juggernaut offense. They're No. 29 in the league in passing and No. 27 in rushing. That's hardly anything to write home about; instead, they rely on their punishing defense.

Wells was getting anywhere from seven to 14 carries as the team's supposed No. 1 ball-carrier. Williams will still get his opportunities, especially since he split carries with Wells when he was healthy (Williams has 31 carries on the season while Wells has 29).

After Miami, the Cardinals will face St. Louis, Buffalo and Minnesota in consecutive weeks. Feel free to play Williams then. All of those defenses are middle-of-the-road or worse against the run so far this year.

Williams was putting up pedestrian numbers until taking the ball 13 times for 83 yards in Week 3 (6.4 yards per carry). That's extremely encouraging, but he's not going to carry your team by himself, even in a favorable matchup.

Keep an eye on his stock moving forward. The Dolphins aren't a strong squad overall, but stopping the run is one thing they do very well.

Be patient, wait a week and then see what Williams can do for your weekly point total.