Packers' Greg Jennings Stars in Hilarious Old Spice Commercial

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Old Spice commercials are always filled with a good balance of awesome and hilarity, finding just enough room to also cram some beast mode in as well. 

While the latest ad is without Terry Crews freaking out and talking about power and destroying odor with his pectoral muscles, it does feature NFL star Greg Jennings

It's just as priceless as any other Old Spice commercial. 

I'm not sure I feel the same bliss and euphoria when using deodorant, but Jennings is enjoying a beautiful existence simply because he rolled on that magic stick this morning. 

But what happens if you fail to get with Old Spice? It turns out you are just a sad and pathetic also-ran, guaranteed to spend your existence in a dog suit or a tree costume. 

That pooch named Roscoe is just some sweaty guy in a dog suit and, for some reason, there is a man playing a tree just off camera.

Would you rather be one of those guys, or a champion like Greg Jennings? 

Of course, this isn't about deodorant, men playing dogs or wide receivers. It's about commercials that don't suck. 

We spend most of our days watching ads on the TV that are forgotten the second the program you are watching comes back on, but not these. 

This is more proof that selling stuff doesn't have to look and sound like selling stuff. 

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