Madden 13: Re-Ranking EA Sports Top 10 Wide Receivers

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 28, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI - JANUARY 01: Calvin Johnson #81 of the Detroit Lions breaks away from Tramon Williams #38 of the Green Bay Packers after catching a pass at Lambeau Field on January 1, 2012 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Lions 45-41. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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With the release of EA Sports' Madden 13 video game Tuesday, August 28, the excitement over the biggest sports game in history has reached a fever pitch.

As the crowds begin to buy every available copy they can, the excitement over the ranking of their favorite players overwhelms them. While the Madden rankings are very good throughout the game, there are a few changes that should have been made.

This year’s top-10 wide receivers are a great bunch of athletes, but there is a clear pecking order that the good people at EA Sports didn’t get right.

The rest of the game, however, is going to be amazing.


EA Sports’ Top 10 Wide Receivers

1. Calvin Johnson Jr. (Detroit Lions) 99 overall

2. Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals) 97 overall

3. Andre Johnson (Houston Texans) 97 overall

4. Steve Smith (Carolina Panthers) 95 overall

5. Wes Welker (New England Patriots) 95 overall

6. Roddy White (Atlanta Falcons) 94 overall

7. Hakeem Nicks (New York Giants) 94 overall

8. Greg Jennings (Green Bay Packers) 93 overall

9. Brandon Marshall (Chicago Bears) 91 overall

10. Dwayne Bowe (Kansas City Chiefs) 91 overall


Donald Wood’s Re-Ranked Madden 13 Top-10 Wide Receivers

1. Calvin Johnson Jr. (Detroit Lions) 99 overall

2. Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals) 98 overall

3. Wes Welker (New England Patriots) 97 overall

4. Brandon Marshall (Chicago Bears) 97 overall

5. Greg Jennings (Green Bay Packers) 96 overall

6. Andre Johnson (Houston Texans) 96 overall

7. Steve Smith (Carolina Panthers) 95 overall

8. Roddy White (Atlanta Falcons) 94 overall

9. Hakeem Nicks (New York Giants) 94 overall

10. Dwayne Bowe (Kansas City Chiefs) 93 overall


What Changed?

The top-two in the rankings may have stayed the same, but the corrected list of rankings differs greatly after that.

While the good people at EA Sports felt it necessary to buy into Andre Johnson like many fantasy owners, I knew better and put the more consistent Wes Welker, Greg Jennings and Brandon Marshall ahead of him.

That also slid down Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith. While he had a great year, Smith is not in the top five receivers in the NFL anymore.

The developers of the game had the rankings very close, but they overvalued some of the bigger names. This isn’t fantasy football; this is the NFL.


What Stayed the Same?

While there are fans from across the league that will pull for their own stars, there is no man insane enough to argue against Calvin Johnson being the No. 1 receiver in Madden 13.

Megatron needs no explanation.

As far as No. 2 overall goes, the fact that Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t have a QB to throw to him doesn’t mean he isn’t the second most talented wide receiver in the NFL. Some would argue No.1, but he deserves to be the second-best WR in Madden 13 at least.

As for the rest of the stars, Roddy White and Hakeem Nicks stayed in the same area they were ranked in Madden 13, while Dwyane Bowe brought up the rear of the list on both lists.

Overall the rankings weren’t bad, but we’ll see for sure when the regular season kicks off.


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