Fantasy Football: Three Cautionary Tales to Preach Patience

Rob ShaefferContributor IISeptember 24, 2012

Fantasy Football: Three Cautionary Tales to Preach Patience

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    We're just three weeks into the 2012 NFL season, and I've already made a handful of mistakes that have hurt my fantasy football team.

    I'll share my biggest mistake—impatience—in the hope that some of you will take heed of my stupidity.

    There's just no room on my team for poor production. You're young? You're talented? That's all well and good.

    But if you're not producing, I'm dropping you. 

    Two weeks later when you're putting up 25 points and my entire team is struggling to produce 50, I'll weep softly behind my computer screen.

    I beg of you. Let me be a cautionary tale. Believe in your instincts. Exercise patience. It could very well pay off.

    At 0-3, I may not be able to erase my mistakes, but maybe, just maybe, I can rescue someone else out there from following in my footsteps.

    Check out the three players I didn't believe in and how it came back to bite me.

Alfred Morris: Crowded Shanahan Backfield Causes Concern, Drop Ensues

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    I was pretty proud of myself. After our league draft on August 24, I kept a close eye on the Redskins running back situation. I'd plucked Evan Royster out of the 11th round as he was considered the "starter" at the time. Of course, Mike Shanahan infamously gives fantasy owners headaches, so I certainly wasn't comfortable with the situation. 

    After Alfred Morris, a sixth-round draft pick, burst onto the scene, I scooped him up. Now at least I had half of the Redskins potential lead-backs, as Tim Hightower and Roy Helu were in the mix as well. Hightower was cut by the team shortly thereafter. I was up to two-thirds! The odds were in my favor.

    However, on Tuesday, September 4, I came up with an even better running back option. Marshawn Lynch was dealing with back spasms and rookie Robert Turbin had looked solid in the preseason. Turbin was a shiny new toy and Morris was old news. Since Royster was No. 1 on Shanahan's depth chart heading into Week 1, I decided to exchange one rookie for another.

    After a week-long marriage, I kicked Morris to the curb in favor of Turbin, who not only wears a cooler uniform, but has a cooler last name as well.

    Morris currently boasts 42 fantasy points in my league. Robert "Wind" Turbin has earned three.

Daniel Thomas: Sometimes We Don't Learn from Our Mistakes

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    Last year, I drafted rookie Daniel Thomas and let him go after the first week of the season.

    This year, I have to say I learned my lesson. Kind of.

    I didn't drop Thomas until after Week 2.

    I needed an extra receiver for the week, or at least I thought I did (we'll get to this in the next slide). Dissatisfied with my backups, I pulled Leonard Hankerson from the free agent list.

    Hankerson earned five points as one of my starting wide receivers. 

    Thomas on the other hand, took over for the injured Reggie Bush midway through the Dolphins game against the Jets, and scored 11 fantasy points. The second-year back is in line to be the starter until Bush recovers from his knee issue. 

    The three running backs I played this week combined to rack up 14 points. That is not a typo.

    While I couldn't have known to start Thomas this week, I lost the future value of a starting back. At No. 9 on my league's waiver list, I'm not getting him back.

Torrey Smith: Wide Receiver Shines After Tragedy, but Not for My Team

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    You know the story by now, and it's heartbreaking. Torrey Smith lost one of his younger brothers, Tevin, in a motorcycle accident on Saturday night.

    Clearly, his contribution to fantasy football teams was the least of his concerns.

    Early in the day, reports said Smith intended on playing Sunday night against the New England Patriots.

    I was nervous, though. I had options on my bench, but ended up choosing Redskins wide receiver Leonard Hankerson who was in line for some extra work with Pierre Garcon out due to injury.

    Instead of waiting until 8:30, when I'd have inferior options (Jacoby Jones, who would have started in Smith's place or Golden Tate on Monday), I decided I needed to make a decision early in the day.

    Smith would go on to heroically torch the Patriots defense for a pair of touchdowns and 127 yards, which would have been worth 29 points in my league.

    If I'd started Smith, I'd be up 17 points on my opponent heading into Monday night.

    Instead, I'm down seven, and left to root for Aaron Rodgers to throw a pair of interceptions and lose two fumbles.

    My high scorer on the week was Lawrence Tynes, and I left 24 points on my bench by sitting Smith.