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BR5Daily ShowAugust 3, 2012

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With the Olympic Games providing non-stop action every day of the week, sports are certainly on everyone’s mind. That being the case, we at BR5 figured it was a good time to reflect on the hottest dating rumors in sports right now!

At No. 5 is the rumor surrounding Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli and snowboarding king Shaun White. The two have been spotted a couple of times now out together, most recently at a swimming competition at the London Olympics, and before that at a Maxim party. All that remains now is for their Facebook statuses to change to “in a relationship” to make this official. 

Rumor via New York Daily News.


At No. 4, much to our surprise and probably yours as well, is Yankees living-legend Derek Jeter and Ralph Lauren model Hannah Davis. Given Jeter’s extensive track record, odds are good that bookies will start offering odds on how long this relationship will last. Place your bets!

Rumor via New York Post.


At No. 3 is swimming sensation Ryan Lochte and K. Michelle. It’s OK, we weren’t sure who she was either, initially. But we think we’ve pieced this one together. Lochte, who appeared on the podium with a grill on his teeth, seems to have a soft spot for the apparent hip hop artist. She was featured on the VH1 show, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Regardless of her credibility as a hip hop artist, Lochte’s mom seems to be downplaying the rumor, which can only spell trouble at the next family get-together…

Rumor via


At No. 2 is the former Mrs. Woods and Swedish NHLer Douglas Murray. Elin Nordegren was seen coming out of a nightclub with the San Jose Sharks Defenseman. Murray has denied the rumors, but true or not, a rumor like this is too big to ignore!

Rumor via Daily Mail.


And finally at No. 1 is the rumor that supermodel Kate Upton and Detroit Tigers flamethrower Justin Verlander are an item. After shooting the MLB 2K12 commercial together, the two have been spotted together out and about around the Detroit metro area. Upton even tweeted that she was at a Tigers game recently. If this ever becomes official, Twitter might explode!

Rumor via Detroit Free Press.


So there you have it. You’re finally caught up on all the sports gossip. Did we miss a couple? Let us know below! 


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