Philadelphia Phillies' Hunter Pence Bobblehead Not Least Bit Bizarre to Fans

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Philadelphia Phillies' Hunter Pence Bobblehead Not Least Bit Bizarre to Fans

Philadelphia Phillies fans went nuts for the one thing that really gets baseball fans going these days, bobbleheads, completely disregarding that the latest featured a San Francisco Giants outfielder. 

In fact, these Phillies fans are pretty well ecstatic to get bobbleheads because they're, well, bobbleheads—the new currency that every MLB fanatic seems to care about. 

Hunter Pence is on the Giants, but the Phillies decided they still needed to unload the thousands of dolls they had stockpiled. 

Fan No 2. says it all with, "It's a bobblehead, who's not excited about a bobblehead?" This sentiment can be seen in every stadium to which fans actually walk up to get their bobbleheads and then go home. 

Yes, this absurdity happens quite often at Dodgers Stadium, and I am ashamed. 

The best part of the video (h/t Hot Clicks) is of course at the 52-second mark, when...Santa Claus! Oh boy, my childhood heart doesn't even remember what we were talking about. 

Ah yes, Pence. The new Giants slugger had this to say, via Bryan Graham's Twitter feed:


Pence's message states: 

Thanks, Phillies fans, for the great memories. I'm glad my Bobble Figurine will still be given out even though I'm no longer in Philadelphia. I hope it will serve as a lasting reminder of my time there. It was a year of my career I will never forget. 

Let's all say it together now, Awwwwww, how adorable

Soon we may ditch dollars as our legal tender and just trade bobbleheads, because this stuff is getting serious fast. 

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