Don't Be Stupid, Danny! Are You Listening?

Sean WilsonCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2009

I'm going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point.  Don't be stupid! 

Point number one: Sign D. Hall already...he's our only play maker on defense.  He's priority number one.

Point number two: Make Carlos Rogers happy.  He is Shawn Springs ten years ago.  He tackles everyone around him.  He ball hawks like a safety.  He led the team in pass defenses.  He is what made it possible for Horton, Landry, and Hall to look so good. 

I hate to say this, however, that will require us to let Shawn walk.  I'll miss him, but we can't pay him to play four games a season, and Carlos needs to know he's our man.  With Carlos, DeAngelo, Chris Horton, Landry, Smoot, and a better secondary...especially if Tryon matures?! 

Point number three: If Orakpo, Brown, or Maybin aren't there at No. the pick.  There are several teams with late first round and multiple second round picks who will be wanting to jump and grab one of those OT or USC linebackers still floating around.  We don't need them.

However, if we can't drop down after making a deal with the Pats (who need O-line and secondary help), or the Falcons (who need LB and OL help), or Vikings (who just need a QB and might want to jump up if Sanchez is still around), or the Dolphins, or the Giants, then we get stuck with prospective top ten talent like Brian Orakpo, Aaron Maybin, Jason or Andre Smith, Everette Brown, BJ Raji, Peria Jerry, Michael Oher, or possibly even Eugene Monroe among others.

Point number four: We need OLB and interior linemen.  That's priority No. 2.  I think No. 13 could be valuable on the market.  First, the Vikings would take Sanchez if he's still there, and the Pats would move up to take Oher, or a Smith (Jason or Andre) if they are still there.  And I think the Dolphins would move up to get Cushing or MAUALUGA.  I would be just as happy with taking Laurinitus, Matthews, Kruger (from Utah), or Sintim...happier maybe because those guys are team guys who will be pro-bowlers for years. 

I don't think the Lions would move because they need so many parts, but the Pats or Dolphins are serious options because they have picks to use...and the move might make them better. 

A move like that would give us the opportunity to target Alex Mack (C), Max Unger (C), maybe Eric Wood (C), or AQ Shipley (C) to replace Rabach who looked lost most of last year, or Duke Robinson (G), Eben Britton (T), Meredith(T), Loadholt (T) or add depth and potential starting skill to the O-line.

Point number five: Look at the late first and second round depth.  Do a cost-value still have Tyson Jackson (DE), Michael Johnson (DE), Larry English (DE), Robert Ayers (DE), Ron Brace (DT), Troy Kropog (OT), Ziggy Hood (DT), Senn'Derrick Marks (DT), Jarron Gilbert (DE).  There is plenty to go around and our needs are cheap and/or plentiful.  C/G is cheap...DL is plentiful.

OK...this is longer than I thought.

The Redskins have always been built around the lines.  Look back to the Redskins hay-day.  Manley, Mann, and Butz...Jacoby, Grimm, Jeff Bostic, or Mark May...we use foundation to make wins.  Not flashy, high profile players. 

We have Clinton, Cooley, Santana, and Sellers.  We have the number four defense in the league with potentially the best secondary in the league.  We have the train...we need the tracks.  We have the engine...we need the wheels...whatever metaphor makes it click, you get the point.