NFL Picks Week 2 Against the Spread: Underdogs That Will Cover Your Bet

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2012

NFL Picks Week 2 Against the Spread: Underdogs That Will Cover Your Bet

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    Everybody loves an NFL upset. The only thing more satisfying than witnessing one is calling one.

    Actually, making money off it is definitely better. Especially because we don't even need the underdog to actually win.

    It just needs to cover the spread 

    So click through to find out a five non-favored teams who are ready to buy you a beer.

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The Kansas City Chiefs Will Rebound

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    The three most important positions in the NFL are the quarterback, cornerback and pass-rushers. They also highlight exactly why the Buffalo Bills should not be favored by three.

    Brandon Flowers will be reclaiming his starting cornerback spot for the Kansas City Chiefs, who struggled against the Atlanta Falcons' aerial assault.

    As will be explained below, the Buffalo Bills aren't exactly toting the same attack. In fact, Flowers will be able to shut down their top threat without much help.

    If that's not enough to sell you on a three-point spread, Tamba Hali will be returning from a one-game suspension. And he is among the best at what he does: getting after the opponent's quarterback.

    Neither items are good news for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    Fitzpatrick might need to "find" another rib injury to shelter him from criticism for his poor play. Frankly, he's been exposed as nothing more than a dink-and-dunk passer on a team that will be without its starting running back.

    It certainly doesn't help that his only legitimate receiving threats are Stevie Johnson and Scott Chandler.

    Matt Cassel has a wealth of riches in Dexter McCluster, Dwayne Bowe, Steve Breaston, Tony Moeaki and Kevin Boss. Additionally, he has the option of handing the ball off to established running backs Jamaal Charles or Peyton Hillis. 

    C.J. Spiller has only performed once. Take the points. 

The Indianapolis Colts Won't Be so Lucky

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    Andrew Luck struggled in his first professional outing that actually counted. Who wouldn't against a defense that including Julius Peppers?

    So the NFL schedule-makers decided to take it easy on him by facing Luck off against Brian Robison. 

    And Jared Allen.

    The Indianapolis Colts (-1.5) have an offensive line that some consider a work in progress. I say it doesn't work at all.

    Allen will look much like a bull against a matador as he flies by Anthony Costanzo all afternoon. Keeping in a tight end to help out will take away one of Luck's three best targets, making it easier for an improving secondary to take care of the rest.

    The Colts normally have two above-average pass-rushers to help even matters out, but Dwight Freeney will likely be forced to sit this one out. Throw in a healthy-looking Adrian Peterson and it becomes difficult to understand how Indianapolis is favored, even if the Colts are at home. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Enjoy the New York Giants' Continued Celebration

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    The New York Giants (-7) are still dreaming of their Super Bowl run. If they continue to look as they did in the opener against the Dallas Cowboys, they might as well just sleep through the entire season.

    The champs were sloppy at best on offense, and are extremely banged up in the secondary. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not the Cowboys, but a Tony Romo impression isn't necessary.

    Josh Freeman is picking up confidence due to an improved running game, offensive line and receiving depth. Plus, He won't even have to be that accurate. Vincent Jackson will have his way with the next stopgap in the Giants' defensive backfield.

    Justin Tuck and company can only do so much to offset the secondary woes. The threat of Doug Martin will either give them a cause for concern or he will get upfield for large gains. Both of which will keep the ball from Eli Manning's hands, and if you don't have the rock, you can't score.

The Philadelphia Eagles Get Way Too Much Respect

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    Vegas must not have watched the same game I did last week. Despite Michael Vick doing all he could to throw away a victory, the oddsmakers felt compelled to favor the Philadelphia Eagles by three. 

    He's unlikely to play as poorly, but even an elevated level of play could have disastrous consequences against the Baltimore Ravens. Lardarius Webb and Cary Williams will play well enough against Eagles wounded receivers, allowing Ed Reed to continue building upon his interception records

    Even if they hand the ball off to LeSean McCoy early and often, it won't matter. The Baltimore Ravens offense will be capable of overwhelming the competition. 

    The Eagles defense did do a nice job of shutting down the Cleveland Browns last week. Unfortunately, that's only indicative of being able to compete in the MAC. 

    Philly's defensive playmakers will struggle to slow down Joe Flacco, who has been playing a different game this year. He appears to love the no-huddle offense and the freedom it provides to get in a groove.

    A three-point spread in favor of the home team suggests the two squads are equal. That's simply not the truth. 

The San Diego Chargers Have No Business Being Favored by Six

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    Nobody ever knows what to make of the San Diego Chargers, which only makes it slightly more ridiculous that Vegas would think to favor them by six. 

    The New England Patriots have a much better offense defense than the Chargers, so the Pats' 21-point victory has zero bearing on this matchup. 

    However, Jake Locker looked halfway decent, and the Tennessee Titans will be a much different team this week. Kenny Britt's return will force the coverage to focus on him, allowing other receivers room to operate and maybe, just maybe, Chris Johnson to run.

    As for the Chargers offense, they have Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers. That's it.

    Six points is way too much.