2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Results: 7th-Round, Standard Leagues

Sean E. Douglas@@seanfantasyinfoSenior Writer IIIAugust 26, 2012

Don't Forget About Reggie Wayne
Don't Forget About Reggie WayneMichael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE

Andrew Luck looks ready to make an impact in the NFL right away, and no surprise, Reggie Wayne’s ADP seems to be on the rise. Going in the seventh round of this 10-team standard league mock draft, consider Wayne a value pick.


61. Matt Ryan (ADP 5.07) -

I wanted to see it two games in a row, but after the Bengals contest it appears Ryan’s footwork in the pocket has improved. The fifth year quarterback looks very comfortable, and why not when you have Julio Jones, Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez.

It’s a little surprising Ryan fell to the seventh round in this mock draft and based in his current ADP, we should expect him to come off the board in the fifth round.

Given what I’ve seen from his maturity in this month, and Jones’s progression as a receiver, I would suggest you take him as the sixth quarterback off the board.

62. Peyton Manning (ADP 7.04) -

Reports that Manning is struggling to throw the football past ten yards to his right is a little concerning. Still it’s not like Manning thrives off the vertical passing game, but we should look to him as a QB2 this summer.

As the year progresses and the Broncos offense comes together, Manning will probably be a worthy starter weekly.

63. Beanie Wells (ADP 8.03) -

The Cardinals don’t seem concerned about Wells knee injury but I want to see him on the field, and then see how that knee responds after the game. Wells should be the starter in Arizona, but look for Ryan Williams to take his job at some point.

64. Stevie Johnson (ADP 7.03) -

A respectable addition in the seventh round, Johnson will be the top receiver in the Bills offense. Hopefully we will see the Bills use some more vertical routes in the passing game than they did last year, but thus far in preseason we’ve yet to see much.

What concerns me about Johnson is that he played through a groin injury all last season and then opted to finally have surgery in April. Johnson has recently admitted the groin is still bothering him, so just keep that in mind.

65. Vincent Jackson (ADP 7.06) -

Jackson is worth taking a shot on at this point, but his play will likely continue to be up and down like it was in San Diego. Given Jackson's drop in ADP from last summer, fantasy owners seem to be taking note, so this is a fair area to land a very talented WR3.

66. Reggie Wayne (ADP 8.01) -

I like Wayne this year and he still has enough in the tank to be a weekly starter with Andrew Luck as his quarterback. If Austin Collie should miss time because of concussion-like symptoms, Wayne will benefit all the more.

67. Stevan Ridley (ADP 8.06) -

Before the Patriots third preseason game, I wasn’t sure Ridley was the lead option in New England; especially after we watching both Shane Vereen and Brandon Bolden work in front of him against the Eagles.

Ridley was having a good camp and then pass protection and fumbling issues hurt him on the depth chart. He was even slowed last week with a minor knee problem.

Then the Patriots played the Buccaneers and Ridley took the starting job. He looked good running the football and seemed to build momentum the more the coaching staff called his number.

Ridley even did a fine job in pass protection as he picked up a free blitzer through the A-gap and saved Tom Brady from what would’ve been a hard hit.

Ridley has even looked good in the passing game and should be used in this area more than some would think.

What sealed the deal was Vereen going down with another injury as it appeared he suffered an ankle injury during the game as he limped off the field, and failed to return.

Ridley will have a chance to run away with the early down duties to begin the season, so consider him a solid late RB3 option.

68. Miles Austin (ADP 7.02) -

Austin has continued hamstring problems and his drop in ADP trends is a reflection that fantasy owners are bracing themselves for continued setbacks. The Cowboys don’t expect Austin back for the start of the regular season, so go ahead and drop him another round or two before taking him.

69. Tony Romo (ADP 7.10) -

With all the injuries to the receiving corps and offensive line concerns, Romo is a QB2 this year. He should develop into a QB1 as his weapons get back on the field and the line starts to gel.

On the bright side, Romo looked terrific against the Rams on Saturday, so here's hoping the Cowboys can give him enough time to find open receivers. Romo has proven he can make unknown players household names in fantasy leagues, so keep your eye out for potential breakout options.

70. Torrey Smith (ADP 8.05) -

Thankfully Smith’s ankle injury in week one won’t keep him out for the teams all-important week three game against the Jaguars. Smith is in line for a possible breakout season and should be considered a value pick at this point.

ADP comes courtesy of Fantasy Football Calculator.

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