Full-Season Stat Predictions for Every Starting Rookie QB

Brandon AlisogluCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2012

Full-Season Stat Predictions for Every Starting Rookie QB

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    Andrew Luck will be the only rookie NFL quarterback worthy of a fantasy pick in 2012. The rest won't necessarily be terrible, but their stats won't reflect much value for anyone trying to win their league.

    These predictions took into account how each player has looked in the preseason, the confidence they're bound to carry over, the help they'll receive from teammates and the schedule.

    Could Russell Wilson put up bigger numbers if he had Reggie Wayne? Of course, but all he has is a hopefully resurgent Braylon Edwards.

    Now, click through to see how each rookie will perform in his debut season. 

Andrew Luck Is Good, Like I-Got-This Good

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    Everyone always hollers about preseason illusions.

    "Who cares what he did against the second unit? These games don't count!"

    However, Andrew Luck has destroyed that old adage. Anyone who watched him would have trouble finding large flaws in his game.

    Even after a poor start against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he collected himself to lead the Indianapolis Colts on two touchdown drives.

    The schedule provides some opportunities to grow as a quarterback. Roughly half the games will be against suspect passing defenses.

    The chemistry with his wide receivers seems to be off to a great start. All these factors combine to make Luck a legitimate backup/possible starter for fantasy purposes.

    Predicted stats: 3,800 yards, 27 touchdowns, 12 interceptions

Other Washington Redskins Will Step Up to Help Robert Griffin III

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    If nothing else, Robert Griffin III has great timing.

    The Washington Redskins have bolstered their receiving corps with the additions of Pierre Garcon and Joshua Morgan and the subtraction of Jabar Gaffney.

    Garcon has led the team in targets, as he and Griffin are sparking the bonds of success. Additionally, Santana Moss has designs of ascending to another level after shedding some weight.

    Griffin didn't play well enough in the dress rehearsal (11-of-17, 74 yards, one TD) to show he'll be able to connect with his playmakers consistently this year. He just isn't as pro-ready as Luck, and the season gets significantly more difficult after Week 6.

    Predicted stats: 3,200 yards, 19 touchdowns, 12 interceptions

The Miami Dolphins Aren't Looking for Much This Year

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    Things haven't quite been the same since that shiny, new luster has been rubbed off Ryan Tannehill's career.

    He enjoyed some quick success in the preseason opener, but it did not carry over to the next two games.

    Despite being named the starter, Tannehill put up his worst showing against the Atlanta Falcons in the all-important third preseason game. He completed just 11 of his 27 attempts with one interception for a quarterback rating of 37.9.

    Tannehill will endure some growing pains, as most of the guys surrounding him aren't that experienced either.

    Predicted stats: 2,650 yards, 15 touchdowns, 15 interceptions

At Least Cleveland Browns Fans Have Learned Not to Expect Anything

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    The Cleveland Browns have invested in their offensive line, and no one should be more grateful than Brandon Weeden. The first six weeks of his debut professional season are going to require all the protection possible.

    The AFC North is home to three tough defenses that will make life pure chaos for the old-yet-young Weeden. If fellow rookie Trent Richardson can't keep them honest, pass-rushers like LaMarr Woodley will test Weeden's confidence with constant harassment.

    Greg Little and Weeden could develop into a potent combo. They just don't have enough to overcome a murderous schedule.

    Predicted stats: 2,475 yards, 15 touchdowns, 19 interceptions

Still Trying to Figure Out the Ceiling on Russell Wilson

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    For two years, we've been trying to determine how good Russell Wilson can be. After three weeks of professional-yet-exhibition contests, the answer seems to be a little clearer.

    Career backup seems to be off the table at this point. The third-rounder locked up the Seattle Seahawks' starting signal-caller job with another week left to play.

    There isn't much to work with in Seattle's passing game. Braylon Edwards may have a semi-bounce-back year based on the plays he's already made, but that won't be enough to boost Wilson's numbers into the Offensive Rookie of the Year discussion.

    It will be enough to validate the second-day selection and prove that Wilson is a starting quarterback in the NFL.

    Predicted stats: 3,100 yards, 21 touchdowns, 12 interceptions