John Travolta Reportedly Considering Role of Packers' Legend Vince Lombardi

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John Travolta Reportedly Considering Role of Packers' Legend Vince Lombardi
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If there was ever a head coach that deserved the Hollywood treatment, it's Vince Lombardi. I'm just not sure John Travolta is the way to go here. 

You read that right. The man who brought us Battlefield Earth may also own the role of arguably the best head coach in sports history. 

Screen Daily (h/t Off the Bench) reports Travolta is considering the role of the Green Bay Packers coach who won six NFL titles and two Super Bowl championships. 

I’m also considering doing a US film about the football coach Vince Lombardi, who coached my dad [Salvatore Travolta] before he went professional. I would play Vince Lombardi.

Photo Credit: The Grindstone

We measure our reactions to the news with the knowledge that a movie on Lombardi may be far off, and may end up with some other actor. 

This is merely Travolta announcing that he is marinating on the idea of possibly playing the football coach, hardly the reason to go wait in line for tickets. 

Still, I wonder what the general public would think about Travolta as Lombardi. 

We are quite a ways from Legend in Granite, a TV drama based on Lombardi with Ernest Borgnine in the starring role, and would welcome an updated account on the prolific career. 

If you want recent triumphs in playing Lombardi, look no further than Wonder Years dad, Dan Lauria, who played the legendary coach on Broadway, and to some acclaim.  

Here he is in a 2011 video preceding the Super Bowl. 

Not that Travolta would fail miserably as Lombardi, because for every Broken Arrow-type movie where he drastically overplays a character, there is a far-more nuanced role like he had in a movie like Michael

Still, there has to be a better Lombardi out there. There just has to. 

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