Fantasy Football Stock Value of New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys Players

Gordie Gold@ggold3Correspondent ISeptember 6, 2012

Fantasy Football Stock Value of New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys Players

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    Game 1 of the NFL is in the books and fantasy football owners are already rushing to their waiver wires to pick up the newest sleeper.

    Seriously, did anyone see Kevin Ogletree's breakout performance coming last night?

    After the first game of the NFL season, see if players from the Dallas Cowboys or New York Giants have fantasy football stock values that are on the rise or the decline.

Eli Manning

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Down

    Coming off another Super Bowl victory, many fantasy football owners expected Eli Manning to take his game to an elite level.

    If we learned anything from last night, it was that Manning has not taken that step. I know it was only one game, but Manning looked like the same player we have seen his entire career.

    He's good, but he is not an elite fantasy football quarterback yet.

    Another thing to look at over the next couple of weeks is to see how the loss of Mario Manningham affects Manning's play this year. Manning has always had great No. 3 wide receivers to throw to in his career, whether it has been Manningham or Steve Smith. The New York Giants are missing components in their offense this year and it could be holding Manning back from taking his game to the next level.

    Manning had a chance to become a top five fantasy quarterback in 2012, but it looks like he is going to still be in that second tier.

Tony Romo

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Up

    Last night Tony Romo was phenomenal. He made all the big throws and proved why he has consistently been a top-10 fantasy football quarterback.

    I know the New York Giants secondary was banged up, but Romo was still able to evade the Giants scary pass rush.

    With the rise of Kevin Ogletree and Jason Witten playing banged up, do not be surprised if Romo is putting up numbers like this every week.

Ahmad Bradshaw

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Up

    It is not that Ahmad Bradshaw had a great game that is causing his fantasy stock to go up. It has to do more with his backup, David Wilson, not likely see the field that much after his performance last night.

    Bradshaw did what we expected. He was solid, but not great. Entering the season Bradshaw was considered a No. 2/3 fantasy running back and that is exactly how he performed (78 rushing yards, one touchdown).

    However, if Wilson's playing time is as limited as it was last night (two carries), then Bradshaw will be getting a significant amount of looks in the New York Giants offense.

DeMarco Murray

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Same

    DeMarco Murray picked up right where he left off in 2011, running for over 130 yards last night.

    Murray has been considered a top-10 fantasy running back this entire offseason, so it is no surprise to see him put up numbers like this.

    My one concern with Murray though is that he is still not the third-down back. When are the Dallas Cowboys going to realize that Felix Jones does not belong on the field?

    Murray is much better than Jones and poses a much scarier threat to opposing defenses on third down. Once Murray becomes the official third-down running back for the Cowboys, his fantasy football value will soar through the roof, especially in PPR leagues.

David Wilson

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Down

    David Wilson probably had the worst rookie debut anyone could have.

    On his second carry in the game, he fumbled the ball and turned it over to the Dallas Cowboys. As soon as that happened, Wilson's time on the field was done for.

    He finished the night with only two carries for four yards.

    The lost fumble definitely left a bad impression on Tom Coughlin, and Wilson's playing time is going to see a significant drop.

Dez Bryant

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Up

    Despite Kevin Ogletree's breakout performance, you could tell last night that Tony Romo was favoring Dez Bryant last night.

    Bryant showed everyone last night how he is one of the best athletes in the NFL. With his freakish size and speed, it looks like Bryant is poised to have a breakout season in 2012.

    After finishing last night with 85 receiving yards, Bryant solidified himself as a legit No. 2 fantasy wide receiver.

Hakeem Nicks

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Down

    It's been one game, but you can tell that Eli Manning favors Victor Cruz over Hakeem Nicks.

    Nicks has the big-play ability, but he is the second receiving option in the New York Giants offense. Last night, Cruz had 11 targets, while Nicks finished with six.

    I am not saying Nicks will not have a good year, but I don't seem him doing anything different than he has in the past years. Nicks will finish this year with around 1,100 receiving yards and eight to 10 touchdowns.

    He is still a top-tier No.2 fantasy wide receiver, but I would not want him as my No. 1 receiver.

Miles Austin

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Same

    Just when I was about to write off Miles Austin and drop him on my fantasy football board, he came up with a tremendous touchdown catch and kept his fantasy football career alive.

    Austin has struggled over the past couple seasons with injuries and his career looked like it was on a downward spiral. However, after his performance last night, Austin showed he still has something left in the tank to make an impact in fantasy football.

    I still do not consider Austin a No. 2 fantasy wide receiver because he is not the receiver he was in 2009-2010, but it is clear that Tony Romo will continue to target him. This is going to make Austin one of the best No. 3 fantasy wide receiver options.

Victor Cruz

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Same

    I have had Victor Cruz ahead of Hakeem Nicks in my fantasy wide receiver rankings, and last night proved that Cruz is still the primary receiver target in the New York Giants offense.

    Cruz had three crucial drops, but that was a fluke. What you need to look at as a fantasy football owner is the amount of targets he had. Cruz was targeted 11 times and finished with six catches for 58 yards.

    His 11 targets were by far the most out of any other receiver on the Giants roster. 

    Moving forward in the season, Cruz should continue to put up great numbers like he did in 2011.

Kevin Ogletree

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Up

    Midway through last night's game, I am willing to bet that Kevin Ogletree went from being in every fantasy football league's waiver wire to immediately added to a roster.

    It's players like these that can take a fantasy football team to the next level. Ogletree came out of no where and finished with eight receptions, 114 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

    The most impressive statistic has to be that Ogletree was targeted 11 times, the most out of any Dallas Cowboys wide receiver.

    Ogletree's performance is not a fluke at all. This guy is for real and he is going to become a solid fantasy football wide receiver. Last year, the Cowboys used Laurent Robinson as their No. 3 wide receiver and he finished with 11 touchdowns.

    Ogeltree is going to be "Laurent Robinson 2.0" and will have a legit shot of putting up big fantasy numbers every week.

Domenik Hixon

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Down

    Most people probably think that since Domenik Hixon won the No. 3 wide receiver job for the New York Giants that he will become a factor in fantasy football.

    The truth is, he won't be. Hixon is no where near as talented as the Giants' former No. 3 wide receivers, Mario Manningham and Steve Smith.

    Last night, Hixon had a decent night with three receptions for over 50 yards. Not bad for a No. 3 receiver, but that is the most production you will see out of Hixon all season.

    With HIxon not being able to match the play of Manningham, Eli Manning will be throwing to Martellus Bennett more as his third receiving option.

Jason Witten

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Same

    It is hard to determine Jason Witten's fantasy stock after this game because he was clearly playing injured. Witten has been out for a while due to an injury and was not expected to play in the game last night.

    Despite the rise of Kevin Ogletree, I expect Witten to continue to put up top-10 fantasy tight end numbers. Tony Romo loves throwing to him, and once Witten is fully healthy, he will become a key component of the Dallas Cowboys offense.

Martellus Bennett

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    Fantasy Football Stock: Up

    For most of his career, Martellus Bennett has been considered a bust.

    A lot of that has to do with the fact that he has been the backup to Jason Witten his entire career with the Dallas Cowboys, but that is not the case anymore.

    Now that Bennett is with the New York Giants, he is now a primary receiving target in their offense. With no legit No. 3 wide receiver anymore in the Giants offense like they had with Mario Manningham, it appeared last night that Bennett has become Eli Manning's third favorite target.

    Bennett was targeted six times and Manning threw his only touchdown pass to him while the Giants were in the red zone. Bennett has always had terrific athleticism, but he could never find any playing time. Now that he is starter, Bennett could be the breakout fantasy tight end in 2012.